Saturday and Mrs. Moneypenny

My weekend hasn't officially started until 
I have read 
the weekend newspaper. 
For me, it is the FT Weekend.

A coffee,
a sunny nook,
papers spread out, 
with favourite sections first
and my weekend has begun.

I love to read Mrs. Moneypenny.
She has style, she has wit and she tells it like it is. 

A former investment banker with a long list of credentials, 
she is also a wife and mother. Mrs. Moneypenny is married 
to an Australian wine merchant who plays a lot of golf and has three children 
who she refers to as Cost Centres, CC#1, CC#2 and CC#3.

Today she discusses planning a grouse shooting expedition in Scotland,
once with her family and back again on the moors with corporate guests.
You can read the full article here.

How about you, when has your weekend officially started?

Hope you have a great one!



  1. That sounds a really entertaining read. I'm going to find some time this weekend to have a look. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

  2. You have the greatest things in your papers (and media in general) I'm one of those Americans that would rather read about our news through the eyes of the BBC!

    Weekend starts when I've wandered around the corner to the local bakery for one of their amazing cinnamon rolls, which I must go do now!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh goody!
    I can't wait to read this.
    Thank you, and Happy Saturday!

  4. This sounds like a funny and interesting column! I usually catch up on my blogging in the morning as I think my brain is sharper then! lol!

    Thanks for sharing the article!


  5. Ahh, we share the same habits, Jeanne. Like you, my weekend doesn't begin until I'm nestled in an armchair with my head buried in the paper and a cup of Earl Grey beside me. The paper I read is The Guardian, though I am partial to The FT now and again.

  6. Always loved the Saturday FT ! My weekend began with a visit to a lovely market town near our cottage in England... What a beautiful Saturday weatherwise today Jeanne...! x

  7. Victoria...enjoy your weekend

    Maurie...How I would love one of those cinnamon rolls with my morning coffee...I can just imagine!

    Pamela... Enjoy!

    Jane...I agree with morning blogging. I have to be careful not to blog at night after a glass of wine with dinner....I write volumes if I do!

    Annon...I am curious now and will pick up the Guardian too. I like your reading style!

    Sarah...You are here!! Welcome and yes the weather today was glorious...the evening sky was just beautiful. So glad to think you are amongst us again :)

  8. Too Funny the Money Centres!! Have a great weekend all!

    Art by Karena

  9. Hello Jeanne, for some odd reason blogger listed my comment at Anonymous. No matter, it was me, just so you know :)

  10. I will SO be checking this out! The Brits have it all over when it comes to journalism, IMO! XX!

  11. What a great start to the weekend.

    By the way, Paul Henry won best presenter at the NZ Media awards.

  12. HI Jeanne
    A super way to start the weekend. I started mine with a trip to Richmond Upon Thames with my neices, my old stomping groud. What a perfect day it was for a stroll along the river. Love London.
    Hoping you are enjoying the rest of your weekend.#

  13. Karena...same to you and isn't it true about kids..sometimes you wonder where the money goes!
    Mr. H says the same thing about me too so I guess I should be careful what I say :)

    Ah Sam...the mystery is solved and I was spot on, always with style!

    Shari...I agree with you on this one many choices and all great reading.

    Angela...Thanks for the news on Paul Henry, I can just imagine his acceptance speech. I am sure someone would have been upset!

    Carmel...welcome back! You and Sarah brought the great weather from Australia with you, enjoy!

  14. Hey Jeanne
    Very clever nickames.. CC#1 etc... and Mrs Moneypenny.... brilliant

    What's also brilliant are your photos.. I just love the light in these shots!!! Have a great Sunday.. xxx Julie

  15. Hi, just returned from visiting friends in Wiltshire and on the way we usually stop in a lovely little village called Stockbridge. I thought you might like to know about the John Lewis nursery and garden that are nearby - Longstock Park Nursery and Longstock Park Water Gardens both open to the public at various times. Worth a little visit if you are very in that part of the country - as usual info can be found online!

  16. Thanks Julie!

    gilliecoco...I am so excited to add this to my list of ideas from you. Thank you so much, sounds perfect!

  17. Every weekend has a different beginning, but today it was enjoying being in the house with no one but my husband and dog around. The hubby brought me coffee in bed, and I had a good book (Cutting for Stone) so that was a good beginning for this day.

  18. Hi,

    We are on the west coast, south of Auckland. Waiuku is near Pukekohe.The west coast bore the brunt of the storm, Friday night being the worst.

    Looking forward to calmer weather this week.

  19. Ahh your weekend sounds perfect! I love the reference to Mrs Moneypenny's children as cost centres (how true!!).

    My weekend starts on Thursday night. A glass of red, a deep breath (jeez how did we get through that week!) and lots of time with my girls...


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