A Fortnum and Mason Giveaway

How many times have I mentioned Fortnum and Mason 
in my blogging life? This makes ten! 
For those of you who are not familiar with this store, 
it is located on Piccadilly in London.

It is one of my all time favourite spots in London.
I know each floor intimately....
I guess you could say I have a bit of a crush.

My F&M teaccup and saucer

My F&M hamper, honey pots and jam jar.

The store is fab, the location is perfect.  
I nip into Fortnum and Mason for tea or lunch, 
walk a few doors down to Hatchards to get lost in the floors and floors
of wonderful books and then head across the street to the Royal Academy of Arts 
to view the latest exhibition.  Bond Street, New Bond Street, St James Steet,
Jermyn Street and more are an easywalk from the store.

My F&M apron...with long tie.

Chef's Apron Giveaway
Every time I stop into Fortnum and Mason
I pick up a little something...and I have done the same 
for the lucky winner of my giveaway.
For you: the Black and Cream Chef's Apron.

What do I love about this Chef's Apron?
It is nice and long and has equally long
ties.... enough for a bow in the front.
I like that.

The bow... on me.
It is simple, elegant and easy to iron too!
Yes...100% cotton needs ironing.
You will look ever so smart when you do. :)

Fortnum and Mason says about their Black and Cream Chef's Apron.....
"Look smart in the kitchen in this traditional black and cream chef's apron. 
Made in crisp 100% cotton with a simple but elegant design, 
we feel sure it will improve your culinary skills"

Has it improved my culinary skills?
Not quite, but I am working on it. :)

How do I love Fortnum and Mason?
Let me count the posts...

 Mr. H and Madame Blogger: here
Christmas Hampers: here
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Just leave a comment below.
If you do not have a blog,
could you let me know how to reach you?

Entries close Monday 19 September
(UK time)

Best wishes to one and all for a fabulous week!

I am thinking about starting 'The Brown Paper Book Club'. 
Have a look here and let me know what you think?
Could it work?


  1. Lovely apron on a lovely small waist.


  2. Glenda...trust me, it is not so small! Deep breath and hold is more like it. :)

  3. I love Fortnum and Mason! The first time I visited London Simone took me there and we had such fun. On our way home from that trip, being 4 months pregnant with our third boy, we considered Mason as a name.
    Have a fabulous week,

  4. A truly perfectly English giveaway Jeanne....what could be more perfect. You are too generous but, please count me in !! haha
    I shall put it on my sidebar. XXXX

  5. Oh my Jeanne this is wonderful I love their goods, and believe it or not I do need an apron like this!!


    Art by Karena

  6. Looks like a lovely store! Thanks for this giveaway & congrats on the 500+.

  7. Hi Jeanne - I walk in your footsteps when in London and frequent all the places you mention, when my father in law was alive we used go to Burlington Arcade for his silk bow ties. I have so many books from Hatchards and it is my favourite bookshop in the world. I have also shopped on line.
    My best
    Helen xx

  8. I love shopping in London and have enjoyed several trips to Fortnum and MAson! What a great give a way! You are too good to us!

    I hope you have a wonderul day!

    x Elizabeth

  9. I forgot to comment on the utube video, if you have not watched it, DO! It is so great and really gives you a feel for the elegance and special featues of the store. Made me feel like I was there all over again.

  10. Love the apron especially the bow!

  11. Ah, this reminds me of our London morning together! I wandered into Fortnum's after leaving you at Hatchards. Include me in the giveaway, of course! And lucky me, I love to iron!

  12. Visited Bond Street in June and could not find the F&M store! Hubby was DONE with shopping. Apron would be lovely addition!

  13. Such a nice giveaway. Please count me in! And if I should be lucky enough to win, please email me @ vlanewalker@aol.com

  14. Hi Jeanne... like you I love F&M and know the floors intimately! Love their teas and biscuits on the ground floor. bought lingerie ... and always stop at the Parlour Restaurant on the 1st floor for tea and dessert.
    Count me in for this lovely giveaway.

  15. Oh! how I would love to win your apron. Years - I mean LOTS of years - ago my brother worked in a meat factory for the summer (college job). Aside from a bit of money, all he came away with was two white cotton butcher's aprons which he kindly gave to Mother and me. I am still wearing mine! It's plain as can be, but still usable, so have never gotten rid of it! Thanks for sharing... with someone!

  16. Love Fortnum & Mason. I always stop in for a visit when I'm in London. You're giveaway is great fun, count me in.


  17. I would love the Brown PAper Book Club..I have been following your blog for a very long time and I do not know how I missed that. In any event it looks like a wonderful idea.

  18. I would love to have an apron from England as I live in the USA!
    Brenda Kincade

  19. You have the BEST life Jeanne :)

  20. Via emai for Janie Parsons

    Oh, thank you for having such a professional and delightful apron for your give-away. If I win, maybe I can look like a real cook, even if I'm not!

    Janie Parsons

  21. I agree with Kerry, Jeanne. Want to trade places for a day? Such a morning sounds heavenly. And that apron would be very swish at the new PB HQ! J x

  22. Oh Jeanne...the apron would match my potholder! Love, love, love F&M (and Hatchards is my favourite bookstore in the world too).

  23. for sure i would love the place!!!

    xxx love the honey pot etc.

  24. it sounds like such a wonderful store. It's been too long since I visited London - 1997 to be exact. I am dying to visit soon.

  25. it sounds like such a wonderful store. It's been too long since I visited London - 1997 to be exact. I am dying to visit soon.

  26. Love F&M and your lovely blog
    the apron would be fabulous too

  27. Everything here is just so lovely. How wonderful it would be to win!!! You can find me at Frugal Family Tree. You have a really pretty blog.

  28. I used to work just around the corner from F&M. It was our local cake shop! I loved the window displays - especially at Christmas. You would also often find me hanging out at Hatchards - they get some great authors in there signing their books.
    I'm planning a visit down again soon to go to the Degas exhibition at the RA.

  29. Hi Jeanne,
    I'm off to London next month and you have just reminded me that I haven't been to F&Ms in many moons :-)

  30. Loved this post, as I do all of your posts. Lovely apron, let someone else have it - I'm deep in aprons ... Starting to get the Pinterest going. Love it! ((*_*))

  31. I plan to do exactly what you described when I am in London soon -- Fortnum and Mason, Hatchards, and the Royal Academy. Thanks as always for giving me great ideas!

  32. A wonderful blog and a sweet post! Thank you!

  33. I plan on going to London next week some time as I love going to Harrods...but...now I shall go to Fortnums...AND the book shop...sounds super....

    love the give away...


  34. Love this post. Beautiful. Thanks.

  35. I have a Fortnum and Mason pudding bowl and buy their tea at Christmas. I would love to peruse the shop in person someday.
    Please consider me in the giveaway Jeanne.

  36. I think that your afternoon beginning at F & M sounds lovely - I can be contacted at TGIFryday15@aol.com if I am lucky enough to be selected -

    Cheers, Linda

  37. Jeanne, it's a long time since I visited Fortnum and Mason. You make me want to go back asap! And it looks a lovely apron. Debbie X

  38. Oh Jeanne, I love these typical old english houses where women stay in for at least 3 hours to find every interesting thing for their homes.....Fortnam& Mason is one of it.
    Your apron is a beautiful choice and a wonderful giveaway!

    Hugs,Beate :)

    PS: Even if I don`t read books in english, but I guess, I can`t resist with (?) this one:the cover is so very inviting, the text seems to me easy to understand...what a beautiful book....

  39. This would look posh while serving brunch on the weekend!

  40. Love your blog, Love F&Ms, Love aprons. You are so generous!
    Please put me in the draw. :)


    Kerrie, Qld, Australia


  41. No doubt I would have to drop the Australian accent when wearing the apron and speak the Queen's English!

  42. Love the apron. But if I win, I would like you to actually hand it over while we have a cup of tea in the Fountain restaurant....then maybe a trip to the Degas at the RA?

  43. Hi Jeanne - lovely lovely Fortnum and Mason; an institution indeed. I love your take on all of these quintessentially English things. My apron is rather old and tattered - always room for new!! What a nice giveaway. Lou x

  44. Wow a few minutes left. Looks marvelous that store.


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