Seasonal Sunday and a To Do List

I enjoy Seasonal Sunday it is my time to think, pull it together and write a list. 
This Sunday is devoted to a mother's thoughts as she 
transitions from one season to another.

Today is the end of a nice long lazy dreamy summer for us. 
Our first English summer and it was filled with all the things 
we could have hoped for and more. 
We are in school mode now and that means writing a new To Do list. 
Being a Virgo, I am a big fan of lists. I have journals filled with lists 
and for some strange reason I keep them all. 
I put it down to a little Virgo quirk of mine. 

Looking for inspiration, I picked up a book that has been 
shuffling around next to my bed for years. 
I seem to reach for this book as each new season unfolds. 
It is my little jump start for what is to come next.  

I came across a page with what I deem to be the Mother of all lists,
The Universal 'To Do' List
This is the first time I have looked at a list and strarted to worry...

The Simple Abundance Universal 'To Do' List

(meetings, prospecting, marketing/publicity, desk tasks, 
planning, billing, reading, researching, writing, traveling)

(Banking, cleaners, library, gas/petrol for car, video store, post office)

(School, health, lessons, sports, scouts, car pool, clubs, play dates, parties)

(Health, fitness, beauty, automotive, animals)

(Food, clothing, drugstore items, home, gifts)

(Bills, letters, cards, packages)


(Cleaning, laundry, decorating, improvements, cooking, repairs, entertaining, gardening)


(Inspiration, introspection, rest, recuperation, relaxation, 
grooming, creative excursions, educational, pleasurable pursuits)

 Simple Abundance was written in 1995. 
Some of this is a bit dated and of course Blogging 
was still a figment of someones imagination back then.  
Our lifestyles have changed but most of this, for many of us, is still the same. 
 The idea behind this list is to move 'Personal' from last to first and plan accordingly. 
Either is a long list but one that I think will be beneficial 
to me as I plan for what is to come next.

I liked the authors suggestion for another list
 "What I've Done" list
This is for those of us who feel we spend to many days 
accomplishing little or nothing. (Blogging days?)
By doing this we should hopefully realise that we do more than we think.

As I write, a light breeze is passing thru the window, 
the sun is casting a late shadow,
 it is nearly 4:00 pm and I have a list to write.

I have decided I am going to tackle this list. In my mind, 
it is the Mt. Everest of 'To Do' lists and I have a feeling 
that once completed, I am going to feel a wave of relief wash over me.

A new plan...I like that 
and I am going to start by putting 'Personal'
at the top of that list!

Thanks to The Tablescaper for creating
Seasonal Sundays.

It is always a pleasure!

with exception 
of Simple Abundance (here) taken earlier in the week at Polesden Lacey


  1. I started writing a post on the 'Done List' a while back, but my 'To Do' list got in the way of that !!!! Important for us to remember all that we do achieve - I find this particularly important as a mum at home, when the day just passes in a blur sometimes.
    We've enjoyed the most beautiful September Sunday today too. Now the kiddos are almost asleep and one of them will be dreaming of the new year at school and seeing all his friends again.

  2. I love to see the check marks next to each item on my To Do List, but a 'Done' list would be even better. I have Simple Abundance~I think it is an ageless reference book and always gives me a good feeling to follow it. As the seasons change, it feels good to start a new list. A larger, more general list! Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. I've always been a "list" person. Such satisfaction in checking off things, but actually these days I need that list so I can remember what needs to be done. LOL
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts. ~ Sarah

  4. I love the idea of a "what I've done" list! How wonderful that would make me feel!

  5. Hello Jeanne, Simple Abundance is the reason for one of my favorite habits: being grateful. Focusing on the good things in life gives rise to real attitude adjustment! As for lists, I try to make my "things done" longer than the "to do". Have a great week and keep that camera busy. L

  6. I keep Simple Abundance by SBB in my bed side cabinet and delve into it from time to time, always finding inspriration and comfort.
    Although I'm not a virgo I make lists too, but that's beacuse my memory isn't what it used to be!
    Thanks for popping in to NL and leaving such a sweet comment, I've tweaked the header a little since your visit but he's still a cutie!

  7. I have that book too, I really like it, I keep it in my special pile of my most favourite books :)

    I like lists but what I like most is checking things off and then throwing the list away...I'm one of those!!! Isn't it interesting how we all do these things differently.

    Last week the sunshine is lovely but today's rain is quite welcome, I am very ready for autumn to be here.

    I need a favour over at my blog, if you have just a couple of minutes, please pop over. Thanks so much!


  8. Your images are just beautiful. I'm a Virgo and a "lister" too. Sometimes I think it's a curse, especially when I never feel like I can get to the bottom of the list! Hope you are well and thank you for stopping by RHS always.

  9. Wow! Awesome post. I'm one of those Moms, dreading tomorrow as they go back to school. Tomorrow and Wednesday won't be so bad, it's really next week.

    I love the idea of putting Personal first. By blogging and posting at least twice a week I guess I've managed to put some of that Personal stuff first.

    The done list is an interesting idea. Instead of always feeling like there is so much to do, it would be great to bask a bit in what you've gotten done. To congratulate yourself a bit. I think it could definately give one a sense of satisfaction. I'm going to give it a try.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. I love lists, but some of them have a habit of causing me to panic. I'll have to look out for that book next time I'm in a bookstore.


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