Still Life Beauty: Petersham Nurseries


I was captivated by the flower arrangements and much more on a recent trip
to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, Surrey (UK). I only just discovered it and have 
been back twice in the past two weeks. It is a nursery and so much more...
Garden, Playhouse, Teahouse, Cafe, Shop and Luxury Properties. 
I am sure I missed something but for now I will just focus
on these Still Life Beauties and enjoy the colours and texture of the season.

There are several ideas to work with here. I hope you
find something to inspire you in your home. :)

Because I love it more time...

Boot Love, here.

Best wishes for a wonderful week!

Jeanne xx



  1. I love the purple Kale. Great inexpensive way to add colour to a garden.

  2. Lovely, Jeanne. It's on my 'to see' list when I finally back it back to London. The chef is Australian Skye Gyngell. J x

  3. Hi Jeanne

    It looks like a wonderful place to visit and your images are stunning.
    I have their cookbook. Did you dine here?

  4. I can see why you have been back again, what a fantastic place. I can't choose which shot I like, they are all awesome.

  5. Hi Jeanne, I just knew that you would love Petersham! It really is heaven on earth! Just wait until you go there at Christmas - oh boy the photo opportunities are really amazing then! The actual Petersham House Gardens are open under the NGS once a year so if you are still here next year it is worth looking out for!

  6. I have an enormous bouquet of hydrangeas on my table right now - only in green/blue/purple nuances, and I have just bought new Ilse Jakobsen boots for the fall!This must have been a post for me:-D

  7. Are those hydrangeas? to die for, whatever they are!

  8. what a lovely place - no wonder you keep going back! You always share the good stuff with us Jeanne! xoxo!

  9. Always love the cool-weather (colorful) cabbages...:) Nice shot,
    simple arrangement :)

  10. What a wonderful nursery Jeanne. No wonder you went back !
    We have quite a few nurseries near us as this area was were many Italians, Swiss and Dutch came and started nurseries.
    One in particular, Van Hages, is my favourite. It is very similar to Petershams although, not as good as it used to be. They changed their head of display and it isn't quite as good now but, still one that we always go to and get our plants from. XXXX

  11. Hi Jeanne! Something about these gorgeous photos of yours looked very familiar. Then, after a little checking, I realized that Petersham's is owned by Urban Outfitters, the same company that owns Terrain, in Philadelphia, which I did a blog post about not long ago, using many shots that Andrea took there. No wonder the displays looked similar. Anyway, gorgeous images (makes me want to shop). And, gorgeous hydrangeas... speaking recently of dried hydrangeas!

  12. Works of Art - all of them!
    Marvellous, thanks.
    Di :-)

  13. Wow. The cornucopia is incredible. Massed hydrangeas are always so pretty.


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