First Impressions..England

We arrived safe and sound in England and all I want to do right now is hug a heater! Yes, I know there are those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere smiling right now. I admit I have been spoiled these last ten years living between New Zealand and Australia where the weather during these Christmas months has been glorious. Here I sit listening to Nat King Cole, the heat cranked to the highest setting, a Christmas tree ready to go in a stand and lots of presents still to be wrapped. I write this with a smile after finishing dinner with my entire family....something I have waited a year to say. At this moment, it does not matter what the weather is like, I am just happy to, with that thought I think of other Christmas thoughts...

freshly baked cookies

a glass of wine by the fire
thinking of snow that may fall overnight

while watching a classic family movie

and thinking of all the wonderful people I know and wishing them peace, 
joy and love as they prepare for this very special holiday.

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