Meditation...I get you

Mention the word meditation and I typically sigh in dismay...been there, done that, not for me. End of story.

Until last night.

I recently started a series of gentle yoga classes with a local woman, Janet Archer, in an attempt to ease the mind, body and soul.

It’s a little surreal.

I think she has a gift.

If anyone could help me clear the thoughts that run amuck in my head, it would be Janet. evening class, on a snowy night, with a circle of ten women and a practice of conscious compassionate awareness.

We talked, we meditated, we talked some more and somewhere in that space of time a lightbulb went off (for me).

My lightbulb moment...when Janet gave us this thought.

"The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention"

I had to say it a few times...

"The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention"

And then it clicked... the incessant chatter that pervades one’s quiet moment’s is ok.

It's normal.

You deal with it. You are in charge, not the chatter. My interpretation... BE THE BOSS!

So now, this meditation thing does not look so  daunting... and just maybe... it is for me.

Truth be told, it so relaxing and centering... and healing. We would be crazy not to want a little of that in our life... for that matter, a lot of it!

We shall see...that was the first class and I have one more to go. I shall ponder these little revelations over the next week. 

And I wonder...

How about you, do you meditate? 

Have you tried and thrown in the towel or do you just feel it is a little to “woo woo" for you? 

If you do meditate, which do you prefer? Sitting, laying down, walking? What works best for you? 

Listen to music/instruction or do you enjoy the silence?

Would love to know... you can write to me

or leave a comment below.

"The quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention"

inhale... slowly... exhale...slowly

Jeanne xx


1. Quote by Cheri Huber

2. If you are a local reader, the class is instructed by Janet Archer at BodyWorks at Depot Square in Peterborough, New Hampshire. If you want to learn more...or join in the next class (space permitting) you can write to Janet or check out her website

3. Story behind the photo...a little bit of magic. I see this boulder in the far distance of our field from our kitchen window. When it snows, I find it odd that one patch is always without snow. On my walk this morning, I decided to investigate. I did and admit I am not closer to an answer. A mystery to me and a beautiful one. My first thought was that it looks like an angel in flight. I will continue to ponder this for some time...and will smile from my kitchen window as I do. 

"The quality of your life
 is determined 
by the focus of your attention"

Cheri Huber

Happy Valentine's Day!
the view from the other side of the boulder


  1. Thank you. Your words are perfect for what my life needs right now under a heavy burden of stress.
    Hours, I sometimes spend hours silent, thinking, pondering, clearing out emotional debris. Deliberate meditation can shorten those hours and put them to productive use. Sitting on a special cloth, quilt piece feels the best way to meditate. Then a good stretch routine that is as refreshing as the meditation.

    1. Sounds perfect to me! Love the notion of clearing out the emotional debris... :))

  2. I meditate daily. My meditation practice is centering myself physically, and drawing my focus inward with my breath. It's not a complex ritual in any way, and can be as brief as a few breaths. It's an important contributor to my quality of life, without question.

  3. The simplicity of it all...delightful! :))

  4. I'm so glad you like meditation. I do yoga - less often now since I've dedicated my mornings to writing a book but I always love it when I get to it - and there's almost always a meditative component. Opens up so much room for joy.

  5. Yay! I am so happy that you found a great teacher! It seems like you went to the right place at the right time with the right instructor. I love that quote, I know it well. Practicing and teaching for 40 years I have heard it many times with good reason. I share it with my students too and in different iterations. You are lucky to have someone like Cheri , a good teacher changes the energy of individuals and the collective community.

  6. Jeanne I used to meditate years ago when I was extremely busy running my cafe, juggling a house full of teenagers and a few other domestic issues ( a husband who was busy with someone else, I just didn’t know it at the time, but suspected it )
    Consequently that small window of peace I gave myself permission to revisit each day was my rock and anchor.
    When I stopped meditating I was back “all at sea” and never really found my way back to shore for quite a few years.
    I still don’t meditate, but I do work in my garden as well as sit and stare at it for lengths of time. Perhaps this is my new form of meditation? Regardless, this much I know for sure, there must be a window in ones’ day to sit still and keep the mind at rest. I also pray each night before I turn out the light, I also regard this time as a form of meditation.
    Enjoy your new found “focus of attention”.❤️


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