A Perfectly Imperfect Giveaway!

To Victoria of Hibiscus Bloem
The Random Generator has spoken.
In perfectly imperfect fashion, the book will
make it's way across the pond to Victoria
in Portland, Oregon.


I think I am a bit late to the party on this one.
I just came across this wonderful book
at Daunt Books in London.
It was the title that got me.
Perfectly Imperfect.

Raise your hand if this concept applies to your life.
My hand goes straight up on this one.
Take it one step further...
The Perfectly Imperfect Home
and I am bouncing in my seat waving that hand 
like there is no tomorrow all the while pointing at Mr. H. 
Ok, I guess I can take some of the blame for that one too.

You are the best...
Many of you have followed me through my travelling chaise longue, 
my interest in another man, our collection of odd objects and curiosities,
our New Zealand home, our dream home, our English Summer Sundays 
and the introduction of Alice and Albert to our humble home. 
Perfectly Imperfect? No question.

Your patience, interest and comments have been greatly appreciated.

So dear readers...
I love this wonderful book by the very talented
Deborah Needleman and the beautiful illustrator, Virginia Johnson.
I have had difficulty putting it down all weekend and thought
it the perfect book for you, by way of a Giveaway.


It is so easy...just leave a comment.
I know many of you do not leave comments,
that's ok..just write to me... 
and I will add your name in for you.

I will announce a winner on Friday 11 May.
If you could have your comments in 
by 6:00pm (UK time)...that would be grand!

Now...for the best part, 
the reason why I can not put this book down.
Have a look here...

click here

I knew I loved this book, when I opened to a page and read this...

An element of quirkiness in your decor shows that you do not take
 decorating or, by extension, yourself too seriously. 
A room that is decorated within an inch of it's life feels self-important and static. 
Style ought to be loose and easygoing; capacious and expansive! 
A little something unexpected makes us feel comfortable. 
Quirkiness and its sidekick, charm, 
represent the lighthearted humanity of your home.

I love the way this woman thinks and writes!
Bravo Deborah!

Speaking to and of women.

Last but not least, I am celebrating my mother, Alma!
I attribute my Perfectly Imperfect Home to my mother...
my love for all things quirky comes from her.
In anticipation of Mother's Day in the USA on 13th of May.
my sidebar will feature all my posts about my mother...
they are some of my favourites.

With that I send my best to one and all for a lovely
week...may it be capacious and expansive!

Jeanne xx

PS..many have asked about my travelling chaise longue.
It arrived, is in the perfect spot and I love it. I will be
writing all about it one day soon. I just need time to
sit a while and think on it. :)


  1. Hand raised. I'm in. My new word for describing my home is "collected" instead of "eclectic". Thanks, Jeanne!

  2. What fun - both reading back posts about your perfectly imperfect life and the book.

  3. This sounds like my kind of book too.
    Please enter me in the giveaway and I look forward to viewing the traveling chaise lounge.

  4. Jeanne,

    I love this title...I too have a perfectly imperfect life, and home and it is filled with many quirky things that my husband and I have found traveling the world and even though it does not subscribe to a definition of decorating we love it because each time we see a piece it reminds us of a special time and place with each other or with our family.

    I have always liked that images of your mother and what a wonderful tribute to her for this wonderful celebration of the hardest job on earth...being a mom.

    I hope you have a fabulous evening Jeanne! Looking forward to hearing all about and seeing your perfect spot for the chaise, one question is it going to Vietnam or into storage for one of your forever homes?

    Have a wonderful week, thank you by the way for the inspiration this week to take stock of things around us, I have some beautiful photos of flowers and birds from my morning walks and peering out my windows.

    xx Elizabeth

  5. My hand is higher and waving more wildly than yours & I'm jumping up and down & just did a cartwheel to get your attention!
    If ever there was a self-help book to calm this blogger down and reassure her that it's ok if her house does not look like Carolyne Roehms - it would be this book. Gee I hope I win! xo Lisa

  6. I remind myself to buy this book only to forget again. I love Deborah's style and imagination. Her genius through Domino catapulted each issue as the bible for self-decorating devotee's like no other publication (& none since really). I still have every issue and the following book as well. I adore your mother's photo Jeanne. Behind every stylish, savvy women lies a mother equally so. We have so much to be grateful having a good mother don't we? Thanks Jeanne for the opportunity for a wonderful book. I can only imagine how excited you are about life's newest adventure. Your photos from your last trip were truly amazing. So wonderful to live vicariously through you. Cheers to a great week ahead. xx Deb

  7. This book sounds perfect. I am all for quirkiness :) BTW, I received your postcard from Vietnam yesterday. Thank you so much. I enjoyed that little glimpse into life in Vietnam. It looks so serene and peaceful.

  8. Both hands raised! If I were flexible, I would raise the one leg as well!:-) This title may not only apply to my home, but my entire life. Would love to join the giveaway.


  9. This book sounds perfect for my eclectic life style; I am waving my hand back and forth and jumping up and down in my seat. I can't wait to hear of your amazing traveling chaise lounge. Bonnie

  10. I already love and own this book. Such beautiful illustrations, too.

  11. Oh yes please - all the way from Australia - if we are eligible. My perfectly imperfect life is actually a joy as this book by the looks of the cover. Have a great week.

  12. What a wonderful giveaway - thank you for the chance to win this.


  13. I agree with Deborah Needleman design philosphy that our home decor must reflect our own personality and that the decor must evolve to give it character. I would love to read this book. I agree that we learn many things from our Mothers. One of the many things I learned from my Mother is interior decorating as she decorated our house by herself. Things always seem to work with my Mom. Have a great week!

  14. This seems to describe me!

  15. That's me and my style, totally perfectly imperfect... What a lovely book.

  16. Dear Jeanne,
    Perfectly imperfect - what a great title!
    Definitely describes our style here!
    Would be great to win this book.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  17. i know why you love this book so much...i was reading the link from amazon and it's good...i am with the writer i HATE houses that looks unlived in ...like it came from a catalog...catalogs show spaces and houses not HOMES.
    any way i am keeping my fingers crossed to win this book :)

  18. Sounds like a very intriguing title Jeanne... a must read.. a must see.. must own kinda book.. Trust you Jeanne.. my very perfect kindred spirit, blog friend, To find such a wonderful treasure as a give away.. you're amazing! btw.. I so loved your dedication to your mom.. on'ya.. You take so many things in your stride.. I vote you for President! x j Happy packing.. :)

  19. Ps.. sorry.. thanks for stopping by my blog for Dalat info.. indeed, devine!

  20. From Kathleen H..

    I love looking at your blog
    I believe I have a perfectly imperfect petite Maison in the Valcluse,
    Along with four retro red theater chairs and an old stone cottage!!!
    I would love to win the book!!!

  21. From Jennifer S....

    Dear Jeanne,

    I would welcome the chance to be in your giveaway. I would also like to say thank you for a lovely post card you sent from the Louvre recently. I have an Imperfectly Perfect house myself although I have never had to contend with tribal artefacts – yet. Our home is an Australian Edwardian weatherboard which we are renovating (ourselves) – it is not particularly grand or even big but if the early owners could live happily in it for many years with 7 children, I should be thankful when I only share it with a husband and two teenaged boys.
    We collect things from travels along with all manner of curiousities from nature – these tend to be more local to Australia as we cannot bring such things home. But leaves, rocks, lichens and seed pods frequently find a home with us.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog, I so enjoy reading your take on adventures and the images you add make it come to life. I wish you and your family all the very best as you count down to the move to Vietnam. So many more wonderful adventures, decorating and clothing in silks and linens await you there. I continue to love a beautifully embroidered silk linen dress bought on the spur of the moment in Ho Chi Minh City a few years ago. I look forward to reading more.

    Thanks again,

  22. Jeanne, my son actually ordered this book for his wife last Christmas, I spied it on their coffee table, had a quick glance and immediately wanted to have my own copy. They have just relocated to Melbourne so definitely won't be able to borrow it even if I wanted to.
    Hope I get lucky!!!
    Postcard from Paris gratefully received, sitting proudly with all my 60th birthday cards.....thankyou!

  23. What incredibly beautiful illustrations! I have just taken a look inside, and I must agree with you, it certainly is a book to fall in love with! Whether I win or not, it's certainly on my wish list now - thanks for the giveaway opportunity AND for the introduction to the book regardless! Have a great week. Paula x

  24. Aha! It looks like I picked a mighty fine day to finally sign up for your blog (which is one of those things that I have to wonder why it took so long now that I am here). And hooray for such a book. Too often the design powers that be forget that folks are supposed to live in their homes--they are not showcases! I just want to dive into certain magazine spreads and mess up the pillows! :) Needless to say, I get a lot of happiness out of imperfection...

    From the comments I garner that you are moving to Vietnam! Wow!! I can't wait to backtrack in your posts to find more info. I had the good luck to do two stories there--on Hue (amazing!) and a trip up the Mekong (also!)--and I found it so fascinating, the people so lovely and the food, to die for! What an adventure lies ahead for you...

  25. Oh Jeanne, you generous soul! As a recovering perfectionist, this book sounds right up my alley ☺. J x

  26. I believe today may be the first time I've visited your site; I'm still finding my way around in the bloggers world! How nice that on my first visit you have a give-away going! Please enter my name, as this sounds like my kind of read. Thank you!

  27. Late to the party is not a bad thing when you bring to the event this wonderful book to share...and then say hey folks, one of you will be the winner of this book. I would simply fly to the moon to have this book - have it on my wish list and would be thrilled to be the winner of the draw.
    I continue to love traveling around with you seeing new places, hearing stories and learning about places, people and environments that are strangers to my life today.

  28. Jeanne

    What a wonderful giveaway! The perfectly imperfect is my mantra! My home is filled with the repurposed, recycled, and the antique! Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway!

  29. I haven't been commenting on blogs, or even checking on many, while I'm travelling, but as soon as I saw this title, I wondered if you were reviewing this book. Even better -- you've got a giveaway! I've had this on my wishlist for a while and whoever wins it, I'll end up getting my own copy. Sounds both inspiring and somehow reassuring for those of us who will always prefer some imperfections . . . (who'm I kidding? as if the imperfections of my home are all a choice. . . .)

  30. I think I'm too late for the giveaway, but never mind .. Lovely post anyway !

  31. I'd love my name to go into your giveaway, which is very generous of you by the way!
    Your mom's shop looks like a fun place to visit. When ever you mention Alma my ears perk up!
    Happy week to you.

  32. How fun and what a lovely blog. I found you via Sunday Taylor at Ciao Domenica. The giveaway book sounds perfectly delightful and just in time for my birthday 5/10 (hint hint).

  33. This would be a great addition to my perfectly imperfect life!

  34. What a fun book to have and read. I too, have some quirky things in my home and would love to find out more about the imperfect way of decorating. Thanks for a chance. I will keep my fingers crossed..

  35. the book has a great concept ;;;;
    real life!!!


  36. Hello Jeanne

    What an interesting book and such a generous giveaway. It sounds like my type of decor.
    Hope your week is fully of joy

  37. Life is too short to waste on perfect perfection.
    Life is perfect as it is.
    Thanks for the chance to win this imperfectly prefect book.

  38. Oh my word! My home is perfect....for me. Probably imperfect to others. I love coming home at the end of a day. Its pretty yet comfortable. My friends always comment that they feel so at home......isnt that the sweetest thing to say!

  39. From Caroline...

    Wow, just read your blog posting! How funny. I was reading an article about Deborah Needleman and her book this weekend and thought she sounds like me! Perfectly Imperfect is THE best description of my two homes. Big coffee tables with books , candles and feet...... treasures from around the world etc. I hate minimalism or overstyled stuffy homes that give no indication of the homeowner's personality. So, please put my name down on your list!

    Caroline xxx

  40. I love decorating books that help you live with what you have and don't insist that you go out and purchase BIG NEW THINGS. I love purchasing small things--especially quirky things! Here's hoping I win!

  41. OK, you had me at the word Home! Would love to win this book!

  42. What a wonderful giveaway. This book looks so interesting. I need all the help I can get. Perfectly Imperfect sounds like it would suit me just fine : )

    Danielle xo

  43. Hi Jeanne,
    I absolutely love the title of this book, and I've been meaning to check it out at my next books store stop. What a nice surprise to hear about your giveaway, somehow this book seems like such a comfortable fit with your lovely blog. I enjoyed following your travels!
    Leslie Harris (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  44. Love reading your blogs and whilst I don't aways have time to leave a message, I do try to comment on the lovely photos you post on FB. The book describes my home ... perfectly!!! I have a passion for design books and this is one I've not heard of before so would be a very welcome addition. Thanks for this very generous and lovely opportunity.

    Jo xx

  45. From Raewyn...

    Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life. I don't usually leave messages but read your blog regularly.
    Your life has indeed been very rich and full. I won't say Lucky you because you have obviously worked hard for your rewards.
    This book describes so may of us doesn't it?
    Thank you for your delightful comments about Aoteraroa. It is such a beautiful place even here in Christchurch!!
    This book would be just the thing I need to dream away a cold draughty winter.
    Your Mum's art work is beautiful.
    Love to see where she sells it.
    Will keep dropping by most days.
    Take care and thank you

  46. Please enter me in your giveaway! That looks such a fun book to have and to read. My style leans towards quirky, how boring life would be if everything was perfect and uniform. In praise of all things imperfect! Jane x

  47. Hi Jeanne,
    I am so pleased I have found your blog curtesy of French Essence's Vicki Archer. I can't wait to find out more about you and your travels. I have checked out your NZ life first as that resonates with me, living here as I have done for 36 years, having been born in Australia. I loved meeting you in your About Me section. Can't wait to find out more! Would also love to read this gorgeous book let alone win a copy for myself.

  48. Great give away, the book looks beautifully illustrated, enjoy your blog, thanks for the give away. mary

  49. Jeanne, I'm perfectly excited and delighted to be the lucky winner! Thank you so much. I will email you my details.
    Wishing you a great weekend. Victoria x


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