December 28, 2009

A Morning Room

I love the notion of a 'Morning Room' and imagine a room filled with morning light overlooking a beautiful garden.  A large open desk, big, open, comfortable chairs, my favourite photographs and paintings, flowers...a bit of Jane Austen going on here perhaps? In today's world, my Imac would be positioned just so with a cup of coffee close at hand. A room of one's own...a 'Morning Room' of one's own.....A lovely thought :)
How would you create your 'Morning Room'?

Image: Philip de Laszlo's 1933 portrait of Princess Elizabeth of York above the table in the Morning Room, photographer: Christopher Simon Sykes The Royal Collection © 2009 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


  1. My perfect morning room would have french doors, streaming sunlight, a wing-back chair and ottoman and George Clooney making me cappucinos upon request. Also, an enormous child-proof lock on the door and music at a sufficient decibel to drown out any squabbles which might be erupting outside the room.

    Love this idea Jeanne...definitely has me thinking. Meredy xo.

  2. Ooohgg...I would creat my morning room just like yours. Ooh...sounds marvelous!!

  3. How completely divine are the colours in that photograph- the fuschia flowers against the blue lamp and that beautiful shade...
    It would inspire anyone to create a "Morning Room" (Even though your kids would just be rolling their eyes and saying "why is mom calling the den the MORNING ROOM all of a sudden??")


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