My Divine Ya Ya Moment....on a Sunday

The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

I had a "Ya Ya" moment on Sunday and I needed to share. I am spending the summer exploring workshop ideas for Tahilla Gatherings, my business idea that continues to evolve. My hope is to use Tahilla Farm as a venue for women  to come together to discuss topics of mutual interest and share in the joie de vivre of life. I am currently exploring ways in which I can achieve those goals.
On Sunday I signed up for a flower arranging class with the talented Mary Potter O'Neill of  Billies and Tillies when in fact, before I left the house, I noticed that it was a workshop to learn how to make flower crown's. I instantly thought of our dear blogging friend Elizabeth of The Vintage Contessa and thought...well, why not? I am not a flower crown kind of gal...but maybe I could be. Elizabeth looks fabulous in them...I will give it a try!

And off I went...with a few other twenty somethings and me, the sixty something. Which reminded me of the scene above, in reverse. I haven't seen The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood in many years...but I can tell you, I will be watching it tonight! In fact, I may even read the book again. Seems to me it would be a fun one for a Tahilla Book Club Gathering...with a flower crown workshop. ;) OH...the fun we could have!

I am getting ahead of myself...
back to Mary and her very easy instructions.

Weaving flowers along the crown base...

Mary explained to us how to make the base of the crown 
with a few strands of wire and florist tape. Easy.

Sprigs of Queen Ann Lace and Peony

She then showed us how to make a series 
of small flower bouquets 
which we would ultimately tape together onto our crown. 
Easy. Sort of.

White, cream, blue, burgundy, green...

There was a lot of chatter 
and Oohs and Ahhs...and voila...we all had
very distinctive and very different flower crowns.

Succulents and grasses..with Lily of the Valley

If ever there was a case of weaving a personality
into a crown, this was it. I was channelling the color scheme 
in our garden HERE. All the while thinking of flower fairies
in the children's books by Cicely Mary Barker.

The Stitchwort Fairy
Cicely Mary Barker


I ran off to a corner of the room to take a selfie
for my daughters...trying to keep a straight face.
It didn't work.

What 6oish looks like. ;)
And no where close to the gorgeous Elizabeth,
but I tried!

When class ended, I felt a spring in my step 
as I placed my flower crown
gently on my summer hat and traveled home,

Summer travels...

I showed it off to Mr. H and my son Connor.
I think they were jealous.

I rested my crown for the day,
thinking of the next one. 
I have a lot of ideas,
Mary does too!

Resting my crown for the day

How about you?
Are you a flower crown kind of gal?
If presented with a flower workshop,
what would you like to create
or learn how to do?

I am taking notes for Tahilla Gatherings...
please feel free to write to me

From the 
Collage of Life Archives..
more Ya Ya moments

Last but not least...
for your viewing pleasure...

Thank you for reading along
and Happy Creating 
with whatever stirs your soul!

Jeanne xx


  1. Ya look gorgeous!
    Floral crowns Yes!
    Mr H and Connor have their chance...21 June is Midsummer

  2. You look like a fairy queen in the flower crown. It suits you. I like it a lot.

  3. Jeanne your beauty flows from your inquisitive eyes and such a playful expression. I love this photo of you! I can't say that I've ever worn a flower crown but I loved reading along and I especially want to encourage you with your Ya-Ya women's retreat idea. I would love to support you in any way. love to you from across the miles,

    1. Thank you Leslie...that is so kind of you. It will take a special "spirited" woman to engage in a Ya-Ya themed women's retreat...I imagine you would fit right in. ;) xxx

  4. I love the fairy crown. It makes me want to spell it faerie, you know what I mean? Magic:).

    1. I know exactly what you mean Lisa...the faeries around here have been known to be mischievous. ;)

  5. Jeanne, you look beautiful in your fairy crown! What a wonderful way to spend a few hours, I personally have never maid a flower crown but think it would be great fun. I am sure that your daughters loved the photo.

    I can only imagine the wonderful gatherings at the farm, I cannot wait to learn more. I agree with Leslie, I would love to help and to participate as well.

    I have never been good at arranging flowers so I think it would be wonderful to learn how to make a bouquet from supermarket flowers or found greens fresh from nature.

    As for the gatherings, yoga, meditation, reading, writing, aging, and more.

    Have a wonderful evening Jeanne.

  6. I used to do wedding flowers many years ago and those darn flower girl crowns were the most difficult. Many years ago I made the flower girl crown left it at the home of the client and alas the caterer froze it and threw it in the punch...I love your idea for gatherings for women. There are so many talented people in blog land that would love to get involved I am sure.

  7. Faerie crowns, indeed! We made them in the "arranging for weddings" class and loved them! Everyone in the class wore them the rest of the day. Definitely a great way to turn a group of strangers into a group of friends and better than 50% of the ice breakers out there. Go for it!


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