Holiday Wardrobe

I woke up this morning thinking of clothes (nice change from previous days) and what I would be packing for our Christmas weekend away.  Mr. H has planned a mystery weekend for us all.  We were told to pack for black tie on Christmas Eve and smart/casual for the other days. The little mention of black tie has put us ladies in a bit of a tail spin. I was thinking how nice it would be to have one of those wardrobes that is endless where I could casually turn around and say to my daughters 'Now darlings, whatever shall I wear? So many things to choose from, perhaps one of these.....

and perhaps for smart/casual attire I could accessorise with a few of these lovely brooches and pearls...

I just love blogging
where else can you dream at will
create a story and imagine the possibliites?


Images all from a beautiful blog Bluetramontana Style

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