Table Talk.. Loire Valley

Table Talk...
Over the past 25 years, we have managed to collect
a number of different china patterns. Whether they be passed on, 
passed down, collected along the way or bought with tender loving care.
Every plate has a story. 

I have been immersed in our china cabinet these past few days and it all started with this table cloth.
We picked it up in a street market when we were in France a few weeks back.

To complete our French experience we purchased a set of plates as well.
They are filled with great memories and a welcome addtion to our table.

 Philippe Deshoulieres charger plate,  Gien dinner plate.

I have been playing mix and match. Something old, something new.
The plates below are family favourite, but I admit they only come out
on special occasions.The Spode-Luneville plate on the left is one of the plate sets
Mr. H and are registered when we were married. I am happy to say the complete set is still with us. :)

The plate on the right is Wedgewood and a commemorative set of plates from
Mr. H's school days all those years ago. They only comes out for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Something blue...our wedding china,
Royal Crown Derby, Grenville dinner plate (top) and Blue Aves salad plate (bottom).
Sad to say, we do not use this very often. It's beautiful and sometimes appears for
Easter or New Years lunch. I really should think of more occasions for it.

Wedding Talk...Anniversary Talk
Mr. H and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary next week.
We are off to India to celebrate. I have never been and am looking forward
to an adventure. I came across this 'Dhara' china set by Philippe Deshoulieres 
and thought of India. It is a beautiuful set...I wonder ???

How about you?
Do you have a family favourite?
Do you use your 'special' china often
or just for special occasions?

top images~me
bottom images as noted above


  1. I am loving your new linens from France and the various mixes that you have put together so artistically.
    I have Lavender Rose china by Royal Albert which were gifts from our wedding and every day its a simple all white set by Maxwell Williams.
    Living in a small bungalow with little storage has made me keep things to a minimum.

    It would be fun to have more to play up the table settings.

  2. I'm a china-holic. Loved seeing your choices, Luneville always lovely. For years I have had the Longchamp Nemours for everyday, which I still love. Bianca by Wedgewood is lovely. Love to set the table with different china. Royal Worcester's Sheridan my favorite. Can't remember the holiday china. Have a great time in India, sounds exciting. Loved your post.

  3. Oh, happy happy anniversary!! India will be a fabulous way to celebrate. I cannot wait to read all about it when you return. And yes! Get that china.... it's absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful china, my favorite is the red pattern top right and the blue the last photo. I like the transferware look, even though that is not.

    I have never been to India, I cannot wait to see it through your lens. I hope you have a safe and wonderful 25 th anniversary.

    Xo Elizabeth

  5. Our registered wedding dishes were yellow and lime green Fransiscan ware. I still love them. (34 years later.)


  6. We use our Blue Willow and Countryside sets at least once or twice a week. I prefer to use the second hand Athena (Johnson Bros) for every day use as I only paid 50 cents a piece for them.

    I LOVE the "Dhara" set you showed!

  7. I've never been besotted by china and we tend to use our French white china all of the time whether it's everyday or celebratory. I think that food looks so good on white china but, that's just me and what do I know !!!! haha. Your china is beautiful ....all of it, and, I think that you should definitely buy the ' Dhara ' collection. I am also a fan of mixing different patterns when entertaining.
    Many congratulations to you both Jeanne and India will be a wonderful way to celebrate it. How exciting. XXXX

  8. I love mixing old and new china, your sets are beautiful. Lucky lucky you going off to India, I'd return like a shot if I had the chance. I hope we'll hear where you'll be staying
    Stay safe, have fun

  9. I don't know where to begin? With the fact that you are a china-holic like myself, the fact that you're celebrating your 25th anniversary or the fact that you're going to India!
    In my next life, I want to be you, Jeanne.

    I have a ton of china - special china from Royal Copenhagen as well as flea market finds - and I use it all mixed up every day, every week! You only live once:-D

    The older I get, the more unlikely it seems, I'll get to celebrate a 25th anniversary. I'm in awe when people manage to stay together. That came out wrong!:-) What I mean is that it seems everyone is getting divorced these days, so I love that some people make it. Either because they are incredibly lucky to continue being drunk on love or because they decided to actually stay together through good times and bad because they love each other. I'm rambling and not making sense - so let me just say Congratulations, Jeanne.

    Have a wonderful time in India - can't wait to see the pictures.

  10. Beautiful - all of them! If I had more storage space, Mr. C. would be in BIG trouble here!

  11. The linens and china are beautiful. I love dishes! Unfortunately, I passed my affection to my daughter. We are constantly reminded we do not need anymore dishes. It is not about need, is it? I hope you have a grand time in India.

  12. I love the scalloping on your new plates.

    And 25 years - Congratulations! I hope you have a splendid trip. David.

  13. They're too beautiful to hide away Jeanne - use as often as possible.

    Congrats on 25...have a fantabulous trip - can't wait for the pics.... the Dhara would be a welcome addition - very festive!

  14. Thank you everyone! It is great to read what interests you and how you use your own china. We all think surprises there!

    I am excited to see so many supporters for the Dhara china too. :)

  15. Love all your china. I don't have any that is "precious" I use everything, otherwise, why have it? That last pattern is beautiful - maybe just get a few place settings instead of a whole set to remember your trip. Have fun and take lots of pix, so exciting!

  16. Hi Jeanne, India hey? Wow that sounds amazing. I would love to go one day but must admit I am slightly scared to! Is that wrong? My brother goes alot for business and is bowled over. So to china - I wish we'd been more bold with our wedding china. Went safe and always kinda wished I hadn't been quite so safe. I would love to have had Royal Copenhagen too...but went for British Wedgewood! Ahh well, I was only 25 - probably with different tase to now. Lou x


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