A classic, a secret, a gate and dusty bluebells...

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Sometimes random things just happen and you want to share. I have been sitting here this past hour with a grin from here to there...loving the whimsy and nostalgia of English artist, Gary Bunt. I came across him by chance and thought I would share the smile.  Do you ever curl up with a classic, with your favourite pet snuggled in close? Have you ever stood in wonder at the mighty sunflower? Do you have a place where you go...where you just stop and wait? A secret place? Have you walked amidst the dusty bluebells or something just as breathtaking? If it sounds like you or someone you know, read on...

'A Classic'
by Gary Bunt
Portland Gallery, London

The sound of the sea
My dog next to me
There's nothing more that I need
Life seems complete
With the weight of my feet
And a Penguin classic to read
~ Gary Bunt~

'The Secret Garden'
by Gary Bunt
Portland Gallery, London

I would like to share this secret
But I really cannot say
Because I promised that I wouldn't
A secret this must stay
~Gary Bunt~

'The Gate'
by Gary Bunt
Portland Gallery, London

There's a place where we go
There's a wall and a Gate
Sometimes we stop there
We just stop there and wait
~Gary Bunt~

'The Dusty Bluebells'
by Gary Bunt
Portland Gallery, London

In and out of the dusty bluebells
Takes me back to school
In my shorts and plimsolls
Prancing around the hall
Then we had to pat the dog
When the farmer had chosen his wife
Such a wonderful childhood
Such a wonderful life
~ Gary Bunt~

My Dusty Bluebell moment...here

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Jeanne xx

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