A Grocer, A Country Ride and a Bicycle

Recent days have been filled with appointments,
driving to and fro.
Sometimes you just have to tell yourself to stop 
and smell the roses or produce.

The next best thing to the flower shop is our local grocer.
I always like to see what is new and was happy to discover
plums, pumpkins
and an array of other goodies.

There is always a mystery or two or three...
Elephant garlic, English Marrows and Pommelo's.
Anyone know what these are?

I managed an outing out to the country in the afternoon 
where I had a run in with my beloved
navigation system 'Tom Tom'
We got lost. 
I say 'we' because it was his fault.

The end result was a great lunch with my dear friend Kate.
We were laughing on our way out of the pub 
at the great collection of art
by artist Annie Tempest
She produces a series of cartoons, 
about a delightful elderly couple with attitude...
English attitude.

Note to self...never think one left turn 
and then a quick right and another left turn will solve all your problems.
You then end up with photos of a sign, a car, a phone box
a bench and a bin.

Once home, I popped on my 'sneaks'..

grabbed my bicycle...Pashley

and took a ride out our back door 
to meet Mr. H at the train station.

On this occasion...while I was busying taking pics,
our dog, Tika had other ideas.

Pond water, yuch!

Well, I smelled the roses and the fruit and veg, 
took a long ride in the country,
had lunch with a dear friend 
and rode my bike alongside a wet dog and Mr. H.

All and All...
another wonderful day in England!

Cartoon: Annie Tempest


  1. It sounds like a delightful day! Thanks for your prayer today - something must have worked as she did it! Extremely reluctantly, but she was walking Cuervo like an old pro by the end of the lesson.

  2. Loving the pictures of your grocery store..and you bike, gorgeous!

  3. Another lovely post! Your collages are always full of fun snapshots! The Baby Boom Trailer ~ makes me want to rent this one and enjoy it again. ~ Sarah

  4. Gorgeous pictures of farmer's market!! Beautiful colors....just loved the bicycle photo too!!!

  5. Is that a Mini Cooper?
    you make busy look like fun!
    and ...dogs and water well that's a given...
    your new bike looks grand...as do your trainers.
    Pumpkins already...and Guy Fawkes is a month or so away!

  6. Hello! Ahhh I loved 'Baby Boom'!...great film (Diane Keaton again!) especially where she makes all that apple sauce. Dream come true would be to do that! I have enough apples at the moment! How sweet that you met Mr Collage of Life off the train... Lou x

  7. You sure managed to pack a lot into your day. Just love the video, I't forgotten about that movie

  8. So wonderfully English. Loved the photos and the trip. Thanks CArla

  9. Dear J,

    I live in Surrey, but you make me think I am not quite in the country - Wish I could ride. Adore the photos and the fact that you actually meet hubby at the station - good habit :)

    We watched that film the other night, if you can identify the gorgeous song in the middle of the film (if you remember) let me know, it was slow and lyrical.

  10. Dear Jeanne,
    it`s always a pleasure to read your posts! :)
    As I seen this one photo with direction to Tonbridge, I remembered our last year family vacation in Crowbourough...I really love this countryside near London.
    Have a beautiful autumn (with many photos for us...:)) Beate

  11. Great pumpkins! I think Pommels are a kind og gratefruit.
    Sounds a good day, full with acitivity and distractions. Hope you enjoyed the movie.

  12. Jeanne...here's a recipe for Pomello salad. Once you get over how difficult the thing is to peel, you will love it. You should be able to get the palm sugar and soy bean sauce from any asian supermarket.
    1 lge pomello, peeled and segment skin removed
    1-1/2 c shredded, unsweetened coconut (1 c after toasting)
    ½ c shallot, sliced
    ½ c vegetable oil
    ¾ c palm sugar
    3 tbsp lime juice
    ½ c large red dried chilies, chopped
    ¼ c light soy bean sauce (Formula 1)

    Toast shredded coconut under broiler until browned.
    Fry shallot in vegetable oil quickly until crisp. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain.
    Fry chilies in same oil quickly until crisp. Remove with a slotted spoon, drain.
    Mix soy bean sauce, palm sugar and lime juice in a small dish.
    Just before serving, mix pomello, toasted coconut, onions, chilies and sauce.

    As for the elephant garlic, just roast it in the oven, cut the tops off and then dig out the creamy garlic and spread on trenchers of french bread.
    Marrow is an oversized corgette...too watery for my taste.
    And that little car next to the phone booth ~ that was my first car! Only mine was a gray convertible. I so loved that car!
    What a wonderful day you must have had.

  13. I adore your bike, and I may be a tad bit jealous. We definitely have to start a bike club ; ). It looks like you have an amazing place to ride, what beautiful countryside. I would love to be able to ride my bike to the farmers market here...but it's just too far away (for now) maybe one day when I'm in better shape lol. I love your blog, what a wonderful place to find yourself living, what a fun adventure. Take Care, Carrie

  14. Jeanne Your blog posts are a sheer delight and this one is no exception.
    We are knee deep in marrows here at the moment. I am making loads of marrow and ginger jam and marrow things!!

  15. Thanks all for your wonderful comments!

    Stephanie...so glad to hear your daughter's back on the saddle again..I think there is a happy Mom in the equation too:)

    Little Ted...Thank you so much and ditto to your Creative Space in your post today!

    Sarah..Thanks so much and agree, it is a great flick, be sure to see it again, it will make your day, I promise!


    Donna..Thank you...I had a little help my friend Photoshop on the colour...I am a colour saturation kind of gal :)

  16. A fab. day Jeanne - love the photo of Tika in the water!! We used to live near Westerham and I spent many a happy day 'antiquing' there... x

  17. Sorry Hostess...I had to go away and see if I could figure out what kind of car that was, it is not mine, but I think it is a vintage Mini Cooper...I will have to ask Jackie that one ..thanks for your comments :)

    Lou..I can see you plying away with jars and jars of baby food by your side and how cool would your blog name be for a product label!!! I think you might have something there :)

    Angela...it is a good one isn't it. Who says they have to be new movies to be loved and appreciated!

    Carla..thanks so much. I take that as a great compliment after seeing the beautiful photo you posted today...everyday for that matter :)

    Clarity...now I am intrigued...I am going to go back an watch it again, I love a mystery! Thanks for your comment :)

    Beate...Thank you and agree it is beautiful country in these parts :)

    Victoria...thanks so much. I enjoyed the movie and am off to watch it again to answer Clarity's mystery question :)

  18. Jacqueline...Wow, wow and double wow! How fantastic is your comment, recipes and all. Thank you so much.
    I can't wait to taste this...the flavours all sound so yummy. Now tell me...is the car a vintage Mini Cooper?
    It is not mine, just one I could not resist taking a photo of and you had a convertible, how cool was that!

    Carrie..your a sweetie..thanks so much for your comment and so glad to have found another who is crazy about her bike :)

  19. You have a brilliant grocer, beautiful countryside, humour and a lovely bicycle Jeanne!!!! You live in such a lovely part of England..... and, you know a good film when you see it !! XXXX

  20. Nice collage -
    I adore the work of Annie Tempest-

  21. Oh, Jeanne, thank you. Congested traffic turned simple errands into a test of patience. So, I was unwinding with your always wonderful blog...ahhhh, I began to feel the tension drain...when I saw the photo of your bike and that beautiful country lane, why I just sat a spell and got lost in the still beauty of it all...and the memory of walking down such lanes while in England...oh, to be able to bike to the train station to meet my hub *sigh*...Thank you for a beautiful post!!

  22. Jackie...thanks so much!

    PVE...Agree! I had a look at one of her books in a bookshop today. I just love them :)

    Kittie...you are so kind, thank you, that made me *sigh* too :)

  23. Sounds like a perfect and full day to me! What a wonderful post. I love the cartoon... so true! I lived in England and Scotland for some of my formative years, so I found these very funny!
    I am so happy to find your lovely blog!

  24. Hey Jeanne
    Love these moments you've shared my favourite being your beautiful bike.. and yes I love that movie Baby Boom... One of my all time favourites... .. that movie reminds me of me.. pre and post career mania and sans le baby.. So basically... nothing like me!! hahaha

    Have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

  25. Hello:)
    I have a translator widget at the top of my page now.
    Tank you for reminding me.
    I have a look on your other bare logs.
    You clever.
    Have a nice weekend.

  26. Jeanne: The car is a Morris Minor 1000. - Great little car!

  27. What an amazing post, Jeanne!

    Gorgeous images.

    Baby Boom is one of my all time favorites, I have watched again and again. I love it every time.

    I've moved my blog to typepad. Hope to see you there.


  28. lLoving this post - your photographs of autumn are delicious!
    Have a fabulous weekend,

  29. Yvonne..The longer I live here the more I can relate to these cartoons. She is spot on with her comments and I can now see some of myself in them, oh dear!

    Julie..I thought you would be a Baby Boom fan..soul mates!

    Kate...Welcome and thanks for adding the translator. It opened up a whole new world for me...Norway! What a beautiful spot you life in :)

    Jacqueline....Ah, that makes sense..Morris Minor,
    don't you wish you still had one now?? I love the station wagon version :)

    Pat..So good to hear from you and as I mentioned on your post, your images are just stunning :)

    Kimberly..you are so kind :) best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  30. That scene with the plumber?
    I think I've played that one myself on occasion.

  31. What a lovely life you live!!!

  32. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love going to markets. I wish there were more around where we live.

    I LOVE Tottering-by-Gently. Always good for a giggle :)

    Thanks for the follow!

  33. Love your blog and have it on my reader. Your friend, the cartoonist, is hilarious!!! I love the "no one knows who I am" cartoons! I can relate to that!

    Come and visit our blog, if you wish. We are a mom and daughter who make repurposed jewelry, but find that is covered very rarely in our journal. Right now we are in Croatia for our exchange student son's wedding. Such a special time!


    Suz (and Kat)

  34. What a gorgeous day Jeanne! Your "collage of life" is truly beautiful. Thanks for the Baby Boom trailer - I loved that movie! Meredy xo.

  35. LOVE Baby Boom. Can't count how many times I've seen it. I love everything with Diane Keaton - and Baby Boom always make me want to quit my job, move to the country and start making jam:-D


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