Christmas Hampers..which one??

I have become obsessed by Christmas hampers this year. I managed to have a peak at the display at Fortnum and Mason last month and was sold on the spot. Everything imaginable could go into one of these beautiful hamper baskets. I had visions of all the possible uses after the holidays as well.

Fortnum and Mason 'The Gourmet'

But then there was Harrods and WOW...what a spread. I was imagining the delight at seeing one of their packages delivered to my door step and  I was overcome with giddiness.

Harrods 'The Regent'

I can't forget Daylesford Organics as it is one of my favourite spots. I could stay in their stores for hours imaging an alternative lifestyle living in the country.

Daylesford Organic 'Complete Christmas Larder'

The net result is that I would put all three on my wish list. I imagine arriving in our new home four days before Christmas with one of each beautifully spread on our kitchen counter and a christmas tree twinkling in the distance. The reality will be that I will end up hitting the shops running to pull together our first Christmas in the UK, but a girl can dream.....and leave a large hint for her husband by emailing this post to him :)

Images via Fortnum and Mason, Harrods and Daylesford Organic

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