Roadtrip: Doing the Bear Wave

If I tell you that I am wearing the double scoop espresso chip ice cream cone that I had after dinner tonight, will that tell you what kind of day we had? I write that with a smile. Mother tried to take photos and balance an ice cream cone while glancing in a store window. This did not work. Wearing a white shirt did not help either. Luckily, she still managed to eat the whole thing. :)

Great visit this morning....Dickinson College in Carlise PA at the top of the list. One down, nine to go. :)

Miss Claire's photo pics for the day, from 260 miles of open highway through Pennsylvania to the country roads of upstate New York.

A bear wave.....

Peace at last....

In flight...

Stars and stripes nearly forever...

 Ticking away...

Fast Eddie...

Time for Mom to clean up!
Photos by Miss Claire.


  1. Hi Jeanne

    Too bad about dropping the ice cream on your shirt. I'm sure you have hot weather in PA too.
    Looking forward to your next report

  2. Perfect photos of America.
    So sorry about your ice cream. I do hope you got yourself another!

  3. Hi Helen and Pamela...I forgot to mention that I still managed to eat the whole ice cream cone. I have since corrected that little was delicious! :)

  4. Your daughter has an "eye" for photos just like her mother! That is a wonderful school in a great part of the country! Best of luck to her on going to the school of her dreams.

    Hope you are not roasting up there are we are here in Va.

    Safe journey!

  5. Welcome home. Are you experiencing reverse culture shock?


  6. I am having a great time following you! The pictures are so much fun! Enjoy the time with your daughter. Hugs! Bonnie

  7. You could have taken me as a porter/food taster :)

  8. Great photos! Sounds like there are some great memories being made too! Dickinson is a great school. Can I put in a plug for my alma mater, NYU?

  9. Enjoy the roadtrip and tons of ice cream!

  10. .. upstate NY .. so many possibilities ... love the town of Skaneateles ... at the top of a beautiful Finger Lake .. Lake Skaneateles ... caught in time! Have fun ....

  11. Nice shots Claire..looks like you are both having a lot of fun.

    Take care.

  12. Great photos of small towns moments on the east coast. Sounds like you are having a blast. Enjoy!


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