Standing Surrey

I pass this house nearly every day in one traffic jam or another. I love the 'Garden Cottage' sign.
Today..I took a photo..while sitting in traffic.

As I write, the sun is setting over Surrey. It feels good to mention this as it has been a while since we have seen the sun. Isn't it amazing what a difference those warm rays of sunshine can make in your day? Today, it made me stop and think of our remaining time in England. It is hard to believe that we are now counting down...ten weeks to moving day. I have decided to take extra care each day, to really look closely at my surroundings and capture it the best I can.

This may be something you want to try yourself. Think back to when you first moved to your home/town/city. Do you remember what you thought when you took it all in the first time? I find, that as time passes, we often do not see it in the same light. Think of all the things you saw today...can you recollect many details? It often goes by in a blur. We remember the appointments, the drive, the shopping, the commute, the meals...but do you remember the flowers that were in bloom as you walked outside, do you remember how the light hit buildings as you passed by, do you remember the colour of the grass, the sound of the birds, did you have any moments when time stood still for you, for just a little while. I made it happen for me today, and I took photos along the way. If I had not taken the following photos, I could not have told you much about my day..I was just busy. Now, looking back, it was pretty special. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

The setting sun on our backyard.

My 'Alice in Wonderland' shot...taken from the outside, looking in.. to my desk.

The rain is working it's magic on our English garden.

Tika and I in search of bluebells near our home.

The ride home...

Along our street...

Around the corner from our home...

A rough draft of this post, written at our kitchen table.

Looking up and greeting the moon. it's your turn. 
Take a few snaps of your day and if you do, let me know... 
I would love to hear all about it. I hope you find a few
unexpected surprises. :)


  1. Oh Jeanne - now you have me thinking - when one is leaving all your senses are heightened and you begin to see things you never saw before. It's exciting! Thank you for the beautiful postcard from Vietnam - arrived yesterday. SO lovely to receive as people don't send letters and postcards any more - they are a rarity in my post box! Have a lovely day F xx

  2. Oh, I think I'm going to miss your home too! This is going to be a pretty wild transition but just as you are experiencing everything in Vietnam...we'll all be right here!!

  3. WOW, ten weeks! Exciting times ahead. You are so right about taking in all the things you see on a daily basis. The days pass in a blur, the weeks roll into months and the years fly by. There are many things I think about and miss from our years in the Netherlands, and things I don't miss so much too!! But sometimes you need to enjoy all the small things you pass every day without really giving them a second thought. Live in the now when ever possible. Enjoy your last weeks in England and I hope you get some more sunshine too!

  4. Hi Jeanne, love your pictures and your town Surrey. Your pictures are so soulful. Your garden is beautiful too..It must be difficult to leave beautiful England but at the same time you must be looking forward to your new life in Vietnam. I am looking forward to your new adventures and life in Vietnam. I will definitely share with you my inspirations around my home. By the way, I just ordered copies of the book "The Most Beautiful Walk in the World" by John Baxter. I can't wait to read it! :)

  5. what lovely pics of the little places near your home. i like this idea and i may try it before we're off for the summer. xo

  6. Dear Jeanne,
    We have just returned from Amsterdam, which we loved but, I am always so pleased to get back to England, no matter what country we have been to.
    Your photographs are beautiful and such a contrast to the country that you will be living in in 10 weeks.....such an exciting time for you. I can't wait for your posts from Vietnam.
    Have a lovely week Jeanne. XXXX

  7. Nice photos...
    Oh you really made me think that I should be more conscious of the wonderful things around me. And I really should take photos of our nice surroundings, our town is changing fast too many constructions going on right now. I really think I should take photos now that there are still trees and other natural elements around.

  8. Oh Jeanne.. I can almost hear the crickets and the birds cheeping.. stunning pics.. Keep them in a safe place.. so you can revert to them when you're in 'nam.. ooh.. my postcard arrived today.. STUNNING.. STUNNING choice .. thank you so much.. I just love the girl on the camel with the dessert and the man with his Safari hat.. thank you so much. I am going to incorporate it into my quilt sewing idea.. I loved getting it .. what a brilliant idea.. Happy 10 weeks ahead and counting.. remember to stop often and smell the sunshine, and the bluebells x j

  9. Stunning photos of your beautiful lush garden. Great post which made me think. When I return from a holiday in the sun, as we land back in England, I always appreciate how wonderfully green the countryside seems (all that rain is good for something!)

  10. Hello Jeanne,

    Happy DAy! What a wonderful post and a fresh new look on life and home! Oddly my husband and I had this conversation about 4 months ago, and we decided we are going to "fall in love" with our town all over again.

    I am going to take you up on your challenge and take some images today!

    Have a wondeful day and enjoy each minute of the 10 weeks. Do you have an update on the chaise?

    xx Elizabeth

  11. It's so sad you're going .. I left England 20 years ago, after having lived there for 17 years and I still miss it dreadfully. Where do you feel you really belong ? XX

  12. Jeanne...Every blog you write fills me! I love to travel and explore with you, sit quietly and observe what is around wherever you may be. Today your writing is
    so lovely, inspiring on a day that is for me cloudy, light rain and fog...grey skies and an extended winter temperature so m any things not yet alive in the gardens. I could imagine weeks from now as I walked along with your photos; and then that view that never ceases to stop my heart...the moon rise in the middle of the day....thank you for the lovely departure from a cloudy, gray, and very chilly day here in Montana.

  13. How funny, I posted photos of my day yesterday. Maybe we were thinking the same thoughts. I guess that happens sometimes. I totally understand what you mean about seeing things differently. I seem to be looking at the world around me with a new pair of eyes there days. Maybe it's because I'm older or maybe it has something to do with sharing my world with my readers. I don't know what it is but I know where you're coming from with this post.

  14. Your 'Alice in Wonderland' shot is perfect, and I'm sure you'll miss your peaceful, green English garden. We here, near the Atlantic, can only dream of such tamed splendour.

  15. wow. I'm most impressed that you do rough drafts of posts! That has never occurred to me! I'm afraid pen and paper doesn't make it's way into my life all that often.. except to write a thank you or condolence letter.
    Lovely images!

  16. Your garden looks beautiful. Thank you also for your postcard from Vietnam - always a thrill to receive some real mail in my letterbox.

  17. From England to Vietnam how exciting will be looking forward to your new adventure. Love the Alice in Wonderland photo an amazing image! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  18. Jeanne, what a magical place and your pictures are divine. Thanks for the voyage.. Carla x


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