Are you a Gadget Queen?

My kids called me the Gadget Queen the other day.
I had to laugh. 
Was it that long ago when their Christmas lists 
were filled with names like ipods, Nintendo, Playstation, Wii and the like? 
Have they gone mad? 

Me, a Gadget Queen?

But, then I started to think and hmmm...
I may have just a few attachments.

My Nespresso coffee machine...George.
Yes, I wake up to George Clooney every morning.
He is the spokesperson for this beauty of a machine.
I can sense that cheeky grin every time I push the ON button.

The three iii's of my life.
iphone, ipod and imac
What can I say?
They make my life complete.

My Canon camera.
Can't leave home without it.
We are one.

My Sat Nav..Elspeth.
She is a dream come true.
We travel the highways and byways together,
the country lanes and city streets. saviour.

Some may recall that I have a birthday on the horizon. 
I recently dropped a few hints just in case they were looking for ideas.
This is when the Gadget Queen reference came up.

All I suggested was just one...little i
just a wee one to complete my blogging world.
An ipad

So cute, so cool..I can sense a more 
ordered Virgo world around here.

I think I may be dreaming on this one.

How about you?
Are you a Gadget Queen?

If so...tell me more...we can share ideas!
Shhhhh....don't mention that around my family.

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  1. I AM a gadget queen. I admit it. I love my ipod, blackberry, kindle, reader, nook, pretty white laptop, and I SO SO SO want an ipad. Sigh. OK, I feel better now!

  2. Did I actually leave out my Canon? WHAT was I thinking. I *may* also have a flip video camera. I think I do have a problem!

  3. Think I'm more a lady-in-waiting than queen. Tis just the computer and me. But am thinking about getting a Kindle! (Awhile back I wanted an ipad but there've been so many complaints about it, I've backed off.)

  4. I never thought I would, but I too have become a slave to all things from those lovely people at Apple - iPhone, iPod, MacBook. Love em! And yes the iPad is a beauty, but not sure I would use it so much. But I'm stickng to my Bialetti espresso maker in the mornings - even though I would love George to join me!! And then there's all the camera stuff for Huzz which I really can't list !! Yes, I think you could say we are a gadget couple these days.

  5. Hello - I am half in and half out of this camp. I am late with the whole 'i' trend (pod, phone, mac) but now I am on board I would never go back! I am lost without a computer - but then I work for one of the biggest technology companies in the world so I guess it comes with the territory! Lou x P.S. I hope you get your ipad!

  6. Here is one place we are different. . . I am a practical and plain girl. I just learned computers this year (besides doing e.mail) and I've only had a cell phone for 2 years.

    I hope you get the i.birthday present that you want. Tell your honey the whole blogging world is watching to see if he comes through :-).

    Happy Birthday, early, Jeanne.


  7. I'm not at all gadgety, a necessary counterpoint to a husband who is, but my MacBook Air has been the light of my blogging life for a year. I guess nowadays though it's just pretty much an iPad with a lid.

  8. I am a jewelry Queen, phone Queen and Purse Queen and original art Queen, and Home Decor Queen... I must admit I have the oldest cell phone in the history of the world, I work on a computer all day at work and never wanted one at home, and finally, our family got sick and tired and bought us a computer last year. I still haven't even hooked up our printer yet... Not a gadget Queen, but a sparkly Queen... LOL

    PS, I would love to have a coffee maker that I could call George every day. Something about pushing his button makes me grin!!! LOL

    You are adorable Jeanne!

  9. Stephanie...I can so relate and am so glad to see that I am not the only one!!

    Kittie..this is good to know, I think I may need to do a bit more research. Thanks for that tip. is amazing what a differenc an Apple can make..isn't it? :)

    Lou... I only started with my cherished 'i''s...a year ago. It is the iphone that has me hooked. Somedays I love it and other times I think life used to be so much easier before I had the internet at my fingertips 24/7! But...would I give it up if I could?? I would have to think on that one :)

    Thanks Glenda...I have a feeling peace and calm follow you wherever you go. Such a lucky thing you are!! :)

    Mise..I am fasicnated by the MacBook Air...I forgot about that one, hmmm....maybe instead of an ipad...

    Tracy...I bet you sparkle with the best of them! :)

  10. I have my fair share of gadgets, but none of them start with an i!! I tend to like things simple and the more instructions there are, the more I back off. I still don't use my camera or Blackberry to their full potential! lol! It's nice to see that so many of us do love our gadgets and that they are not just for teenagers!


  11. Wow, you have a lot of gadgets and gizmos, Jeanne! I, however, cannot fathom such devices and most of the products listed would send into a flurry of confusion. I do have some gadgets; a Blackberry, and a fancy espresso machine. But no I-products, I can never get my head around them :)

  12. Hi Jane..confessions, I do not use mine to their full potential either! One of these days.... :)

    Sam...keep it just as it is for as long as you can! :)

  13. ooh yes please - to all of the above!

  14. Me gadgets! Got an I-pad this week and just LOVE it! Went on a trip and used it all wekeend, even in the! So fun!!

  15. Oh, Jeanne! I'm a Virgo, too! When is your birthday? I am a classic Virgo, too, with a sense of order which informs everything I do. Whilst some of those gadgets look absolutely lustworthy, I shy away from them because I know I would get addicted and become a tad obsessive. I hope you get your wish!J x

  16. You know, I'm really not. I tend to forget my cell phone every time I leave the house. But I will say, we are definitely an Apple family. And that iPad has certainly caught my eye.

  17. I like to call myself iMum. Especially when I get the kids to do their reading into the voice memo on my iPhone because I'm bathing the babies or making dinner. I love the iPhone. It completes me. Meredy xo.

  18. Hmmm I think I used to be a gadget queen but perhaps less so now.. hard to say

    I only have one 'i'... ie Mac in The Box... and I am hoping to purchase new dslr soon.. Canon I suspect... Oh hang on.. I have an ipod too.. very old one.. which I used to use the transport work data.. hahahahaha... see the workaholic can't get her gadget usage right!!...

    I think I want an ipad.. but... can't run PS elements on it.. darn!!! So what date is the big event? I will put it in my diary... xxx Julie

  19. Inis..glad to see we think alike :)

    Donna..I am so excited for you. I would have loved to have used it on our trip last weekend. I can see how it would be the perfect travel companion!

    Jane and fellow birthday is 11 September and yes, I know what you meand about getting addicted and becoming a tad family will attest to that!

    Pamela... wait to hold the ipad and see what it can do for you...I think Edward would be very jealous if you were to cradle an ipad.:) it! It took me a while but once I figured out the voice memo feature I was over the moon. I pop it in my lap while I am driving and chat away. I like your multi-tasking've got moxie! :)

    Julie... I can vouch for the Canon...I love mine, especially the new one..550D. Big event...11 September :)

  20. eah, why should kids have all the toys right?! hope the ipad winds its way into your hot little hands! {{my nespresso is called george too :)}}


  21. My husband calls me his iWife. Ever since I bought my Mac Pro, I have become an Apple fanatic, although there is so much I have to learn. We bought him the iPad for his birthday, and as much as I love it, I'm grieving because he's loaded it with all his "stuff," and I'm wondering if a good marriage with one iPad could be even better with tow iPads!!


  22. if it's a mac or canon gadget, I'm in .....

    if it's a gadget to shrink wrap leftovers ... not so much!

  23. I'm very sorry to be so pathetic, but I feel a sense of triumph when I can get a tin opener to work - I am so not clever with gadgets, it is painful to behold!
    Luckily my computer is still of the steam driven variety, so we chug along together at a pretty leisurely pace.
    I suppose I do have a nice camera, but the machine I might be most proud of - and once I've admitted to this nobody will ever talk to me again! - is my roller ironing machine!
    I think enough said
    Thank you Jeanne, a very fun post


  24. Dear Jeanne, today I have a "gadget" just for you: a special dedication on my blog "You are witty and pretty" - just for you! Have a look at it - and enjoy! Britta

  25. Omigosh, we really do have things in common. I have all those couldn't live without things, too. My camera is an Olympus and I have the frother along with the Nespresso coffeemaker. That is a must for me.
    When is your birthday? Do we also share being Virgos?

  26. I have my toys...but I am so not the Queen of Anything! Cheers to you and Happy Soon Birthday!

  27. I too am an apple girl - macbook, iPhone 4, iPad, not to mention I run with my shuffle or my nano...
    so yes, I am a total gadget queen...
    (don't even get me started on Ruby, my camera, and her gear!)

  28. Wouldn't call myself a gadget Queen, more a lady in waiting.

    I have my lap top, mobile, camera
    all very basic, so I am definitely a lady in waiting

  29. I wouldn't say I'm a gadget queen but I'm definitely becoming an Apple addict since falling heir to (stealing) my husband's Macbook. I also have an ipod and would really love an iphone. I wish that Apple would design everything. Imagine the sleek lines and simplicity of a home designed entirely by Apple - showers and fridges with no awkward crevices to clean, cookers that switch on with a gentle caress of the control pad! Amazing!

  30. I was about to say no, I'm not really a gadget queen...until I went through your list, and ticked off all but the Sat Nav. And I have to confess that in my ordered Virgo world, I have already purchased an iPad, and Jeanne, your life will definitely not be complete until you have one. I just love it!!!

  31. Yes, I think I may be a gadget queen. I blame it on my husband.


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