The Morning Rush and Carluccio's

Nothing like a coffee to ease the morning rush..

Carluccio's is a cafe, one of 45 around London.
This is a local spot for me...walk, bike or car,
I am there every chance I get.

A few of my favourites for breakfast:
   Free range fried eggs with grilled pancetta on toasted bread.

Muesli with natural yoghurt, served with jugs of honey  
and woodland berry compote.

Fresh fruit salad with natural yoghurt.

It is hard not to leave without a bag of their
Chicchi Di CaffÈ
Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans
A special treat for an espresso moment later in the day :)

If I have time up my sleeve, I like to pop into the 

local library around the corner.

There is always an interesting sight out front.
This little fellow warmed my heart the other day
as did this enormous bicycle basket.
I have serious basket envy over this one.

I love purchasing books from the library 
as much as I do borrowing them. 
Great bargains always await me.
Today I picked up Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
and Portrait of a Lady by Henry James for a grand total
of  1.40 pounds. Bargain!

You are always sure to find a book on English Gardens and Fairies too.

Do you like to start the day with a coffee?
How do you take yours?

images taken with my iphone
with exception of coffee beans


  1. Ah...I don't do caffeine any more - cut it out about 13 years ago now. Man, do I miss it sometimes! I still enjoy a good cup of coffee, but decaf just doesn't cut it most of the time. Nothing like a good cup of coffee and a sit in a cafe.

  2. This is a great cafe! I love the menu. I like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts for take~out coffee and I drink it straight up. We did discover a wonderful coffee in New Orleans and we have been ordering it by the carton since we returned. We love it!

    I am loving that big bike basket, too!


  3. My at home morning coffee is made in a drip machine by Cuisinart...and I like it with a splash of half n half...which here in Canada is lighter than cream...
    I adore an Americano and have that black...

    It's nice to take the time to stop and smell the coffee!

  4. Love that first cup of coffee in the morning or maybe it's not the coffee I like but the froth that tops it off. If you don't have one the Nespresso frother is the absolute best. Would love to share a cup with you on the porch overlooking the harbor. L

  5. What a great cafe, I could not resist that glorious food.

    And no, I cannot start my day without a coffee. We have fresh coffee every morning, beans are ground by my hubby every night. Nothing like waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee.

  6. I do like Carluccios - never had breakfast there but am quite fond of the lovely pasta dish with courgettes & garlic!

  7. Everytime I pass by the windows of Carluccio's during breakfast time, I say I'm going to eat there someday. After having looked at the menu, I think I should go soon! I've been lucky, like you, to find some great buys on books at my library at the Old Chelsea Town Hall--some for less than a pound.

    Can't beat that!

  8. When I am not in a rush I like to sit outside at a cafe and take my time reading or going thru the paper. Then wander around a bookstore for awhile


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