Looking for Jane Austen

My eldest daughter, Miss Christine and I visited the Jane Austen Centre in Bath (England) 
recently and I have been in search of my inner Jane ever since.  Once I started to think 
about it, I wondered if I have ever read Jane Austen's books. Dare I admit it? 
I have seen all the movies many times. I just cannot recall the books...
so I have decided to read them all. It is Autumn,
I live in England...what better place and time.

Fortunately, my younger daughter, Miss Claire, has been given Persuasion 
as a reading assignment for her English class. Perfect timing, 
we are going to be reading buddies!

How about you, do you have a favourite Jane Austen novel or movie?

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  1. I just adore Jane Austen, I think I've read nearly all of them. I'm very jealous you got to go to the centre in Bath!
    My favourite (film and book) is a Pride and Predjudice. I know everyone loves Colin Firth as the BBCs Mr Darcy, but I just loved how full of life the latest film version of P&P was (with Keira Knightley).
    Melissa :)

  2. Hi Melissa

    I am with you...I thought Matthew Macfadyen was great in the recent version. Colin will always be a stand out but I think Matthew played the role well too.

    The Jane Austen festival starts on September 17 in Bath...I hear it is great. Everyone dresses in Regency costume and gets into life as Jane knew it!


  3. I also adore Jane Austen, and I think it's great that her books have been made into films so beautifully. A shorter and not so well known work of hers that I ADORE is Lady Susan - dry incisive humour, beautiful observation.

  4. Dear Jeanne:

    Your post reminded me of sunny classrooms where my professor would dissect Miss. Austen's works for us. We never cared to read the entire novels but managed to know everything in the novel through his classes. The post also brought lovely memories of my visit to Bath. "Persuasion" and Bath are lovely pages of my memories.

    Some lines from "Persuasion":

    "Anne went to Bath
    Wentworth followed her
    They had their own ups and downs."

    Thanks for evoking some pages out of memories dear Jeanne.

    Joy always,

  5. I once had a summer of Auste...Emma, Pride and Predjudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, Lady Susan. So much easier to get into the language when you read more that one.
    However, as summer rolled into autumn and the garden was in need of some serious tending, I rented audio books from the library, so I could listen and rake at the same time.
    One of my better ideas!

  6. I read them all, even the unfinished manuscript, Sanditon, completed by another author. I really think you'll enjoy them, Jeanne I haven't read her other unfinished work yet. And I am totally envious of all the rich and varied history at your fingertips in the UK. Absolutely green with it! (but I still completely adore you, so I promise to be back with your next post!)

  7. Hi Jeanne - firstly thank you for the wonderful comment you left me - so kind and such a novelty that you said I bring out thoughts in people. Nicest compliment xxx

    On Austen - I love her books, grew up with them. When I was a student my then boyfriend, now husband, had never ever read Austen, infact he still hasn't. I used to make him recite the titles of Austen so atleast he could seem vaguely educated - haha! It never seemed to cause him any problems in life!

    Plus I went to Uni in Bristol, so very close to Bath. I love Bath - wonderful for one's 'constitution'! Lou x

  8. Jane Austin is my favorite female author...love the films too...especially when Colin Firth is a lead star!

    Her writing is delicious, the quality, the content, the images that her pen evokes...it's all bliss for me!

  9. Pride and Prejudice is probably my favourite read. Sense and Sensibility, with Emma Thompson, is my favourite movie. I also adored Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth.

    I've been part of a Jane Austen book club for the past year or so - reading them all in the order they were written. So much fun. We're now reading Victorian classics. Wuthering Heights up next.

  10. I love Jane Austen, and I have my favorite Jane Austen-novels in my bookshelf . Maybe I should read them again. Love Colin Firth! The second Pride and Prejudice did not say me anything. No, it has to be the first one! It was perfect. I wish Jane Austen knew that she's got thousands of fans. I think I'll see the P&P-video tonight. Silence please!
    Grethe ´)

  11. I love Jane Austen, she is one of my favourite authors, my favourite book of hers being "Pride and Prejudice" (though they are all wonderful). Although I've been to Bath on several occasions, I've never been to the Jane Austen centre, so I must pay it a visit next time I'm there.

  12. Thinking of Jane Austen reminds me of my mother-in-law who read and reread all her novels loving the language in each. She instilled that passion in my daughter who has Granny's Austen collection and reads and rereads them.

  13. Jeanne - Jane Austen can do no wrong in my eyes. When we moved in here 33 years ago we found a big pile of old books that had been left in one of the attics - Sense and Sensibility was one of them - a real treasure! I've seen Pride & Prejudice on TV but have not yet read the book - one on my list!

  14. I would have to say that Pride and Predjudice is my favourite... but it may have to do with Colin First, well okay, it all has to do with Colin First!

    Hope all is well Jeanne

    Tracy @ It's an Average Life

  15. Emma on PBS MasterPiece last Spring here in the US was amazing, really developed the characters. Never knew there was a Jane Austen festival, how English! Enjoyed your post.

  16. I have had Pride and Prejudice sitting on my nightstand for awhile and I really need to get into it. I have always heard such great things about Jane Austen, I'm surprised I haven't read any of her works yet!


  17. Big Austen fan and especially Pride & Prejudice. Have you seen this quiz ? http://www.strangegirl.com/emma/quiz.php
    I think my daughter would say I was more like Mrs.Benett the 'unfortunate' mother because I am always embarrassing her. Too bad they don't have that character on the quiz. I could put the Mrs. Benett badge on my blog.

  18. I actually think Persuasion is my favourite so I hope you both enjoy it. I think I recall you posting a lovely picture of Mr Darcy once?!

  19. Best time to read Jane Austen is in the Autumn or Winter. Curled up by the fire, nothing better.

    Happy reading

  20. great post jeanne, big JA fan here. Have never seen that quote though you have there, i really relate!

    recently read persuasion myself, as i've seen these things several times and always assume i've read it, but haven't. bought P&P too on the same context. so much better reading it! jx

  21. I remember reading Pride and Prejudice in University and being totally swept away!! It is still a favorite of mine to this day.


  22. Well Jeanne,
    As much as I loved Colin Firth emerging from the lake , in his white shirt all wet and touseled, my favourite is Mansfield Park.
    Bath is one of my favourite places. My cousin lives in Brsdford-on-Avon and used to live in Bath, so we know the area quite well. Just beautiful and, when there, one feels as if one is in a Jane Austen novel. XXXX

  23. Oooh enjoy, enjoy, Jeanne and I hope this begins a life long love of Jane Austen for Miss Christine too... x

  24. I'm so happy that you're starting with Persuasion. It's one of my favourites. P&P is the ubiquitous pick for number 1 of course, but Persuasion is just wonderful too. Happy reading Jeanne! Meredy xo

  25. Jeanne, I'm a HUGE Jane Austen fan. My thumbed collection is in the bookcase in the bedroom. When the weather changes and there's a fire in the fireplace and I'm curled up on the sofa, first up is Persuasion. I have to admit, tho, I've green with envy that you get to read Jane Austen in England, in Bath!

  26. Oh my God. I'm so jealous. Yes, I've read all of them more than once and seen all the tv-series and movies - also more than once! I teach her as often as I get a chance to. I simply cannot choose a favourite. I am forever in love with Colin Firth. I loved a quote by him I read recently. He was asked something like: the most important women in your life? and answered: my mother, my wife and Jane Austen.:-)

    Jeanne, a Jane Austen Book club sounds so wonderful - you absolutely must finish with 'The Jane Austen Book Club' by Karen Joy Fowler!



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