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Your home is your castle....  :)

I am grinning from ear to ear today. My eldest son, Patrick, flew in from Australia this morning to spend two weeks at home. I am so so thrilled. We normally see him only at Christmas....this is an extra special treat to have him home.

More great news, my daughter, Christine, is flying home from New Zealand next week. She has been in the hospital and is in recovery mode and well enough to fly back to the nest. Can you hear my sigh of relief?

One daughter is still at large, Miss Claire is in China. In ten days, she and I will meet in New York to commence a two week College 'road trip'. Just me and Miss Claire, driving up, down and across New England looking for the perfect college for her.

My youngest, Sir Connor, is still in school...sweating it out until his last day on Thursday. His English teacher has given him a reading challenge for the summer holidays which makes me very happy, I just love a challenge!

With a challenge in mind, Patrick and I went off to the local book shop where we immersed ourselves in mystery, history and travel.  I went with a list in hand after reading a great article, 'Reading for Life', in the recent issue of Country Life magazine (UK). The article provides a list of  books that the author believes all children should read by the age of 16.  The following advice was given...
"Screw your courage to the sticking place and approach the sofa with it. Prise your remote control out of your child's hand, ignore their howls of anguish and challenge them to read every single one by the time they go back to school in September"

from Country Life magazine

I call it a list to love. 
All books referenced to a little book store 'across the pond'
that I wish was my little 'shop around the corner'.
Book store: R. J. Julia

Book recommendations from  June 22, 2011
issue of Country Life magazine

Graphics and bottom image via Country Life magazine
Image of girl via We Heart It


  1. I am so happy so much of your brood is soon to be back under your wings! And everyone reading! Happy for you, Jeanne.

  2. Beautiful post. I am a huge lover of books, and I'm confident I will be able to pass this along to my boys. We are just entering the next phase of reading - my 4-year-old and I just read Charlotte's Web together, as his first chapter book. We started James and the Giant Peach last night. I love this list and can't wait for him to read independently, so I can put these wonderful books on his nightstand.

  3. Oh I can feel your joy!
    Having our adult children come back home for a visit is the sweetest treat of all.
    Enjoy and savour Jeanne...I know you will!

  4. I always wonder how it is to switch to driving on the other side of the road. You get off a plane in New York and there you are . . . a switch.

    Have a wonderful time with family.


  5. That's a wise and good booklist, incomparable with the television, which is much too placid a medium for the imagination. I bet he gets through it all, and more. I'd read or reread them all myself if only I had that teepee to settle down in. Happy family reunion!

  6. I am ashamed to say that I have not read them all...you have set me a challenge too Jeanne...13 down 7 to go! So happy you will have everyone together very soon....xv

  7. YAY! to having so much of your family together, to Ms. C's speedy recovery, and to New England college road trips! (any trips to NY in that road trip?) And YAY! to fantastic books and reading for life!

  8. Fabulous list for anyone. I impressed and thrilled your son is stepping up to the challenge.

    I love that all your children are making their way to you. Hugs!

  9. Great news for Christine Jeanne, and looks like it will be non-stop in the Henriques household, I don't know how you keep on top of everything.
    Thank you so much for that list, I am printing it out and having a long talk with my tribe tomorrow!

  10. Aren't we the happiest when our children are home and we can soak in all those wonderful moments together. So happy for you that Patrick and Christine will both be home. I'm sure Christine will be so pleased to have her mother to dote on her after being in hospital. I think I do hear that big sigh?! You & Claire are going to have such an exciting adventure whilst Sir Connor will be filling his brain and fueling his imagination. I appreciate this great list and will be passing it along. Jeanne enjoy all your special times.
    x Deb

  11. So happy for you to have all of your children together soon. And that reading list is wonderful. I agree with each and every book that is on it. Makes me want to go back and reread so many! Happy times!

  12. That is a perfect list. So happy for you that the birds are back in the nest. A road trip looking for colleges. Oh, I'm jealous!

  13. Yes, cherishing special moments with family memers is the most wonderful thing that we, as partents can do. It soundsas if you are making the most of yours! I have been reading some of your past posts, trying to catch-up. I was so sorry to hear that your daughter was in the hospital, but so glad she is better! It must have been harrowing for you to go. You are a phenomenol mother though (I can tell) whose visit was especially nuturing, I am sure!
    Enjoy your family times...and I am wishing you wonderful times with each!!

  14. Hello Jeanne

    It seems like it is either a feast or a famine when it comes to family. So glad you are in the feast mode. I love your book list and have not read all on the list but promise to. It will be exciting visiting colleges. Is Yale on your list?

    Have a wonderful week

  15. Jeanne, oh to have your lovelies back in the nest!! Enjoy your time together and what a great reading list!

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my giveaway from the Shabby Apple!!

  16. Hi there Jeanne...I might not have visited for a bit but have got a new look? Didn't realise I was that far behind my blog reading! I love the reading list and would be so impressed if anyone achieved it over one summer. So many classics on there. Lovely to have your brood returning and the New England trip sounds wonderful. Lou x

  17. Reading is such an important skill (especially learning it by choosing classic literature). It has such an impact on young people's academic and communicative ability. I remember fondly my mother reading with me daily through my early formative years: the joy it brought me then and how it stood me in good stead for the rest of my studies.

    It is a shame that computer games and television have replaced the role reading and family time in many young people's lives.

    Enjoy your time with you family.

  18. Sounds great to have so much of your family with you!
    I have read a few of those books and loved them. Looks like a great list!

  19. I do not know how I missed this post, how wonderful to have your family home with you. Happy to hear your daughter is feeling better. Will you only be visiting New England on your college search?

    I cannot wait to read the books that I have not read from your list, what a treat.

  20. I am so excited for you I feel like I want to fly to your "nest" as well!! You do have little birds all over the world! You have to keep me posted on the college options. You will have a blast traveling up and down the east coast. I wish we still lived in NY so we could host you. Which schools are you looking into? I went to NYU and LOVED it but it isn't for everyone, thats for sure. Madeleine is busy completing her admissions essays. She wants to go into science so we cannot overlook University of Texas because of their ranking for chem. engineering. Decisions right around the corner...good luck to you both!

  21. Great list of very interesting books.."The Diary of a Young Girl" seem interesting story.

  22. Reading is everything...I have one son who loves to read; one who does not. And I am a voracious reader (have been since childhood). I love this list -- some of my personal favourites here...wishing Connor all the best with his challenge!

    Having our children home and spending time with them is precious...so I know you will savour the moments you have with each of yours. And I'm glad to hear that your daughter is well enough to travel now...a little more time with you and some TLC will be just what she needs to make a full and happy recovery!

  23. Yay. I love a list. Your lot get around don't they? Deb xx

  24. .. how exciting .. I was Googling the Country Life article to email a friend and found it on your blog ... what a charming blog ... I look forward to following you ... Karen in CT ... oh good luck coming up the New England coast, if I can help you with any info, let me know.


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