The Royal Touch


I have a touch of the royal fever these days.
Maybe I have been in one to many castles lately.
Maybe it was seeing The Diana Dresses at The Fashion Museum in Bath last week.
Maybe it was the second peek last week at the Grace Kelly: Style Icon 
exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Either way...I have been shopping and I think I have it bad.
The fever has consumed me...well, at least that is what I told Mr. H.
Scarves, sweaters, brooches, hats...passersby beware!

What can I say? 
It all started here...

Blue velvet...I would share the same sentiments of both 

of these adorable girls if I was wearing this colour in velvet!
Pink, purple and red...this would brighten 
the dreariest of days..

A rich emerald green...say no more.

Happy Holidays!

Fun loving purple and could you not?

Lovely, deep, rich, shimmering purple with
flecks of pink. I am thinking collar wrapped 
around and pulled up high.

Gaby Wood, Literary Editor and Author
at work in Notting Hill, London
I like her style!

Dorothy would have been so envious
of these ruby red slip ons...

I can't even begin to describe these colours.
Is there a name for them??

A wee pink Asprey bag..what every girl needs.

I wonder if I could wear upholstery fabric?
If I could, I would :)

Ok...I know some of you may be
thinking this is too too much.

Just in case....

A girl needs balance in her life too!

That was fun but now it is back to my To Do lists.
Mr. H is away for a few days and you know
what they say...when the cat is away the mouse will play!

But before you go....which colour is your favourite?
Do you own any of the above colours in any shape or form?

My inspiration

Images as noted above


  1. I'm not the least bit surprised that you 'have it bad'. Everything here is stunning!

  2. Love all the jewel tones--FALL, I hear you calling!


  3. I have been drooling over that sumptuous Hugo Boss coat myself!

  4. I have to say I think LK Bennett have a great collection this season. I am not buying though.. No.. I am economising .. God I hate it xx

  5. Funny you should say that Pamela....I thought of you when I first saw this coat...with Edward by your side. What a great shot that would make!

    Wildernesschic...Yes, I hear you... I was in LK Bennett the other day and noticed the same thing..serious shoe and bag envy :)

  6. So THAT'S what a literary editor looks like at work! No wonder they're never interested in taking my calls!

  7. These are all just beautiful colors. I can't pick one, but I do love jewel tones coupled with luxe neutrals like camel. Hope you have a great week.

  8. The red Armani - without a doubt. If I had the body to wear it, I would wear it every day. I love it!!

  9. Oh my, Jeanne! These photos have me salivating. I MUST have something!

  10. Amazing photos, Jeanne! Every collection is gorgeous in its own way. My fav is Dior. Love the lush colors, especially that vivid pink combined with purple:-) Divine!

  11. I say--you DO have it bad!!
    Hard for me to relate at the moment--recent surgery gave me a rather sterile view of the world and it's hard to shake it off...thanks for the inspiration, though, and a refreshing reminder of the wonderful world of color and fashion...and fun.


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