Roadtrip: A Bulldog, a Motorcycle and a Diner

It has been two years since I visited the USA. There is nothing like hitting home territory again. It starts when I leave JFK airport in New York, inching up thru the traffic in Queens, passing the enormous globe from the old World's Fair site and Citi Field Stadium, (home to the Mets baseball team) and then onto the leafy highways of Connecticut. 

Once settled we dawned our big white bibs and tucked into a delicious meal of  lobster and shrimp alongside freshly steamed corn on the cob. We cracked, we split, we nipped and enjoyed every last bite, just the way New England lobster should be eaten. All this followed by a tray of several different flavours of local ice cream. It was all so familiar and it was a great feeling. Family around the table, enjoying a meal and catching up on all the latest news. We all tottled off to bed happy for the opportunity to be together again.

Miss Claire and I started our two week road trip today. We farewelled child #4, Connor, and his grandmother and went on our merry way. We are off to visit ten colleges across six states along the East Coast. First stop Pennsylvania.  Claire was my co-pilot, taking photographs along the way. We had fun and decided to post our favourite photos from each day of our trip.

Without further adieu...I would like to introduce our favourite pics of the day.

For the love of Mack....

It's all in the ride....

A New Jersey moment...

As humble as apple pie..

A college campus quad in reflection...

While I was taking in the serenity of the campus on a Sunday evening, Claire was still thinking about the football team she glanced upon during a practice session. I can see I will have my work cut our for me with this one. :)

Best wishes to one and all for a fabulous week!

Jeanne xxx

 images ~me and Miss Claire
posted on the road....


  1. Hi Jeanne

    You have covered so much ground and so soon.
    I love the concept of posting pictures as you travel.


  2. Oh, it is all about the football team.

  3. What fun you two must be having! I so enjoy spending time with my daughters : )

  4. Happy trails, Jeanne and Miss Claire!

  5. I took my son on a university road trip to Durham, York and Oxford last week and was exhausted so I can't imagine how tired you are going to be!

  6. You won't believe it but I KNOW those red chairs! My daughter trained for ballet in Carlisle, PA at Central Penn Youth Ballet. She walked right through that campus and I remember thinking how quaint the Adirondack chairs are. Dickinson College!

  7. Crikey Jeanne,
    You really do get about !!!!
    Sound's as if you are going to have great fun with Claire. I presume that you are both checking out Universities for her. A great way to do it and, if it starts off with lobster, then it can't be bad !!
    Have fun and I look forward to your images of the day. XXXX

  8. So close and yet so far, Jeanne! Welcome home, and much love from NY. Have a fabulous time with your girl.

  9. I remember doing the college trips with both my girls...a fun time hopping all over the country! Enjoy!

  10. Though I'm away from home at the moment, I just love the idea of us both being in the same country. Wish Edward and I could meet you both for a lobster lunch.
    Have fun!

  11. What fabulous photos. I hope you're both having a grand time. There's no place like home is there? I'd love to visit the east coast of the US one day. Have not made it to that part of the states yet.

  12. What a trip of a lifetime! I love your pictures Jeanne!

  13. Oh what a fabulous trip with your daughter!!! I cherish
    the college search road trips I made with my daughters
    through the same states you are visiting!!!!

  14. Welcome back to the good old USA, welcome home! Wow tow years, I do not think I could go two years without a trip back home!

    I love the photos, what a wonderful journey and a special time with your daughter. There are so many great shcools in all of the places you are going you are going to have a difficult choice.

    Be safe, have fun and stay cool!

  15. What a wonderful trip Jeanne! It all looks so wonderfully American - just the way I imagin it to be! I hope you have a fabulous time with your Claire (my #3 daughter is Claire too!) and I am looking forward to seeing more picutres along the way! x.

  16. Jeanne I loved your first round of photos. American all the way! I must say I love how Miss Claire

    Enjoy your next phase of your roadtrip.

    Drive safely too! xx deb

  17. Dear Jeanne ... I so admire your zen attitiude to having your children on all sides of the globe. You and I are both mother to 4, and I'm not sure that I could be as brave or as selfless as you are with yours.
    Enjoy your trip with Claire

  18. football? soccer?


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