The Morning After.....

If ever there was a case of the 'Little Engine That Could'...I would have to say it was me yesterday. The big day was upon me. I was setting off to participate in the British 10K London Run. As I took the train into London, butterflies were flying wild in my stomach and in my head. "Do I approach the day with trepidation or determination?" Those were a few of my thoughts as I stepped off the train at Waterloo station. I don't think I can print the others. :)

That said, I was doing this for a very good cause and my steps then took on a more even and determined pace as I set off to meet the rest of my Team at St. James Park. They were all smiles, as they always are, one of the things I love about Aussies. I agreed to participate in this event with the Australian Women of London Club of which I am happy to be a member. We were raising funds for CCLEF, more on that here.

With our race cards on, toilets runs behind us and water bottles in place we set off to the start line.
I intended to power walk this event, as my friends well know, I am not a runner. Then a funny thing happened on Piccadilly Street....the crowds were massive, the excitement in the air was contagious and as we passed the start line it was hard not to break into a jog. The support along the sidelines was to exciting to resist. I was good to least part of the way.

We all separated, the runners, the joggers, the walkers and because I had set my own pace I found myself alone (as alone as you can be in a crowd of 10,000) but that in itself was the most interesting part of the event for me. Back and forth, walking, jogging, running, walking. I realised I could do it.

When I started to wane at the 6K mark I took off to the side, plugged in my iPod and set off to the music of Adele...the rest was easy. You can check out her music here.

I may have looked like a silly middle age woman in my bright yellow T-shirt, mini-back pack, fanny pack (for my iPod) and sporting a Heidi hairdo with my bandana pushed back to keep my hair off my face whilst holding my iPhone above my head taking pictures along the way but I was doing my thing and having fun.

In the midst of it all, I started thinking of my blog and posts and photos and friends and somehow the time and distance just passed. I thought of how it feels when you want to throw the towel in, you have had enough and can't be bothered and one phrase came to mind 'A Woman of Substance'. I have no idea where it came from, but I kept saying it over and over again... "I am a woman of substance and I will not give up." Can I just say, that if you ever feel that way yourself, hold your head up high and use it as your 'mantra'. Put yourself there and don't let go. For we all are women of substance..we have heart and gist.

I was never so happy to see the 9K sign..past Big Ben, Parliament House, Westminster Abbey and we were in the home stretch. I picked up the pace and ran past the finish line. Heidi was Happy!

So here I sit, the morning after, at my window, looking out at my garden, typing on my iPad. Achy, sore and thinking of the next run/walk/jog. I think I can, I think I can, I know I can....for I am a woman of substance, just like you!

A special thanks goes out to all the friends who supported me and this great cause. We have nearly hit our target number. If you would like to help talented young girls living in impoverished conditions get a secondary school can help us here. They are young girls destined to be women of substance one day.   :)

I won't forget....

Our bright yellow T-shirt.

The band playing.

Waiting to START on Piccadilly Street
The view in front of me...

The view behind me.....

The spirit in raising money for charity.
I just loved these two!

A few shots whilst running and holding 
my iPhone over head to take a photo...

The view from the FINISH line...
Lord Nelson welcoming us.

My last parting shot leaving St. James Park 
before catching the train home. 


Today I rest!
Best wishes for a lovely day to you all!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the adventure - and the pics were GREAT. Well done you!

  2. Jeanne, congratulations and I am so proud of you. 10K is big!!! I have done 5k's and now you are inspiring me. I can relate to the energy drawn from the crowd. I love your mantra and certainly plan to use it.

    What a wonderful cause and you have my support

  3. 'The little Jeanne that could'!Amazing! You are indeed a woman of substance - not that -I've ever doubted that. Have a relaxing day.

  4. Wow! Congratulations to you- you woman of substance! I am so impressed. And, your i-phone photos are wonderful. You definitely deserve a nice rest now.

  5. Bravo my friend - from believing you could do it, to proving that you could. I hope you feel incredibly proud of yourself~
    Have a lovely week,

  6. Thank you ladies! I am hoping this will inspire others to go the extra much fun! (says she who has difficulty getting out of a chair at the moment). :)

  7. Helen,

    Thanks you so much. We all appreciate your support!


  8. Congratulations Jeanne! You did what you thought you might not be able to -- jog! And you completed the course in your own way in your own time. You challenged yourself and you dug deep to find the strength to keep going and you pulled it up and let it carry you. I like that -- being a woman of substance. You rock!!!

  9. Congratulations! Well done! And great pictures too.

  10. Jeanne, congratulations! What an a accomplishment. You should feel so good about yourself. A wonderful experience! You have inspired me. xx Sunday

  11. I knew you could, I knew you could! Bravo!

  12. Well done Jeanne! You truly are a woman of substance!

  13. Oh really well done Jeanne, I am so impressed...I hope that you are extremely proud of yourself!! And don't have too many aches & pains today :)

    I did a 5K last Sept in Hyde Park - I ran half and walked half and like you was helped along and motivated so much by the crowds and the other participants, it was a great experience.

    Well done again!! xx

  14. Jeanne, Well done! You persevered and can rightfully be proud of your achievement! You ARE a Woman of Substance! Now enjoy your well-deserved rest...

  15. Congratulations! You go girl!!!I am so happy for you! Enjoy your day of rest!

  16. Congratulations - that must have been a wonderful experience.

  17. Congratulations! Enjoy your well earned rest! And I am sure you didn't look silly - you're too beautiful to look silly, darling!

  18. A woman of substance, indeed! I am so proud of you. I well imagine you feel a warm sense of accomplishment today, as well you should. You will remember this run through London forever!

  19. As a fellow non-runner, I am super proud of you, but I can imagine also getting caught up in so much excitement. Well done, those stiff muscles are worth it, and the pictures really help capture the excitement. xx

  20. You can almost "feel" the excitement of the day by looking at your photos. What fun it must have been and what an accomplishment! I love the analogy of the Little Engine that Could. I am inspired...thank you <3

  21. Hurray for you, Jeanne!!! I've been there myself...the charity thrilling to start out with the team and then go off on my own. I must say, though, I haven't done the 10K yet...I'm great at doing the 5K in 45 minutes but don't know if I can take the leap to 10K quite yet...Congratulations and thanks for taking us along!!!


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