The flower arranging class...Petersham Nurseries

If you are wondering what a pot of flowers is doing on a fence post..
I'll tell you, it was my perfectly imperfect attempt 
at creating a flower arrangement this morning.

I am singing high praises once again for my favourite nursery,
Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, Surrey. 
Past praises here and here.

This morning I joined in on a Flower Arranging Workshop
which was held in one of their many greenhouses.

Tea, coffee, cakes and buckets of beautiful flowers were waiting for us.

In typical Jeanne fashion, I scribbled lots of notes, 
watched the instructor intently and rushed in to start. 
I cut, snipped and slid flowers into my oasis
 at rocket speed and then...I noticed my mistakes.

  Top heavy on the flowers, bottom heavy on the greens.
I really must remember to slow down.

No matter...I was happy to walk away with my arrangement and have a quick
look to see what's new in the shop. I think I am destined to own cafe
chairs one day. I snapped countless photos in Paris a few weeks back 
and here they are again, it is a sign!

I love, love, love these lamps and photograph them each time I visit.
I must own these one day...wink, wink to Mr. H :)

My hat goes off to whoever creates these wonderful displays..they are enchanting.

I will give an extra wink to this English bird house as well.

So that was my perfectly imperfect morning.
Me and my flower pot..taking one last shot before moving on.

Speaking of perfectly imperfect...
just a reminder that I am offering this book...
as a giveaway.


Read here for giveaway details.

Best wishes from me and my flower pot...

Jeanne xx

Petersham Nurseries images~jeanne


  1. Oh Jeanne, I can relate. I would love to be talented at arranging flowers! What a fun experience you had, and the nursery looks amazing. I would have loved to take that flower arranging class. Your arrangement looks beautiful!

  2. Jeanne,

    What a wonderful adventure! I have been trying to arrange flowers ever since we learned some tips form Leslie at the blogging your way class. I think that you did a fabulous job! I love this shop too!!!! Beautiful vingettes for a rainy Wednesday monrning!

    Thank you for sahring, have a great night, Elizabeth

  3. Learning new ways-why not start with flowers. It's delightful with varieties of colors.

  4. Now this is why I only ever do arrangements with one type of flower and no greens--I am chicken. But any place that has tea, cakes and flowers is all-right by me. :)

    And can you imagine how lovely the light on the flowers must be when the lamps are lit up at night? Actually, I imagine you have!

  5. What a wonderful morning... I would love your flower arrangement, it's quite lovely and would cheer up an otherwise miserable day here in Bournemouth.
    I love the cafe chairs too...

    Jo x

  6. As a soon-to-be expat in Switzerland, I'm so happy to have discovered your blog. Seems you are doing quite nicely... :)

  7. You are so quirky Jeanne, you make me smile. I like your perfectly imperfect flower arrangement. It looks good.

  8. Looks like you had a great time and I love the end product. BTW - what an impressive view you have from your section! David.

  9. A happy pot showing your verve and vitality, Jeanne :)

  10. I love your pot of flowers - just gorgeous - so happy and generous and bursting with colour and no doubt scent - rather than the awkward, tortured and very imposing arrangements I see so often here. Well done. Have a lovely day and buy the lamps - you won't find them in Vietnam! Francesca x

  11. Petersham Nurseries looks like the British equivalent of Roger's Gardens in Corona Del Mar, California. I must put this on my list for my upcoming visit. Thanks, Jeanne.

  12. Personally, I love your flower arrangement, and...I love it sitting on a fence post. Even though I seem to be a perfectionist, perfect has never really appealed to me. Hum...I wonder what that means. How wonderful! Bonnie

  13. This looks like a fun way to kick start the outdoor potting season which I really must get going week. Yours look magnificant! They are inspiring me and might help my seasonal procrastination which is a result of thinking too much................what colour scheme this season? By the time I decide, the nurseries are empty! Not this year I hope. Enjoy! XO

  14. Jeanne, what a beautiful display of flowers! I've struggled through the years with the art of flower arrangement, so hats off to you! I love those "natural" arrangements rather than the "sculpted" ones, so I love your pot of flowers. A joy to see while here in a typical Hyderabad summer semi drought situation!!

  15. Good on you for attempting the workshop, and I can see why you love those cafe chairs, they are stunning.
    What a great place to wander and enjoy the displays.

  16. Oh joy, oh bliss to spend the morning at Petersham Nurseries quite apart from producing something so pretty.

  17. Oh, I think it's lovely!
    And what a magnificent selection of flowers to choose from!
    Pure heaven.


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