A Stroll thru Paris

I am betwixt and between at the moment.
I can't decide....
Which of the photos below would you select for a photo album?
I am trying my hand at creating a Mac picture book of my favourite photos.
With 30,000 photos, it is proving to be a tad difficult.
Maybe I should take up knitting instead....

A stroll thru the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris...

Walking to the Louvre...

A shop window in St Germain...

On route to the Eiffel Tower...



  1. 30, 000 photos!!! Oh my goodness, I cannot even take that in. How many are you hopeing to have in the final album?

    I love the architectue photo and the one of the figure of the girl, those are my favorites.

    I cannot wait to hear the progress of your album and to see more photos.

    Have a happy Monday, eluzabetg

  2. Jeanne,
    The second one is mysterious and playful. Pretty but not too pretty. I'd choose that one.

  3. You need to make multiple books in different categories Jeanne!!
    Culling is the hardest part of photography ....the easiest thing to remember is that 'every picture must tell a story'...that's my starting point...xv

  4. Difficult job. I'd go for the 2nd or 4th one, but maybe you should just try to squeeze them all in!

  5. Although all the pictures are lovely, I would choose the first one.
    I adore the angels and the touch of duck egg blue for the sky behind the Eiffel tower is lovely and the pop of red is brilliant.

  6. Thank you all...your comments are very helpful!

  7. I'm hopoeless at making decisions Jeanne but, if it was me, I would choose the first one of the carousel and the fourth one of the building with the window boxes but, they are all lovely so, you choose !!!! XXXX

  8. They are all great, but I especially love the first and last one.

  9. If you really have to choose just one.... then I love the girl with the braid, in the hedge. That is perfect.

  10. Dear Jeanne,
    They're all great photos - the last one is so iconic - I would have to include it but....the girl in the hedge is so quirky, I might have to choose that instead! Now, if you can just tell me which setting I put my brand new G12 on to get that effect (the sharp focus on the head and the blurry background, photographictechnophobe that I am) I'll be a fan forever! Love Susie x

  11. I would choose them all. I am very bad when it comes to choosing photos. There is something I like in all of them - otherwise I would not have taken them I suppose.

  12. I've made several of these books Jeanne, the only way to choose is by instinct. Just let your heart guide you, keep mixing and matching until it feels right. With all your beautiful pictures, you cannot make a bad choice.

  13. Oooh I don't know! So hard....the first, fourth or fifth, I suppose, to narrow it down at least. How hard!

  14. Love them all. Good luck. :-)


  15. The second one is my favorite. But which one has the best story to tell? I'd go with that.

  16. They're all so nice, I understand your quandry. Perhaps keep them all (with the Eiffel Tower as lead) and look elsewhere to delete? I don't have 30,000 pics but do have tooo many as I tend to oversnap as well, those little details (architecture, flower boxes - no, hub, says, not another flower box - If it's possible to be addicted to flower boxes, I am!)

    Anyway, thanks for a lovely walk. I always enjoy how your pics have a theme.

  17. First and last do it for me! But I would choose the one that you love the very best. xoxo!

  18. Of course I'll choose the Eiffel tower. And after that I'll go next with the very first picture that says " a stroll thru the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris". And after that it's up to you.


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