A phone call and then....

He called...finally.
We haven't heard from him in weeks.
He has been out in the field on a training assignment.
A day hasn't gone by that I have not thought of him.
Today, I am as happy as happy can be.

He managed to locate a spot with phone reception.
When I asked where he was calling from he said he 
was standing on top of his tank in an open field.
He then sent me this photo.
The things we do for our Mom's. :)

To top this off, Mr. H arrived home from Vietnam yesterday.
We have him for a week before he returns and then....
Only six more weeks before Miss Christine moves back to New Zealand.
Only seven more weeks before we pack up and move to Vietnam.
Only twelve more weeks before Miss Claire moves to the USA
Only six more months before we see Patrick again. (we hope)

Family life with the H's.
Any wonder why I blog?

Thank you all for keeping me sane!
Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx


  1. Jeanne,

    A beautiful image of Patrick. What a wonderful fit to have had this weekend, a call from Patrick and a visit from Mr. H! Perfect weekend!

    Your schedule seems crazy, I am sure that you must have at leat ten lists to keep it all straight.

    Enjoy your family dear Jeanne. Thank you for keeping us sane!


  2. Goodness Jeanne, how do you sleep?! And do you know when you will all be together again? Great photo your son sent you.

    1. Victoria...we are hoping for a reunion at Christmas. :)

  3. Your family certainly travels the globe!
    All these adventures must make for great conversations at the dinner table when you all gather for a meal together.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us Jeanne.

  4. Ahhhh, Jeanne. So happy to see this photo of Patrick. What an international group you all are. WOW. Viet Nam, I cannot even imagine. But no one could believe I moved to Iran either, and everything was always OK. So many different things to experience.

  5. Your family certainly love the travel... so glad that you got to hear from your son Patrick and hopefully he'll be able to call again before you head off to Vietnam. Enjoy your week with Mr H ... I hope you'll all be in a position to spend Christmas together.
    God bless
    Jo x

  6. What a truly mobile family you have. I hope you are all well and will continue to be. Looking forward to your experiences as they unfold in this lovely blog of yours. Hugs.

  7. Holy cow, if anyone needs a little "escape time" it is you! I can only imagine how beyond thrilled you were to not only get a photo of Patrick, smiling and looking as handsome as one can in camouflage. :) Am taking a minute to send good energy both to you and him...actually to all of your bunch! What an amazing world we live in these days, isn't it true? It has just become so normal for us to be extended all over the planet.
    Enjoy your time with Mr. H in the English countryside...
    Bisous et bon weekend!

  8. I really admire you, Jeanne, and the way you deal with all these stressful situations. You're a very strong woman.

    Thanks for sharing these moments with us. xx

  9. Goog, good, good news Jeanne, and all was well with the world!

  10. Hi Jeanne, I sent a couple of emails with my address. Let me know if they haven't come through. Thanks Victoria
    PS - I thought of you when I saw the British fashion stamps came as a postcard set too!

  11. i can only imagine how you must have felt when Patrick called, it is so hard trying to be the 'super cool' mum when your insides are turning little somersaults.

    You are all going to be very busy over the next few months, hope Christmas is a big reunion.

  12. Hi Jeanne - what great news and what a lovely weekend for you - stay strong and keep breathing - you are their lynchpin. Thank you for your inspiration. Francesca x

  13. Dear Jeanne,, I have to tell you that reading this post brought tears to my eyes... not only because of Patrick's call - I have a son and could only imagine the difficulty of having him off far away under those circumstances, but because, like you, I have moved countries a few times... not for the faint-hearted. You are probably an old hand at getting organised by now, but nevertheless, I so look forward to reading about your journey as it unfolds. Enjoy your time with Mr H. Jenny x

  14. Yes, bottom line, I think that's exactly why we blog. And then, as an extra added bonus one can meet someone like you.


  15. So many hellos and goodbyes in you life these days. Your emotions must be all over the map.

    And that Patrick ... you must be a proud momma.

  16. Thank you all for your comments...as always, much appreciated! :) xx

  17. I am so happy for you and the small happy moment you had. :) Thanks for sharing it with us.

  18. Jeanne
    Every blog post, every shared expression of family, of feelings, of friendships, of life of changes....the creative ideas for home and clothing and gardens and plants...so much, so totally wonderful to feel your experiences through the writing that you put together on your blog. Ever grateful for a piece of your life to find its way into my journey....thank you so much.

  19. Jeanne,
    I'm so happy for you. It's funny how one simple phone call can suddenly transform a Mother into mush. I didn't know you had a son named Patrick also. I like him already.

    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  20. J,

    this is good news!!!
    great pictures
    {which i am sure you must cherish}

    you have some HUGE things going on.
    and i will pray for your patrick.


  21. Ho-ly cow. What a life you lead- my boys are behind your loves by a few years but oh, I don't know how I will survive those times apart not knowing where they are or what they are doing~
    You are an inspiration my friend,

  22. May your family have safe journeys and that soon you will all have a happy reunion.

  23. Oh my goodness. What a life indeed! I can't imagine being so separated from my kids, but it seems it's just a way of life for you. Happy that your son knows that he needs to reach out to his mom when he can. Inspiring.

  24. So happy you heard from Patrick, Jeanne. I know I wait for the time each day when I can talk to our elder daughter who lives away from home. Can't think what I'd do if I couldn't hear from her for weeks together. Being a mum is tough...

  25. I'm so very happy to know you heard from Patrick, Jeanne. Such wonderful news! It must be very difficult for you between calls.


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