Happy Trails…Tahilla Farm #9

Tahilla Trail
Photo by Jennifer 

Welcome to my world. Chateau Mango one day, snow scenes from Tahilla Farm the next.

Keeping it all straight is one of life’s challenges and you made it infinitely easier with your vote for the colour of Chateau Mango. Thank you kindly!

We loved the comments and suggestions. Mr. H is in a state of euphoria..Mrs. H is happy too.

The photo above was recently sent to us by one of our neighbours at Tahilla Farm. She took to the Tahilla Trail and snapped away after one of the many snowstorms that blanketed the woods. It was a lovely surprise and very thoughtful of her.

Interestingly, we have another colour choice to make. Several in fact. I am debating whether to include Mr. H in any of these. I know for certain that I will be including you!

Last summer, I was deciding on the best colour shingle for our carriage house roof. Mr. H suggested red. The building is red. I just couldn’t fathom, a red roof and red building. He thought it would look great! I passed.

I am holding tight on this one. Tahilla farm is a country retreat..where visions of mangoes stay in far distant lands, and I plan to keep it that way…at least on the outside. More on that later.

I am writing from Hong Kong, hoping that I able to finish up the day with a post. I forgot to factor in time zones when I planned my post today. So with that, I will say goodnight. 

I am forever grateful that you have taken the time to follow along in my 28 Day Writing Challenge. 

Until tomorrow..or this morning, or your evening.. depending on how you look at it.

Jeanne :)

Feb 9, 2015
28 Day Writing Challenge, #9
Writing from Shangri-La
Somewhere between Vietnam time and Hong Kong time


  1. I enjoy your postings so very very much indeed. Love and hugs and smiles across the miles

  2. Hold tight, Jeanne. Twer me, provided the siding is a true red, I would choose a dusty charcoal as the roof color. I can see now how the carriage house would show up in a beautiful winter scene--like a cardinal in the snow. Also, it should compliment your other rooftops.

  3. Beautiful. photograph.
    I can almost here the snowfall.

  4. Enjoy Tahilla. I think a slate grey roof would look great with red.

  5. Snow is beautiful.

  6. Loved all the comments on mango vs. beige. Interesting how strong the support for mango was. But, for Tahilla Farm, i'm thinking you want to go pretty traditional. Maybe the odd door in some fun pop of color. It will be interesting to watch. travel safely - whatever day it is.

  7. I am enjoying you 28 day writing challenge. Tis great fun. Thanks.
    No red roof on a red building!! You are right. Slate gray sounds fine.
    No mango in NH either! At least not on the outside.Yes, traditional is the way to go.
    Nice snow you have there at Tahilla Farm. Maybe you are content to be in Vietnam this winter! Smiles.
    Farm Gal in VA

  8. It seems your husband likes vivid colours ! So why not a dark green colour. It looks good in the woods.

  9. I didn't reply to the Chateau Mango post, but mango is definitely the color to keep so I hope that was the decision :D No red carriage house with a red roof though! Now if Mr H had said that it should be painted white with a red roof, I'd say go for it. That would be quite traditional in keeping with the grand hotel style that can be found in New England such as the Wentworth by the Sea and the Mount Washington Hotel. That color shingle is beautiful. The true roof on a New England barn would be gray slate shingles,but nowadays that requires a second mortgage, lol, so the second choice would be a standing seam metal roof in the same color. With the metal roof there won't be any snow build-up or worries about the weight of the snow on the roof. Here's a gorgeous barn/carriage house by Yankee Barn with a metal roof. http://www.houzz.com/photos/5044422/The-Eaton-Post-and-Beam-Carriage-House-traditional-exterior-manchester-nh We've made sure there's a LOT of snow waiting for your arrival here in NH! We got another foot down here in the valley yesterday, I can only imagine what awaits you up on Tahilla Farm!

  10. The snow is AMAZING! Here in California, of course, we have to go to the mountains to see anything like it. I hope you all have a wonderful time at Tahilla, and that the weather cooperates.


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