A new one for the holiday movie list...

One of our favourite family activities in the lead up and during the holidays is to watch our favourite movies on DVD. It can not be any old movie, it has to be something that makes us feel good.  My daughters and I like our movie time with 'Bridget Jones Diary I & II, Love Actually, Holiday, Something's Gotta Give, Sleepless in Seattle and the list goes on. This year I am adding one that I recenly watched and loved. A New Zealand film called 'Second-Hand Wedding'.  This movie will be a keeper in our family.

Every mother wants the best for their daughter’s wedding. And second-hand doesn’t have to mean second best, does it? Second-Hand Wedding is a heart-warming tale set in a time when TradeMe and e-bay threaten the primeval urge for a first-hand crack at the second-hand. Second-Hand Wedding follows the fortunes of the Rose family, who live on the idyllic Kapiti Coast, where the sunsets are spectacular, parking is still free and bargains abound. Jill and Brian Rose are happily married and looking forward to their daughter, primary school teacher Cheryl, following in their footsteps when long-time boyfriend, mechanic Stew, proposes. Clouds gather, however, when it becomes clear that Cheryl has issues with her mother’s voracious bargain hunting, which she fears will ruin her wedding. Covering up the truth has consequences for everyone involved. Will Cheryl be able to get out of the hole she’s dug for herself?

Hope you can find it....enjoy!
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