Wimbledon Watching

Ah, Wimbledon!

One can't help thinking about the tradition, pageantry and history of Wimbledon at the mention of the name. 
We had the good fortune to receive tickets to the Women's Final on Saturday and I was thrilled!
I should preface this by saying that although I follow tennis and have played in the past, I am not a tennis groupie. I know who's who and what the latest stats are but that is as far as it goes. Mr. H likes to comment that I should remember that I was once captain of the 'C' team in days gone by. I am never quite sure how to take that little smile of his when he mentions it but I usually come back with some witty reply. We like to do things like that...drives our kids crazy. I digress....back to Wimbledon!

The crowd was ready....
The photographers were ready....
and I was ready...

just kidding :) 

Serena Williams vs Vera Zvonareva

we said 'ooooohhh' Serena

we said 'aaahhh' Serena

we said 'wwwooahh' Serena

we said 'yeah' Vera

we said 'ooowww' Vera

with Serena's serves at 122mph we were silent...

The deed was done!

Serena won and gave us a little dance..

and a wave...

and a big smile with her fourth Wimbledon title.

The crowd was happy, I was happy,
what a day, what a match!

Ah, Wimbledon !

Image 1 and 2, 16
all other images~ me


  1. Amazing... HOW did you get tickets btw.. they are like GOLD DUST!! Lucky you Jeanne and the photos are wonderful - glad you had a good afternoon there. x

  2. Lucky you to be there with all the action. Bet it was sweltering too. I'm not a tennis fan, but do like to watch Wimbledon on the tv and do a bit of people watching at the same time.
    PS - I've tagged you over at mine with a few questions, should you wish to join in.

  3. How fabulous - what a week you're having! Wimbledon AND Hampton Court. I can't tell you just how envious I am - please be my eyes at HC and take lots and lots of photos. If only Australia wasn't so far away. Have a wonderful time - I'm there with you in spirit! Leigh

  4. We sat glued to the TV set for the men's final on Sunday morning...over too soon! Still, World Cup contines this week, and next The British Open. So much sport, so little time...

  5. Don't know whether I love you or hate you, but I sure am jealous - women's finals at Wimbledon and someone GAVE you the tickets? unbelievable! Had I known you were there, I would have looked for you on TV, of course!

    i love everything about Wimbledon, starting with the players showing enough respect to follow the "whites" rule. It's a beautiful location and I can nearly taste the strawberries. I ate them in May for you.

    So glad you got to go. So glad it was a decent match and a lovely day. And, oh so jealous!

  6. I was lucky enough to go one year too and it was a wonderful day. Words truly cannot express - your pictures are great and say it all!

    Helena xx

  7. Wow, nice shots! that Serena is something else, isn't she!!!!

  8. Thanks for bringing me along with you. I felt as if I were right there with you watching the Wimbledon.
    After all, I could be your personal court artisan!

  9. Oohhh, Ahhhh..so many interesting questions!

    Sarah...Mr. H managed the tickets...he never ceases to amaze me!

    Victoria...be right over :)

    Leigh...as always, I will be thinking of you :)

    Jacqueline...agree..so many sports...so little time.
    We hot on the trail of World Cup Soccer at the moment:)

    Webb...I was one of many in the crowd but I was colourful :) Colin Firth went along to the Men's Final's, some people have all the luck!

    Helena- Thank You!

    Pamela...I am leaving a trail in my wake...have done a little research into the best clotted cream in England or so says Waitrose..Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream and I have been eating it by the spoonful!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you all for your comments...be over soon to catch up on the latest :)

  10. how lucky! You're definitely making the most of your move to England!

    Have a wonderful week!

  11. And what a lovely lovely post. I am always so happy to visit your blog and never disappointed in the post.

    Love & Hugs

  12. What a delightful treat, Jeanne.


  13. What fun Jeanne. Don't you love to people-watch? We use to attend the Volvo Classic in NH and it was so much fun...and sometimes so warm! I don't know how the players do it! I bet you took lots of great photos-thanks for sharing these.


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