Like Mother, Like Daughter

I am not sure if I should tell my daughter, Miss Christine, that
she is becoming like her mother...
At 19, she may feel it is to early to fall upon this fact.

We were lucky enough to have her home for two weeks.
We celebrated my birthday a week early so that she could be
a part of the festivities.

She baked my favourite that rivals that of her great grandmother.
An angel food cake with pink strawberry cream icing. Yum!

It was made with love and frozen berries :)

Before she left, she gave me this card.
She knows me well, I could not have said it better...
except for the grey hairs which I should add are well hidden!

Happy Birthday Mom!

May your day be filled with cake, laughter, avoiding the bickering of middle-C and little-C, 
blogging and everything else you may have wished for! 
So sorry I can't be there on the actual day, I have an education to attend to, 
however I hope your day is at least alright without me there :)

You deserve all your birthday wishes to come true 
(even the one for an ipad you crazy woman) 
and always remember that you don't look a day over 21-
despite the ever looming grey hairs (hehe)
Love always...

PS...Photo of you and Dad on retirement, attempting to soak up 
every ounce of the English lifestyle...might need to throw in a 
mac laptop on the table alongside the wine!

We think a lot alike and even share 
the same strange sense of humour..
She knows me well.
Like mother, like daughter.
Still a girl that likes to have fun...

I am sending Miss Christine an extra big hug. Little did we realise 
when she flew off in to the big blue yonder back to New Zealand last 
weekend that she was flying into the after effects of an earthquake. She has been 
rumbling around Christchurch for the past 7 days, moving forward and 
keeping it together.....just like her mother :)

How about you...are you like your mother?

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend to one and all.
I hope it is blissful!


images ~ me
with exception of 
couple soaking up the English lifestyle,


  1. Aren't we lucky to have these wonderful daughters!

  2. Jeanne..... I love that post... and I hope your daughter is safe in the aftermath!

    I am so much like mother and the best part of it is. I'm 42, she is 66 and she has been my best friend since I was 4 years old. We have the craziest warped sense of humour and we spend every Saturday together out on adventures laughing from the moment I arrive till the moment I leave. Mother/Daughter relationships are so incredibly special. Thanks for sharing yours!


  3. This is such a sweet post, Jeanne, it really makes one smile. It looks as if that old adage applies, "The apple never falls far from the tree."

  4. Happy birthday! All of a sudden I started humming this =)

    "I dream of Jeanne with the light brown hair,
    Borne, like a vapor, on the summer air;
    I see her tripping where the bright streams play,
    Happy as the daisies that dance on her way.
    Many were the wild notes her merry voice would pour,
    Many were the blithe birds that warbled them o'er:
    Oh! I dream of Jeanne with the light brown hair,
    Floating, like a vapor, on the soft summer air."

    ~ lyrics by Stephen Foster.

  5. Oh Deborah...I haven't heard this in years! Thanks so much for

    Ah Aussies, ya gotta love'em!

  6. Happy birthday, Jeanne, you fellow Virgo! I had it marked in my diary. What a delightful letter from your daughter. I hope you're keeping it. I'm starting a 'Mum' box where I can keep the pixies' precious letters to me. I can't imagine them being able to write such a moving one as your daughter did. Just lovely. Enjoy your birthday celebrations! J x

  7. Happy Happy Birthday dear Jeanne
    I hope this is is the best yet! Filled with happiness and love and all the things your heart desires...

    Hope your daughter is doing fine back home.. that is terrible news we here coming out of must have had a worrying week..

    Happy Birthday agian!!! xxx Julie

  8. Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I also thought of Foster's Jeanne with the Light Brown Hair...the line, Borne, like a vapor on the summer air...especially.

    Your post is so filled with warmth and love I felt a deep sense of contentment. With all that's going on in the world, it was really nice to read your post!

    Miss Christine is truly beautiful, inside and out, like her mother. I hope she's safe in the quake's aftermath.

  9. I am so much like my mother in looks...but we have quite different dispositions.

    We have a lot in common and enjoy each others company!

    Glad to hear that you had a wonderful celebration and a Delicious cake!

  10. Happy Birthday Jeanne! Daughters are so special. Aren't we lucky? Love Debbie

  11. I well remember my sister and I teasing our mother that she was getting more and more like her mother. And now, well, my sister thinks I'm just like her and vice versa! Not such a bad thing I've decided!
    Happy happy birthday Jeanne! I hope it is blissful in every way.

  12. Jeanne, What a wonderful post. I would have to say that both of your beautiful daughters are very much like their Mom in so many ways. Happy Birthday!!

  13. Beautiful angel food cake made by beautiful angels!! Such sweetness between mothers and daughter that can never be taken away...
    (My mother's name was Jean and mine is Donna you feel like a cousin!!)

  14. I am like my mother and now, my daughters are like me. I don't know if that is good or bad! lol! I do admire my daughter's and their independence, kindness and sense of humor, much of which your daughter has as well. She looks like a darling. I will be thinking of her in New Zealand at this terrible time.

    Happy Birthday to you both!


  15. I've been wondering if the i-pad showed up at your home for your birthday.

    This post touches me in deep places of joy . . . as I adored by mom (who I lost to cancer 4 years ago at the young age of 71) and I so adore my two daughters, who love me and always know what I want for my birthday.

    Happy Birthday.


  16. Dear Jeanne: Here's a wish for everything lovely, wonderful, charming and the best. May you be filled with everything that needs to complete you within and outside.

    And the post: I am glad for your daughter as she is taking after a lovely and remarkable woman.

    Joy and love always,

  17. Let me join your lovely daughter by adding my very best of birthday wishes!! I do hope it's lovely.

    Funny, the elegant lady in the pasture is just how I see myself!

  18. I so hope it was a wonderful birthday and that all is OK in Christchurch.

    Each morning I look in the mirror through my twenty-three year old eyes and my Mother looks back at me!

  19. Ahhh Jeanne, she has your wit for sure. I love the similarities in the generations; to me that is what family is all about. My daughter Boo is a spit of me and her mannerisms are too. I adore that although have to remind myself that she has her own mind! And then my Mum, who is just my best friend in the world...we are different in most ways, but in one or two; identical. I think observing these things is wonderful. Lou x

  20. Aaaaah such a lovely card and love the words - reminds of the kind of thing my daughter says to me. And what a gorgeous cake she made you Jeanne...
    I have to admit that I 'hear' my mother in some of the things I say more and more each day and I would say that my daughter is gettng like me in many ways (although she would not like to admit it!) x

  21. So sweet. There is nothing like having a daughter...I just adore mine! She is now thirty-one but back living with us and gong to grad school.

    I found your blog awhile ago and just found it. I am anxious to go look some more!

    We do repurposed jewelry and a few other things thrown in there. We have been making jewelry for about fifteen years together and gone through a lot of phases. Stop by our blog, if you want...

  22. Well Happy Birthday dear Jeanne. And very many Happy Returns, what a beautiful card and message from your daughter. And what a beautiful young lady she is.
    Thank you for sharing such a special moment.

  23. Happy Birthday :-)

    I am very much like my Dad in thoughts and personality but in looks I am much more like my Mum :-)

  24. Jeanne, love the cake, the card, the photo on the card, the love that comes through Christine's message and your Blog.

    I have in the past 3 years enjoyed getting to know my Mum. I think we are so much alike. We both are very sad to think it has taken us this long to really know each other. All those wasted years. We have found this new relationship and I have never felt so content.

    Julia is so much like me. She always tells me.

    We are so lucky to have beautiful daughters. They are so special. They bring so much joy to our lives.

  25. HI Jeanne,
    Beautiful cake, what a beautiful daughter too. I haven't had my mum around for all my adult life, but, from what I remember I definitely have certain traits and I am more like her as I grow older. My husband thinks my daughter is just a mini-me and that's why we clash so much.
    Belated Happy Birthday!
    I'm in London next week, may bump into you in Bentalls. Ha ha.

  26. oh what a lovely card Jeanne - sometimes i do wonder what i may have missed not having a daughter, and i think you've just shown me.

    so glad you had a fabulous time with her, and happy birthday!! :)


  27. How lovely that you celebrated your birthday early with your Christine. She sounds lovely and the cake looks fab too. So pleased she is safe down in NZ.

  28. Happy Birthday! What an amazing birthday card (text + photo).

    Yes, I am like my mother in many ways and hope to become more and more like her in years to come - unlike so many of my friends who fear to become their mothers. I don't. It would make me proud.


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