A weekend in Hoi An, Vietnam..

Seeing that it is the weekend and seeing that very little sun has shined upon England for weeks.
I thought I would take you on a little weekend break to The Nam Hai in Hoi An, Vietnam.
With Mother's Day coming up in some parts of the world, I think we deserve it, don't you?

If you fly into Ho Chi Minh you need only to hop on a plane for an hours flight up to Danang.
Not far from the airport is the ancient town of Hoi An, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
On the outskirts, along a beach on the South China Sea, you will find The Nam Hai resort. 
You will know as soon as you turn into the drive from the main road that you are in for
something special. Can I say it in pictures? I think it says it best.

Any jet lag that may wearily hang from your body will very slowly start to slip
away within the first few minutes of your arrival.

It just gets better and better...

Even when the resort is full..you wouldn't know it.
I love that feeling, don't you?

Whatever your pleasure...
you will be happy to sip along as that last bit of jet lag packs 
it's bags and hits the road.

The Nam Hai offers unobstructed views of the sea 
from every villa and a lovely sea it is.

You can do everything and anything at The Nam Hai
or you can choose to 'just be'. 

I just wanted to be....still..
It was easy to find peace and serenity.

From the moment you walk into your villa..

to the view from the villa...

to the inside of your villa... it all says 'relax'.

As you can see from these photos...I had time on my hands.
I was thinking of you...the possibility that I might entice
one or two readers to visit this wonderful spot in Vietnam.

It could be just what you are looking for.

Not to be missed is a bike ride around the property and into
a garden...The Nam Hai garden.

These curvaceous pots are dotted along the property..
pulling you from one to the other.

Fancy a pot?

Believe it or not, this is just skims the surface of what The Nam Hai has to offer.
For those looking for action, there is plenty of it. If you like to explore, discover, shop,
meditate, create..they have all that and more. We are heading back to The Nam Hai
with the whole family to do just that.

I have so much more to show you but I do not want to exhaust you. 
I will say that the night views are pretty spectacular and the spa and the food...
I will be back with more on The Nam Hai...one day soon.

So...how did I do?
Did I entice you just a little bit to travel to Vietnam?
Would you put The Nam Hai on your travel list?

Just so you know...this is just me being me.
I have not been asked to show favours to the resort..
I just write about things I love and this spot moves me.

Very best wishes for a wonderful weekend...
may you be surrounded by the people you love.

Jeanne xx

The Nam Hai images~jeanne


  1. Oh my Gosh. I have fallen in love with Vietnam.
    The Nam Hai.. well what can one say about such a magnificent place.
    I can feel myself just relaxing and enjoying my sundowner and swimming and lounging about all day. I would also like to visit some of the cultural areas of Vietnam..
    I enjoyed reading your post Jeanne.
    happy weekend

  2. Hello Jeanne... I have just discovered your blog (s) and relate to your joy in writing about things you love.. places etc. ie that there is no advertorial involved.. This is exactly how I feel and appreciate an opportunity of being able to do so !! I am a new blogger and have to say that I'm a bit obsessed !!! Jenny ps so interested to read that you have travelled and lived in quite a few places... I can relate too.

  3. Oh my. I would go in a heartbeat and then not leave! I have had the wonderful fortune to cover some pretty amazing hotels but I have to say in all honesty that the Nam Hai is one of the most gorgeous and peaceful. Lucky you. :) It reminds me of some of the Aman resorts in Bali just more stripped down to the essence.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You enticed me a lot and yes, I'll add it to my travel list right away!! Just my kind of hotel - I love the attention to detail and the serenity (especially when you can't even tell the hotel is full) I have travelled to the Far East many times and Vietnam is already on my list but it's always good to have recommendations. Thank you!

  5. Beautiful resort. It looks so tranquil. May you have a great weekend!

  6. Mr. H knows how to treat Mrs. H for Mother's Day! Have a lovely weekend :)

  7. Oh WOW ........... Oh WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Now that look like a zen resort. I can imagine myself practicing Yoga surrounded by lush vegetation and beauty.
    Wow! impressive and those large pots could quite happily reside in my garden!

  9. Jeanne,

    This looks like the perfect place to relax, be in the moment and just be. I can see why you are going back with the entire family.

    I have two such trips planned this summer, one in Maine and one in North Carolina and I cannot wait to relax, sit by the pool and go to the spa.

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful and happy Mother's Day weekend!

    xx Elizabeth

  10. THANK YOU! Happy Mother's Day to you, Jeanne!

  11. Isn't it fun to know that Viet Nam will provide wonderful places to explore, too.

  12. Hello Jeanne

    The Nam Hai loooks like the perfect place to repair, re-charge and relax
    Are you going to retain a pied a terre here?

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  13. Nam Hai looks wonderful...something to do for everyone. Yes, I would definitely visit! Have a lovely weekend, Jeanne, and Happy Mother's Day!


  14. Wow what a wonderful place to relax and unwind. Have put it on my Bucket List..

  15. this is exotic and exciting!!!
    you have got me thinking....


  16. Jeanne,
    I don't know what to say!! Perfect place!! Oh dear, I want to pack and go!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Happy Mother's Day !

  17. You make me homesick for Asia Jeanne! One of my favourite momentos from Japan is my stone rice bowl. It stands about 3ft high and is stamped by the artisan who hand-shaped it. It stood in his garden and held the uncooked rice the family would eat over the winter months. I absolutely love it.

  18. Jeanne...what a lovely, calm. serene, centering space you have shown to me today. To travel there would be a delight. Thank you for taking me there with you, pulling my spirit into those sweet spots of the Nam Hai...and Vietnam. I treasure my journeys with you.
    May your day of being remembered as a mother be one of great blessing and love.

  19. I've always wanted to visit Vietnam and these pictures only make me want to book a ticket now rather than later!

    Hope you have a wonderful time there.

    And thank you for the beautiful bag which arrived today. It's already full of books.

  20. Wow, your photos are absolutely beautiful, what an amazing place.

    I have recently been reading a few books which have been set in Asia and it has made me curious I must admit, it's a part of the world I have never visited.

    Hope you are enjoying today's sunshine....I have every window open and am loving it :) I do however know better than to assume that summer is here ;) XX

  21. I just feel like I experienced a moment of meditation myself. Peaceful, lovely photos that made me feel like I got a real idea of where you were. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Jeanne,
    Leslie (gwen moss blog)

  22. Jeanne this is just sublime - another place to ad to the list. What fun you are going to have exploring this beautiful country. Looking forward to future posts. Have a lovely Mother's Day Francesca x

  23. Brought back happy memories of my stay there Jeanne.. stunning pic.. thanks for sharing.. Nam Hai must be 'heaven on earth!'..!! Cant wait to be back again in October with my small group and our personal stylist.. Even those well trimmed path ways did it for me! hugs j - happy packing..

  24. Yes, I am commenting on an old post- but I read this and realized that if you and I are ever to meet, I would bet it is in Vietnam! It is on my list of places I really really truly want to visit- right at the top actually.
    Thinking of you and wishing you smooth sailing for the remainder of your time in London and then safe travels to your new home.

  25. I have recently been reading a few books which have been set in Asia and it has made me curious I must admit, it's a part of the world I have never visited.


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