Something About New Zealand....

If I timed this right,
I will be landing in Australia when this post appears.

People often ask me which country
I prefer, New Zealand or Australia.
The answer is easy- I love both
and although they are relatively close they are so different..
the land, the people and the culture are both fascinating
and unique to their respective country.
What is not to love?

The purpose of my trip is to spend time in New Zealand.
To that end, I would like to give you a little taste
of what New Zealand means to me.

I thought the best way to do that was to share some
of my photographs from one of my favourite
New Zealand magazines,  NZ Life and Leisure.
I spent many an afternoon with this magazine
by my side and am so attached
that I brought the whole lot with me to England.

I am glad I did, as I can now show you these....

The people, the land, the culture....there is just something 
about New Zealand that is unforgettable!

PS...I collect postcards wherever I go, 
if you would like to receive one,
send me your address. I would be happy 
to drop you a line!

You can write to me at


  1. My sweet friend-I can tell by your voice that you are over-the-moon to be close to family and friends.
    Our dearest friend's daughter married a wonderful young man from Australia- and my niece studied there. I would love to travel to either one. I hope that you have an adventure of a lifetime-with your dear family close by. I would love a postcard....

  2. Dear Jeanne
    The internet gods in my new home have allowed me access this morning.. [so generous of them].... so finally popped over to say hello and you are off on an adventure.. Have a wonderful time... you may be just miles away from me at present.. I'm very close to sydney airport!!!

    Have a wonderful time.. xxx Julie

  3. What a wonderful post, I know that I am biased but I agree there is something special about New Zealand and New Zealanders, and Australia and it's people are also very special.

    Must be something to do with living so far away from the rest of the world that makes us who we are.

  4. Wow. Just, wow! That all looks incredible. I *will* go one day!

  5. doesn't matter - NZ or OZ, it's all good down here right?! : )

    happy travels xx

  6. Hi NZ charming have a wonderful blog...apart from visiting your blog.. i feel to drop a comment for you here at your blog...since you have a wonderful contents,,,really ..for a non native english speaking person like me...this blog helps to improve communication by reading the contents....

    I would like to keep in touch with u as a blogger and also as a friend...

    thank u...nice blog

  7. A college friend of mine settled there after a stint in the US NAvy. Now he grows avocados and can't be tempted back to the States. Enjoy your visit and show us lots of photos.

  8. Dear Jeanne,
    How exciting for you to be back in New Zealand. I hope that you are having a ball.....I'm sure that you are by the looks of the beautiful images that you have shown.
    Have a wonderful time and I love receiving and collecting postcards so I'm sending you my address but only if you have time. Lots of love. XXXX

  9. It's funny, but my son has had an interest in New Zealand for a few years (he's 14 now)- it is on his list of places to go. He would love to see a kiwi! (I think that's what started it.)

    I look forward to knowing more about New Zealand - it looks beautiful!

  10. I hope your transition to England is made easier by your trip to New Zealand.
    What a life you lead!

  11. I have yet to visit either of the two, and hope that someday soon I will. Your images of New Zealand make me long for the trip to be soon. Have a fabulous time there, Jeanne. Hugs and love!

  12. Lovely Jeanne - have a great trip and safe home!

  13. Dear Jeanne,

    How lovely. When you get back, I want to know more about the articles on picture 1, the artist and that strangely lit building by the sea (at night). It makes NZ so intriguing.

    Hope your time is gorgeous and filled with love, shall email you, Peace, X.

  14. I have never had the change to visit New Zealand. Thanks for the little taste of it. I'd love to exchange postcards. I'll send you my address and would love yours. Safe and happy travels.

  15. I started reading this post, then scrolled down to the previous, then to the next, and so on. Each one memorized me. You have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts with both words and images. I've been away from my computer of late and am taking some time to catch up with some favorite blogs. Hope you have a splendid trip. ~ sarah

  16. Hi everyone, I could not resist popping in and want to thank you all for your comments. Postcard requests are noted and now the fun part of finding the perfect one for you....

    Starting to come out of jet lag stupor...22 1/2 hours flight from London to Sydney. I often think the first day in, what was I thinking??? but by day 2 I am raring to go...

    Thanks again for your comments, hope you have a good one


  17. Oh, I wish you the most lovely of holidays in your old homeland! How wonderful for you! Edward and I would adore a postcard and shall send you my address!!

  18. Hi Jean

    Love your prepared for New Zealand, it's icy!


  19. gorgeous photos... just awarded you a blog award - check out my blog for details.. cheers Jackie x

  20. Still winging away thru Australia and about to hit the skyways to New Zealand. Thanks all for your notes and I am so excited to hear from my postcard buddies...

    Best best wishes for brilliant day!!!

  21. Best wishes to you too!! Photos are remarkable! Wish I could beam myself over (without all the travel) for a visit!! What an adventure....

  22. hi Jeanne - Best wishes for a wonderful trip - I have to agree with you about NZ it is a magical place and so so special. And so different to Australia, which is what surprised me the most. xoxo

  23. Wow - it's gorgeous. I can't wait to visit New Zealand myself. Thanks for sharing!

  24. New Zealand sound lovely! I adore postcards too. I usually end up not sending them because I don't want to part with it. LOL! I like the idea of creating a board with all of the postcards. I might have to do that! Have a great trip. If you like to drop me a note I will send you one from here too. :) Lisa Neiman 2935 west maplewood c206 springfield,MO USA 65807

  25. Goodness - we seem to be living the same life but upside down and I haven't lived in America (yet!)... the life of an expat (not that Australia is that far from New Zealand!) is challenging emotionally... I come from generations of serial movers - from Scotland to Africa to Australia... great travellers but always a little unsettled in a way. I was born in Cape Town, brought up in Tasmania, moved to London then back to Melbourne with my own children, then Sydney and now Auckland... I'd like to stop soon! So glad I found your blog or blogs...!


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