Growing up

You ask them, you remind them, you tell them
and then one day, they do it for themselves.

My #4 alone in his thoughts.
A breakthrough....
he likes to read!

Big sigh from Mom.....



  1. Yes that is certainly one of my most ferevent wishes - that my children will spend many happy hours with nose in book ! xoxo

  2. Oh, Jeanne! What lovely stolen moments. You have reminded me how important it is to capture these fleeting, ephemeral times. I grew up with a mother who always made us pose and say 'cheese' for countless photos. I would like to have more random, unscripted moments of the pixies recorded. Now, to charge up that camera! J x

  3. How beautiful! I love the image of your son on that gorgeous tree on the lake...yes, indeed one day they do fly x

  4. Jeanne:

    Your son looks lovely. I see a writer and a thinker in him. What are the subjects that interest him? Philosophy and arts?

    Tell us more . . .

    Joy always,

  5. You've done a great job there - well done! Nothing like a love of reading to set the kids up for life. K xx

  6. What a nice looking boy. And he reads, what a bonus

  7. Oh I know I know!!!! Sometimes you wish to stop time, isn't it! My only son is 14 and sometimes I feel the need to care about him, to hug him,... But I realize that he really isn't a baby anymore and for a mum sometimes it is hard to face it!
    You sun looks so gorgeous!
    Have a nice week!

  8. Thank you all for your very kind comments.
    He is a sweet boy and my baby...although I have to be careful when I say that:)

    Susan...his favourite subject without a doubt is History, in particular Military History. He loves the History channel too. He is in heaven since we moved to England :)

    His reading for chapter books turned around when he received a School Prize, a book entitled, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, he has been reading ever since.

    I give credit also to his school. They required him to read and write book reports on five books over the summer holidays. I thought it would be a chore but once he found a book he loved, he was on his way.

    I showed him the post this morning and told him how proud I was of his reading. You can just imagine the smile. On the way to school he asked me what it meant to 'blush'. I told him it was the feeling he had when I showed him this post. He blushed again :)

  9. I am still telling her, but she still can't find 'the time' to sit still! But messages like these give me hope. One day I will find her cuddled up in a corner in her own world with a book in her hands! Thanks Jeanne for this! Happy week Sandra

  10. Beautiful picture of your boy by the water Jeanne. We all breath a sigh of relief when they start to enjoy reading - their generation has so many other temptations that we never had.

  11. What a gorgeous young man, Jeanne..... and, they often do find out that reding is pretty cool....all by themselves !!
    How does he feel about this post....or, doesn't he know ?!! I have a feeling that our son would not have been best pleased !! hehe. XXXX

  12. Sandra, Sharon and Jackie...thank you:)

    Jackie...lucky for me he is only 10 and is still touched by his mother's sentiments...if he was 13 or older that might be another matter!

  13. ah, brilliant isnt it?! i know that feeling too. what a gorgeous boy you have there jeanne, and so engrossed. terrific stuff!

  14. Spending one's time reading - he's got the right idea, Jeanne! :D

  15. LOVE the pic of him over the water. Everything looks so GREEN!! I agree with Jane, that you caught the random, special moments that fleet so quickly!! Your perspective is amazing!! And yes, he IS a handsome guy too besides being cerebrial!!
    Thankyou so much for your kind comments about our Sam going to doggie was such a hard time. I can tell from your posts, pictures and comment that you have real heart!! xox ~Donna

  16. We are on that road now. Luca reads, reluctantly. Although once he gets started he's very good. A few weeks back he picked up his book and layed down on the sofa to read - I nearly fell over!!

  17. I understand you. Most people think I'm crazy when I say that I'm so worried my future children won't love to read:-D

  18. He Likes To Read.
    Then, no worries about this handsome fellow!

  19. Thanks so much for your lovely responses! Being bloggers, I think we all agree that reading is a good thing! I will pass on your comments to my son, he will be blushing all day!

    Happy reading and before you go...stop in to my New England post (most recent) and listen to the song 'When Fall Comes to New England'. On that note, I say goodnight ;)

  20. He is so handsome! I am still waiting for this day for my son. He was very reluctant reader, but that changed when I stopped trying to make him read fiction (though of course his school still does that!) and let him read history books. Presto-chango - the boy read a lot more. But I want him to love it as I do. Congratulations on a job well done!


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