From Surrey to London

So much to say, so little time.
I just wanted to say thank you all so much for your comments
about the crazy life we live in. The fact that you follow and read
along is more than words can say.

On that note, if you were a butterfly on my shoulder on Sunday...
We would have taken my family back to my favourite spot, 
Petersham Nurseries , for lunch in their lovely cafe
Fifteen minutes after I took this photo you could barely move.

I had the Organic Rose Petal Pannacotta with Comice Pears for dessert. 
It was just dreamy. I had to try it to see if it actually had
 rose petals in did, so delicious and special.

Australian chef, Greg Malouf, is the visiting chef at the moment
and he is most definitely sprinkling his magic over each and every dish.

Mrs. H mother-in-law, is visiting and loves to shop. 
We get along so well. :) We had a quick browse through
Petersham's garden shop on the way out.

Over the fields and through the woods to our car, 
we passed this spot along the way...

Someone lives there, I wonder who?
I find the sign posted out front, very inviting...
I don't think that was their intention. :)

The next day, good morning London..
We stopped in at The Victoria and Albert Museum 

If you have a the video clips for the show here.
I love a beautiful ballgown, don't you?

Up and down and around London finish
with a fabulous play last night. Can't wait to tell you about it.
I need time to explain.

I will come back with more on that one... got to run.

I am off to London to meet a few blogging friends this morning... more on that too!
Best wishes for a lovely day...evening...morning...wherever you are!

Jeanne xx

PS...thanks also for reports in from around the globe on 
the postcards I mailed from Vietnam last month.
It took a month to reach you...but at long last, they are arriving!

If you would like to be added to my postcard list... I would love to add you in.
I never know when and where...but I promise to get one off to you!
You can send me your address:

with exception of ballgowns as noted in V&A links above


  1. Dear Jeanne, It is always a pleasure to read your thoughts and adventures and I look forward to them every day! I do so hope that we will all be able to continue share your words and pictures as you move around the globe! I know you must be busy packing in all your last few London moments so - Enjoy!

  2. This looks like a really beautiful cafe! If I'm in Surrey one day I'll definitely remember that!

    I wish you a wonderful day in London with lovely and inspiring people!

  3. Great post Jeanne,
    The nursery looks so great. I love visiting the nursery when i go to england.. they are so well organised. Your choice of dessert sounds super.
    You are now back in London. Are you off to Vietnam again.!
    A true globe trotter.
    nice photos of the gowns. I have never worn a ball gown. would have loved too.
    Happy tuesday

  4. I avoid jealousy at all costs. But the Ballgown exhibit? I might just have to make an exception for that one.
    Have a great time today!

  5. Lovely, lovely, LOVELY! Enjoy your time - I love the V&A!! - and can't wait to hear more!

  6. Hi Jeanne,
    What a fabulous couple of days.
    Must return to Petersham for inspiration.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  7. I would love to spend a day in London with you! I love London. Meeting up with a few blogging friends? I can't imagine that. I have never even met one blogging friend. Good luck with all of the whirlwind planning and moving activities. I just don't know how you are going to move to Vietnam and get your daughter all the way to the PA for college!! Crazy! Take care and thankyou for bringing us with you on your journey's...even shopping trips!

  8. What an incredibly beautiful couple of days you have had! What lovely memories you are building to take to Vietnam with you! Keep enjoying and keep building. xx

  9. I've just read your last post, what an extraordinary family and what a fascinating life you lead ! I am a little envious though I don't think I would have the energy any more ! All the best to you !x

  10. Jeanne,

    What a wonderful day with your family and your mother-in-law. I love the images of the nursery and the sights along the way.

    I hope that you are having a wonderful time with Mr. H, and that you are taking the time to enjoy your family being together...there will be time enough later to pack and worry about that.

    Take care Jeannne,


  11. I am still thinking about those rose petals... maybe I need to go and try that desert! What a great tour your m-i-l is having... she must be so happy to be with you all... Have fun and speak soon... xv

  12. Oh my what a life you must be the envy of many(me included) All the best,Chrissy

  13. You are a very busy bee! That dessert sounds wonderful. Sounds like you are having a great time around London, making the most of every day Have a fun bloggers lunch today.

  14. It was such a pleasure meeting you today Jeanne, I am so glad that we got to do that....thank you for squeezing me into your busy week!

    I look forward to following your journey to Vietnam and seeing what life has in store for you next.

    Enjoy the sunshine this week, have a lovely day tomorrow :) XX

  15. Looks like a magical being a part of your travels!

  16. amazing post!

  17. I love Petersham Nurseries as much as I think you do, inspiration in every direction and delicious things to eat and drink, in short it is heaven!

  18. I walk past that lodge at least once a week and I've often wondered who lives there, but not once have I ever seen anyone go in or out.


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