What is your Christmas tree personality?

My husband and I have the same discussion every year when it comes to decorating the tree. I like white quiet lights and he prefers color and lots of blinking and motion. Long strands of tinsel can look lovely on the right tree. He just asks why would you? We do agree on shopping for ornaments. We just can't seem to help ourselves. I love opening the boxes each year and remembering the story behind each one. We always buy them when we travel and after 23 years we have our fair share. When the children were young I started purchasing and marking each one with their initials. The ornaments were purchased around their interests at the time. Sport, hobbies, travel, family....whatever they gravitated towards. My intention is to hand over a box of their favourites when they put up a tree of their own. A little gift from us to them. Of course doing this for four children over 23 years gets a bit tricky and there are some years where I have cheated a little. All said and done, I know they appreciate it and it makes us happy that we can pass on this gift to them.
It seems strange not to have a Christmas tree up  yet. I tucked a few ornaments into my luggage for our move next week. I am also  sneaking in Christmas stockings and a  family needlepoint tree skirt. I plan to head to the store once we arrive at our new home, buy a tree, white lights (quiet ones) and lots of lovley long silver tinsel. Here are a few magazine photos of trees I have collected over the years. Each one has it's own unique personality. Do you have a favourite? Where do you stand on lights...colour or solid? Would love to know :)

Wishing you all a wondeful weekned filled with all the things you love!

                               Images collected from Google and Martha Stewart Living.

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