500 Wishes and the Papillon Mannequin

A Birthday Wish

If I had one birthday wish, it would be to see
the number 500 in my 'Followers' box. 

It may seem strange, but I see you come, 
one by one...you fantastic followers of mine.

Slowly, slowly, the numbers tumble forth...
488..489..490... and I thank you all!

Just 10 more by Sunday,
do you think it is possible?

This Virgo mind of mine wonders...
A birthday wish. :)

Oh yes..and this too.

The 'Papillon' mannequin 

or maybe 'Cecilia'.
They are all so pretty, it is hard to decide!

 I know one thing,
when I hit 500, a giveaway will
be needed to celebrate!

'Papillon' Mannequin from Corset Laced Mannequins
Birthday Wish image from Reprise Vintage


  1. Well, I did click "like" on Facebook for you! Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Oh, many congratulations to you Jeanne .... those last 10 will come in thick and fast and it won't be long before you reach that magic 500 !
    Our daughter is desperate for a mannequin. We were at an Antiques Fair on Saturday, but there wasn't one mannequin there.....and it was a massive Antiques Fair !! I must go and have a look at Corset Laced Mannequins. How timely is it for me that you told us about it ? Here's to you getting your 500th follower really soon. XXXX

  3. I'd follow you again if I could! I'm sure your number will continue to rise... :-) Happy early Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jeanne...hope all your dreams come true!! :-)


  5. I know that you will reach 500! I just reached 19 followers, and I was thinking to myself that I was doing pretty well. I have a long, long, long way to go to catch up to you my friend. But it is all about the journey I guess.

    I hope tha you had a wonderful first day of school rest.

  6. Happy Birthday, Jeanne. And congrats . . . 500 followers. WOW


  7. Wow....500! I hope you get your lucky number!
    Happy Birthday to you.

  8. Many thanks ladies...when it comes to blogging, it's the journey that is the most fun for me. There are so many treasures in my 490...I count you all among them. :)

    Jackie.. I found two mannequins, not vintage, but they could easily do, at Bentalls in Kingston. I have discovered lots more on UK websites too. Putting in a google search for 'vintage mannequins' will get you there. :)

  9. I am number 495 Jeanne! Happy birthday for Sunday...thinking of you....xv

  10. This is so much fun! Thank you Vicki!
    Five more to go and I will be thinking giveaways from my French Collection. :)

    French Collection= bits and pieces I picked up in my travels thru France last month.

  11. Wishing you joy & happiness on your forthcoming Birthday x

    Not intending to deflate your ego :) To my mind it is not the number of followers that actually matters, rather it is the number of people who take the time to leave a comment ?

  12. Heron...thank you for you message and I could not agree more. Just wishful thinking on a September morning. :)

  13. .. Happy Birthday, hope you are having fun ... you're probably at 500 now, or moments away ... love the blog ... Deauville25/Karen in CT

  14. Hi Jeanne, I can't believe Juniper Hill wasn't on there as a follower. Shame on me. Thanks for this post and forcing me to check! At least this will get you one step closer. And, happy birthday!--Joe

  15. Happy Birthday Jeanne...keep on blogging!

  16. Joe...many thanks!

    Victoria.. I will, thank you :)

  17. If I could 're-follow' you Jeanne I would but I am already a fully paid up member of the Jeanne club! I did once read a comment you left me that said that you felt much happier when you didn't know how many followers. My design page has a fault where I can't see how many followers I have on the blog - but I know from the dashboard that it's about 456ish. People drop off every now and then - maybe I am not floating their boat?! Anyway - each to their own and if you get to the big 500 that's fab! Lou x

  18. Nearly there! I'm already following for a long time but I'll be checking in to see when you reach 500 - which I'm sure will be before Sunday!

  19. Oh, Jeanne! So close, my fellow Virgo. It's tantalising, isn't it? As for those mannequins, you know I'd choose the papillon. No question! J x

  20. I've been reading your blog for so long ... I wasnt sure i had clicked as a follower ... low and behold I'm there ... sorry I cant click again!
    Happy birthday and I'm sure you'll surpass the 500!

  21. Lou...you are so right, I did! One day, I lost the ability to hide the number and it has been staring me in the face ever since. I promised myself once it got to 500 I would not look anymore. :)

    Victoria, Jane and Marina....Thank you!

  22. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day. xx

  23. The mannequins are so pretty. Looks like you'll be to 500 soon, such a magic number!
    best, nadia

  24. Jeanne,

    Only three to go, I am so excited for you. So many peple following along on your journeys and enjoying your photos.

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend.

  25. Special thanks to Vicki, Joe, Jillian, Milady, Froo*gal, I.A.A.M.W for getting the ball rolling...nearly there :)

  26. Elizabeth..you sweetie, you came back twice to comment :) Thank you!

  27. Jeanne, thank you so much for letting us know about this. I will be booking tickets!
    Sunday xxx

  28. I'll be you're there by now! Can't see your Follower gadget anywhere...

  29. Sunday...I figured that you were talking about Buckingham Palace...glad to help! :)

    Becky..thank you, I have lost the widget several times. I am not sure why that is..

  30. Yee Haw!!

    Thank you Crazy Dory and Sunday Taylor for bringing it up to 500 Followers... I am planning my giveaway!

    A big thank you!

  31. Congratulations...500 followers! I knew you would do it. Happy weekend.

  32. You made it, I thought I was a follower before but I just hit the follow button and obviously I hadn't as I am now 501, and delighted to be so! What an achievement :-) Next year your should make a target for 1,000!

  33. Dear Jeanne!
    I wish you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNDAY and a lot of sunshine may shine on you today! :)
    You are a special person with so much talents and I think the next 500 followers will find their way to you...
    Be treated like a queen today, my friend! :)

    Beate XXX

  34. You deserve many, many followers!
    For each of your wonderful blogs. I still don't know how you do it all!

  35. Woohooh! you did it! Congrats and a belated Happy Birthday to you my fellow Virgo!!



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