A Little English Whimsy

I am sending a big thank you Birthday Wish and a little English Whimsy your way today.
Thank you to the lovely ten...who helped me to reach my birthday 500 wish.
You are all truly inspiring. :)

I am having a lovely day, starting with an article in the morning newspaper
on Martha bedlinen by Horrockses. The pattern was inspired by the dress shown below.

Horrockses was best known for their floral dresses in the 1940's and 1950's.
Once upon a time, Queen Elizabeth II wore the very same. 

The bedlinen line has been revived after a 30 year hiatus.
I love this Martha range...what a great way to wake up in the morning.

There is much more to see on the website.
You can have a look here
Have fun, it's a great site!

Martha bedlinen by Horrockses

You can read the full article, in the Financial Times 
( my favourite weekend paper) here.
Article written by Victor Maw

Once again, thank you for your very kind birthday messages.
I am working on a giveaway...a very special one. 
More on that one tomorrow.

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