A Little French Beret

Walking along Sloane Street today 
and this little green number caught my eye at Paule Ka.
It made me think of our fellow bloggers 
who are meeting up in Paris for the Maison et Objet Salon.  
Follow Sande @ A Gift Wrapped Life for the latest on their trip.
It sounds wonderful!

Signs of Autumn are sneaking in around London.
Love this colour but especially love the beret.
Do I dare??

How about you...
fancy a beret this season?

Join me in 



  1. I look like a squirrel in a beret. BUT I adore that black/green combo!! Yum!

  2. My mother-in-law looked terrific in a beret. Me not so much. :-)
    Thanks for sending me over to Sande's. I'm on my way. ~ Sarah

  3. I love this image, a simple stylish look xx

  4. Jeanne - the beret reminds me too much of school days I'm sad to say!
    How we used to hate them then!

  5. Beret's are very popular these days and also very Hollywoodish {think Brad Pitt!!}. I wonder if they are warm and if they would stay on one's head here in the Windy City!


  6. Not so sure about the beret but I'd LOVE a stroll down Sloane Street!

  7. I love berets...have one, it doesn't look great on me...they suit my lovely daughter so much better.
    One does need a warm wooly hat on occasion though...

  8. I've actually been fancying a beret this season too. I will if you will!

  9. My three girls wear berets to school with their winter uniform and they look so cute. I love berets, but I have a very round face, so alas, no beret for me. You on the other hand, from memory, have beautiful bone structure and should absolutely wear one! Off to check out your Bath journey. Love Meredy xo.

  10. I wish I looked great in a beret ~ but not so much!

    We are seeing sweet little signs of autumn here in Seattle, as well. I so enjoy that season.


  11. I think you should absolutely go for a beret Jeanne. And I'm sure it will look 100% better than my old Army one! Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Very chic. I love berets, but have never worn one. I know that they have been popular this winter.

  13. As much as I love a good beret, I don't think it will look too good with my new swimmers! Actually, I'm sad to say that hats don't suit me at all, but my eldest daughter looks fantastic in a beret...any hat, actually. Isn't it great how you're looking forward to Autumn, and we're welcoming Spring? Love it! K xx

  14. Hello Jeanne,
    Back from my hols now so am trying to catch up.
    I would have loved to have hopped on Eurostar and joined Sande and Janet and Vicki in Paris......perhaps we should have gone !!
    ....and, I think that a beret should be top of your shopping list.....as you are talking about Paris the link is there. One beret for Jeanne please !! XXXX

  15. Oooh! love the beret. I've never had a beret, I wonder if I look good in one... why I think I may just have to go find out!

  16. One of my friends wears a beret and looks very chic in it. Me - I only wish I did! I love them!


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