Recipe for Life

One of the pleasures of reading is the anticipation of a good book.
This is one of them.

I can't resist this one....

'A recipe for life should be a simple thing: love and happiness, family, friends and a little food. But life is rarely straightforward…Alice wants to make the most of life - after all, she knows how fragile it can be - and knows she never feels more alive than when she's cooking. Babetta has spent a lifetime tending the garden of her tiny house on the Italian coast, growing food to feed a family now grown and gone. One summer these two women are brought together in a crumbling Mediterranean villa, with the shared language of food and the soil they grow it from. There, under the heat of the Italian sun, or the shade of the pomegranate tree, secrets will be spoken, fears and hopes shared. But life's lessons are not learnt easily. RECIPE FOR LIFE is a novel about discovering how life never stops surprising us, and about how, with a little love and courage, its flavours can be richer than we ever imagined.'

Looks like the perfect airplane read to me!

Many thanks for the well wishes for my trip to New Zealand.
Just had to stop in to wish you all a wonderful weekend!!!



  1. The title sure looks loaded!

    Hope you have been well, Jeanne.

    Have a fabulous weekend :)

    Joy always,

  2. Is it all wonderful? I bet you are having just the best vacation.
    This looks like the perfect summer read-I'll check it out while on errands today. Have a great weekend Jeanne.

  3. Safe travelling. Thinking of you.

  4. Sounds like my kind of book. I'm definitely adding it to my list...Thanks.
    Happy trails...

  5. oooh that looks liek a good read jeanne!! might have to track it down and add it to the stack of unread books i have. i'm shocking - great at buying, not so great at making time to read them!

    hope you're having a lovely time on your trip :)


  6. Enjoy your book and time away! We'll be here when you get back :)

  7. Enjoy your enticing-looking read and excellent holiday...we'll be here when you get back, waiting to hear about it all.

  8. Looks like a beautiful book - the stack on my nightstand is so big already! But let us know if it's great, and I'll be happy to add it to the pile.

    Thanks for following me! I'm following you back. :-)

  9. Having been looking for a book to send to a friend who is under the weather. This sounds perfect. Thanks.

  10. Let us know what you think after you've finished...sounds delightful.

  11. I have seen a review of this book, it is on me "Buy" list for holiday reading

  12. Can't wait to read it ! Another one you might like is The Miracles of Santo Fico by D.L.Smith.


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