The Art of Travel with LV

The art of Travel by Louis Vuitton

Trunk Living...

"This exceptional book showcases the most beautiful creations of the House 
through more than eight hundred photographs. Many incredible pieces are featured here, 
along with the equally incredible stories of their creation.
Available October 2010."

Let's travel...
Where shall we go?

Shall we start in Paris?
Better yet, let's make it a round the world trip.
Oh, the places we could go!

Hold that thought...
as I send you best wishes
for a wonderful weekend.

Collage of Life~one woman's view

In One Place~thinking about a creative life
Finding My Waydiscovering England
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  1. Yes, let's start in Paris...perhaps on to Morocco...and...oh, why not? Around the world it is...perhaps ending up at Southhampton, with LV trunks....

  2. This books sounds beautiful. I spent my 20's travelling and felt more grounded after children, but am starting to get itchy, curious feet again. I've been hearing South America calling for some time now...
    Hoping you have a fab weekend.

  3. I am thinking going glamping, with a butler, on Safari in Africa. Are you in?

  4. Fun video! Love the trunk bed the best. I have the most wonderful photo that I took in Paris when Louis Vuitton was celebrating 100 years. It is a huge billboard on the Champs Elysees made to look like one of their trunks with the cherries. ~ Sarah

  5. Oh yes please... tutto il mondo per favore

    That would be a book to dream with!!! Have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  6. Kittie..I am with you! I have never been to Morocco and always wanted to go. Haven't been to Southhampton yet either...this sounds like fun!

    Carmel...Argentina and Brazil are on my list actually I could think of lots more, I am in!

    Stephanie...glamping! I love it!! I like the way you think and especially your travel style!

    Sarah...Sounds like the makings of a post to me...I would love to see it :)

    Julie..I am with you..and the same to you!

  7. I have always wanted a wardrobe trunk, reminiscent of the steamer days.. can you imagine them weighing one in now on a regular flight. Your luggage would cost more to fly than you.
    Lovely interesting videoxx

  8. Ahh Wilderness, good point! I think we will have to travel the world by boat...first port of call?

  9. Great seeing you back, Jeanne. Don't feel alone, I was out of the blogging loop for most of the summer. Just now getting back into the routine.

  10. I love travelling. Paris sounds like a great place to start - the most beautiful city in the world :)

  11. I have a dream that one day I'll find my very own LV trunk tucked away in the back of an old antique/junk shop all covered in dust ... not likely to happen but a girl can dream! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Leigh

  12. You are too sweet, if only I could squirrel myself away from the rest of the brood! Not likely when the kids are home from school for an extra day. As you know, Mom's never get a day off!

    Lovely looking book. I loved watching the clip and can't wait to check it out!

    Take care and have a safe happy weekend!


  13. Hi Jeanne! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to "meet" you :)


  14. I just love the video.

    And if I could choose it would be the Adriatic..

  15. Ah Jeanne - a lovely little diversion to dreamsville! Alas, I won't be packing my LV for our little trip to France next week but abiding by the restrictions imposed by Ryanair and squeezing 15 kg of luggage into the lightest bag I can find! How travel has changed...I'm trying not to think about the dreaded R.A processes but fast forwarding to the arrival! Hope you are having a happy weekend x

  16. Oh, this video is so tastefully made, the sounds and making of is wonderful to watch. Like a "travel wonderworld" with exquisite things...thanks for sharing Jeanne!

    Beate :)

    PS: I hope, you don`t mind, if I use the video on my blogsite too? I really love it and want to show it the "German audience".

  17. That looks like a fabulous book! I just returned from London and Paris a few weeks ago, and I was reminded of the LV shop on Champs Elysees! Loved Paris and taking the Eurostar from London!! :)


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