All in a day....

Tika and I got an early start this morning.
Off to the school run and traffic.
She loves this spot in the car.
Especially when she pops her head out the window
and lets her ears ride with the wind.

Traffic is a given when you live 15 miles 
from the heart of London.
We learn to wait.

Today was a quick dash to school, home
and onto the train to London.
This is the best part about the kids
returning to school. They are happy,
I am happy :)

I recently joined two women's groups.
Today was time spent with a wonderful group of ladies 
belonging to the Australian Women's Club.
They are a busy lot and I love that about them. 
Little Venice, meeting at Australia House and on to 
Tate Britain all within a week. My kind of girls!

The return home...even with grey skies
London is a wonderful city to watch.

Back home...Tika is waiting for me.

Happy to play and we are off again thru 
the traffic and back to school.

Tika senses my excitement as I sit in traffic looking 
longingly at one of my favourite cafes.

Kids fed, homework done, showers running.
Mom is hiding in the computer room.
Quietly tapping at the keyboard.

Mr. H still in Russia,
Mrs. H is thinking movie night.

Grey skies, thinking English...
feels like a Gosford Park night to me.

Hope you had a wonderful day and to those of you just waking...
best wishes for a glorious one :)

with exception of


  1. hi jeanne,

    thanks for dropping by. i love sarah (semi expat) b/c she is so down to earth.

    i have a sis named jeanne and she spells it just like you do, which is not very common.

    since you have 4 blogs, i'm not sure which one to follow.


  2. I love these kinds of posts. I always find it fascinating to get a peek into someone else's life, especially when they're so far away. Thanks for giving me a glimpse!

  3. It was nice to have a little look inside of your life, and of course, gorgeous London! It has to be worth the traffic! You are a busy gal but I appreciated all of the wonderful pictures you took. Would love to meet you for coffee at Carlucci's!!


  4. Lovely,
    Tinka is adorable, what a wonderful day!
    Love that flick too! An English classic!

  5. Love Tika in the car pics... so cute.. And I take my hat off to you for driving in London - a nightmare. Glad you have found a great group of girls Jeanne. x

  6. What a fun post. I felt like I got to ride in the backseat for the day (beside the dog, but not with my head out the window).

  7. Jeanne,
    Fun post - thanks for letting us tag along on your adventures. There is no better therapy than getting together with girlfriends.

    Happy belated birthday - it sounds like it was one full of wonderful, treasured moments.

    Thanks for the little note you left at my place. Rita

  8. Love your puppy dog...such a winning face.

    You are a busy gal...
    Gosford Park is one of my favourites...
    Julian Fellowes wrote the screenplay and I love his book Snobs...if you have never read it give it a try and let me know what you think...
    I hope you put your feet up and relax!

  9. I'm leaving a comment on this post, but I've spent some delightful time scrolling down through the recent posts that I've missed. I truly enjoy viewing your photos and reading along. Thanks! ~ Sarah

  10. Gosh, Jeanne, you are ever so organised. I wish I had everything done by 7pm. I sometimes wonder as I read your posts what ages your children are?

  11. Lovely post! And your dog is just too cute. Kellie xx

  12. Thank you all reading along, as always I appreciate your comments !!

    To children are ages 21 and 19...(they are off at University) and 17 and 10, they are home with us.
    The 17 year old is working toward the International Baccalaureate and her life seems to be all work plus she is well organised :) The 10 year old likes to get his homework done when he gets home from school.
    Works for me to a tee!

    To Hostess...thanks for the tip on Snob...have not heard of that one before :)

  13. Here's to a happy, happy day. Sounds wonderful & everything seems to run smoothly when school is back in session, doesn't it? Now I'm off to start my day. Enjoy Gosford Park. Love it.

  14. Lovely way to spend your day! Thanks for giving us a view of it :)

  15. Jeanne - thank you for a glimpse of your day - and Tiko - he's/she's gorgeous

  16. This is so lovely. I adore your sweet dog and love the sound of your coffee house. Next time I come to Europe, it must be England. This time is is Croatia (the wedding of a dear exchange student) and Prague (for the wonderment of it all!



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