Love is in the kitchen....

Love is in the kitchen... It is so true. We express our love in the food we cook,
the table we set, our plates, silverware, glassware, flowers...the list goes on. Sometimes
we express our love down to the very last detail and other times we show it in smaller
appreciations. There is no mistaking it, love is everywhere. 

Here is what I love...
The black Bryce Ritter tavern chairs below.

From days gone past. I can almost smell my grandmothers
delicious date bread baking away....loving memories.

You can sense a kitchen garden close at hand and
someone who loves collectables. Me too!
Pure love.

Can I have this sink please? A kitchen to love. 
I can smell coffee brewing on the stove 
and hear music gently playing in the background.

This one is for me...white on white. 
Serious kitchen love for me.

Do you have a preference from above? 
How would you describe your kitchen?

Mine is white, has lots of natural daylight and has way to many
cook books and cooking magazines randomly stacked about.
Today it is filled with flowers from the garden and a very long 'to do' list.
Which reminds me.... I have to run!

Before you go...would love to hear about your kitchen :)


  1. What lovely kitchens. I go for that white on white look too, around a golden yellow range, but colours keep creeping in and it would be so heartless to chase them out. And I've developed a wish lately for a few copper pots and pans for a touch of metallic adornment.

  2. Oh I adore looking at kitchens. Mine is a disaster. Whoever created it did not do so out of love but simply out of necessity. We are planning to completely gut the thing next year and I'm so excited to start planning it! I'm thinking white cabinets, soapstone countertops, farmer's sink, wood floors...

  3. I definitely like the vintagey-white kitchens in the last two pictures . . . but there is something so vibrant about that red/turquoise kitchen.

    Kitchens are my favorite rooms to fantasize about, for sure!

  4. Love the last two images. My own kitchen is like everything else in my apartment - very tiny! But it is white with wooden tabletops and a ceramic zink, lots of fresh herbs in pots and a ton of cook books in a plate rack, flea market plates, cups and bowls. Pretty much a mess, but I love it. Despite its size it has produced a lot of great meals, if I should say so myself:-)

  5. Love them all! I, also, have far too many cookbooks and magazines. My kitchen cabinets are barn red, walls are a seafoam green and there is some butter yellow in and around. I love the look of white. I love the thought of white, but I am definately a girl who loves color!

  6. I love these cosy photos of the white kitchens. I even have the one from Country Living with the black chairs posted on my blog. I am currently in the process of a kitchen makeover, white, with many of the same elements in the kitchens above.

    Hope you enjoyed a beautiful day in your garden.

  7. Mine is white too - shows the dirt! I had a white floor too, but thankfully that has gone. I adore that sink too - in fact, that picture was definitely my favourite... Hmmmm dreaming.....

  8. I LOVE the white too Jeanne.
    I think that this wonderful weather that we are having makes everything look so much better. Blue skies and fresh flowers puts a smile on everyone's face. We have a beautiful white clemetis either side of our front door covered in white blooms and the palest pink David Austin rose in bloom.....sorry, that doesn't have much to do with kitchen's, but the talk of flowers and nostalgia made me think of my garden !!!!
    Our kitchen is getting on a bit now but, it is limed so very white and has really stood the test of time. I still love it. XXXX

  9. Hi Jeanne - hmm kitchens - yep they are an area of longing for me. I have a love/hate (strong word) relationship with mine. It's abit haphazard, farmhouse, not fitted, everything mis-matched, coloured and white kitchen! When it's clean it looks charming, when it's a mess (alot of the time as I cook alot) it's not so charming and looks like a bomb hit. You know in 'Friends' where Monica's kitchen has open shelves? Mine is like that; lots of stuff out on show. Which is hard as I like the minimal look. Constantly trying to hone it down. Might post a picture and get thoughts... Lou x

  10. Thank you nice to talk 'kitchen talk'. There are so many styles to choose from today. These just caught my fancy. :)

  11. Yes, diggin' the kitchens you've shown.

    I have two in a condo in Iowa, one in a cottage in Florida. Simple kitchens. Modern lines and contemporary fixtures. Clean. Clear countertops. Organized cabinets. Form always follows function for me :) However, I'm always delighted by streamlined forms.


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