How does your potager grow?

If you are like me and trying to come to grips with what a 'potager' is then you will be happy to know that it is simply a kitchen garden. I use 'simply' loosely as it can be so much more! Potager is a French term (jardin potager) for a kitchen garden. The kitchen garden can be a separate space for vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible flowers or part of a more elaborate structured garden space. This is where it gets more complicated. Either way you look at it, if you like to 'grow your own' in an easy and accessible space, you may enjoy the following images for a little kitchen garden inspiration. The sites noted below offer a wealth of sure to check them out.

A thoughtful kitchen garden in Connecticut...see link below.

I have a strong desire to grab a cup of coffee and wander this 
garden path in the wee hours of the morning and then again
with a class of wine in the evening. I just love watching things grow :)

Gardening can be tricky when you are renting a house. 
You have to make it easy. This is my next thought, a few of these 
wooden framed garden beds.We can buy them ready made. 
I can stop thinking about them :) I wonder how transportable they are?

  via Bowles & Wyer

Love this design my American Potager.

This appeals to my Virgo sensibilities. Neat, tidy,
organised, small space...I could handle this.
It is realistic and practical. 

At the moment, my kitchen garden consists of a collection
 of pots delicately attended to by me.

Mr. H is attempting his own veggie garden this year. 
I have directed him to a space in the garden and am trying very hard to keep quiet. 
I fear the space he has allocated to his pumpkins is going break all the rules 
of the 'simple potager'. Mammoth pumpkin patch come October is more like it!

Hope these images provided a little potager inspiration for you.
Happy Pottering!

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