An imaginary life...

An imaginary life...

She looked upon the vase, remembering a special place by the sea. At first glance she knew she would cherish it for years to come. It inspired her to write.  When she worked alongside it, words unfolded like the swift movement of pages in a well read novel. It inspired her to create. Bouquets of flowers fell gracefully from its hold as she sketched each elegant curve and dip of the arrangement. With the vase by her side she could hear the tide flowing in and out, feel the sea breeze against her skin and the warmth of the late afternoon sun on her back. It was there to remind her of a special place by the sea...her home.

The above is the life I imagined as I took this photo. I am far from the sea, in fact I am sitting in my favourite chair, by a roaring fire on a down right chilly evening in Surrey...but it is still fun to imagine.

My English Life.. a journey that never ends

I recently came to a conclusion. I have been finding my way in England for nearly two years now and have decided that it is a journey that never ends. I write about my favourite parts of England and my travels throughout at Finding My England. I will write on that blog 
for as long as we live in England. At the moment that it looking like June 2012.  
Until then, the life of England, as she sees it.....

Through the looking glass at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond...

and a walk down a 150ft (50m) long herbaceous garden path...
you can find the path here
Sending you very best wishes for an inspiring weekend...
perhaps by the sea? 

Jeanne xx


  1. It sounds like you are having a lovely evening...enjoy!


  2. Hello dear Jeanne,

    What a beautiful tale, remembering such beautiful memories as you sit by a roaring fire. I hope that you had a yummy turkey dinner and a lovely day today.

    Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm.


  3. Sounds absolutely beautiful! Enjoy dreaming by the fire.

  4. It's easy to see why you were so inspired by this picture! What gorgeous colours, shapes and composition.

  5. A lovely piece of writing Jeanne and lovely thoughts but, I also think that sitting in a favourite chair by a roaring fire in England is pretty good too !!
    Love your photo from Petersham Nurseries.....wouldn't mind being by the sea too !!.....oh dear....I want it all !!!! XXXX

  6. I just love the way you write Jeanne. You remind me of Alice Steinbach in Without Reservations. Love to be sitting by that roaring fire with you Jeanne and listening to you unfold your journey thus far. Keep writing! Meredy xo

  7. Dare I say again how similar we are… Roaring fire but no bouquet of flowers. Imagining life closer to the sea for moi. Long linen dresses and barefoot in the sand. Sigh. I'll just go curl back up with my thoughts then, shall I?

  8. Yes, always by the sea :) I cannot live without it.

  9. Your weekend sounds delicious.



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