New Friends and Old Friends #21

New Friends and Old Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.
New-made friendships, like new wine,
Age will mellow and refine.

Friendships that have stood the test-
Time and change-are surely best;
Brow may wrinkle, hair may gray,
Friendships never know decay.

For' mid old friends, tired and true,
Once more we our youth renew.
But old friends, alas! may die,
New friends must their place supply.

Cherish friendship in your breast-
New is good, but old is best;
Make new friends, but keep the old;
Those are silver, these are gold.

by Joseph Parry

The Big Chill  (1983) Jo Beth Williams, 
Kevin Kline, William Hurt, Glenn Close

A few posts back, I wrote about the ins and outs of making friends in your 50's.  Life has a way of presenting us with new opportunities and those who take them, often make the most of it. I mentioned the analogy of being an adult in the proverbial sandbox. Sometimes it is empty and sometimes it is full, how you deal with it either way makes all the difference. 

Mr. H and I were in the USA last week, checking on the construction progress of Tahilla Farm. We also used that time to play in the sandbox or snow pile, depending on how you look at it. 

It was a series of reunions starting with new friends made since we bought Tahilla Farm and old friends..the ones that go all the way back to our college years. It reminded me of movies like "The Big Chill", a group of friends coming together, whatever the occasion, who connect spontaneously and joyfully. The kind of friends you can kick back with and just hang.

When we waved goodbye to our friends in Connecticut, 17 years ago, I said we would be back in two years, five at the most. And there we were, all those years later, chatting away as if we were still on playground duty, watching our kids and making plans for the next playdate.  Except, the kids are grown and on their own and we are that much older and wiser. 

It felt sooo good, to have that feeling again, where you can start talking as if you were picking up from your last conversation. A few months, a few years…no difference.

Speaking of love, couldn't resist...

The Big Chill video clip here

The dictionary says a reunion is an instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation.  When you reconnect with good friends, you realise, no matter the age, you can still have just as much fun. All those "remember when?" stories never get old. Some girls just gotta have fun..all through the years. This movie scene from Mamma Mia (2008) a classic and another "feel good" "pick me up" movie clip. 

Meryl Street, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski

Mamma Mia Video clip here

Phyllida Law and Linda Kerr Scott in Saving Grace.

Ok…I had to throw this in, because I could see myself and a few other friends getting into this same predicament. Cracks me up every time I watch it. If you have not seen the movie, Saving Grace,  I highly recommend it. I will save the reason for the scene below…you will just have to see it. I will tell you that it involves brownies…I just love it! 

Saving Grace video clip here

This all came about because I was thinking about reunions, not just the one we create by catching up with friends, but the ones when you come together with classmates. I have never been to a single high school or college reunion. Living overseas had something to do with it but even during the years when we were living in the USA, within a reasonable distance…I always had an excuse. One of those things I can not really explain. But…I have an invitation, to my 40th  High School Reunion and I might be within driving distance….or I might not. But if I am, I wonder if I should just do it.

How about you? Where do you fall on high school and college reunions? Are you a regular or do you prefer to keep the memories as they were?

Just curious….in the meantime, I hope you can check out the videos above, my "go to" "feel good" movie clips. Perfect for jet lag . Enjoy!

Jeanne :)

PS.. I am back in Vietnam, coasting through jet lag and catching up with blog posts. Thanks so much for your comments (mine coming) to my Mother of the Groom dress predicament. Wonderful suggestions! 

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  1. Friends make this life a garden. What a beautiful blog posting.
    May we all be surrounded by love, laughter and lots of friends to share it with.
    Love Jeanne

    1. Well said this.. "friends make this life a garden". Thank you! :)

  2. Another wonderful post. Thank you
    If I am able, then in a couple of years I might attend the 50th class reunion. Memories as they are have their positive aspects. But then, knowing can have great reward when you learn a classmate has done great things.

    1. Thank you Maywyn! So true, when learning a classmate has done great things. Best wishes from Vietnam...:)

  3. I've never seen Saving Grace but I want to now. My 20th high school reunion was a few years ago - I didn't go, and I regretted it. I haven't kept in touch with a lot of high school friends, but I think it would've been cool and interesting to go, to connect with people who knew my high school self. I'm hoping they have a 25th so I can go. There's nothing like reunions with old friends, though - the absolute best. :-)

    1. I highly recommend the movie Mary, especially for a snowy afternoon. You will be dreaming greenhouses shortly after. :) You raise an interesting concept, "our high school selves". Talk about a trip down memory lane...thank you!

  4. Welcome back to your "other" home. I can relate to your get togethers with old friends. We lived in New York for 6 years. So many of the friends we had then are still there and now we are so close to everyone again. Our kids are almost all along their way to college. Catching up one after the other and inviting them out here is so much fun. To be honest, not having to wonder if the kids will get along or all of us having to eat super fast because the kids won't sit still long precious time with these friends that I am looking forward to...

    1. Sarah…it sounds like you have made the perfect choice moving to New Hampshire..wishing you many happy renunions. :)

  5. Jeanne, gracias por hacer de tu blog una herramienta interactiva.
    Gran momento el de reencontrarse con los viejos amigos. Mi experiencia también después de mas años veinte años ha sido fantástica. Me podría extender muchas líneas pero no quiero acaparar espacio, solo diré que fue en mi casa de campo y exactamente igual que hace 20 años los aperitivos no tuvieron ocasión de salir de la cocina (en este cao estaban preparados previamente). Todo el mundo hacía exactamente lo mismo que entonces preparando bebidas, último toque de horno a los canapés calientes, los hábiles para cocktails, y sobre todo la misma conversación interminable... Realmente nada había cambiado.
    Feliz regreso a Vietnam.

    1. Thank you Esther! I am so enjoying the translate tool on Google. A nice change from Vietnamese. Thank you for sharing your renunion memories. I have the feeling you are a wonderful cook! Warm wishes from Saigon... :)

      Jeanne, thank you for making your blog an interactive tool.
      Great moment to reconnect with old friends. My experience also more years after twenty years has been fantastic. I could extend many lines but do not want to monopolize space, just say it was in my house and just like 20 years ago appetizers had no opportunity to leave the kitchen (in this cao were previously prepared). Everyone did exactly the same thing then preparing drinks last touch oven to hot canapés, skillful for cocktails, especially the same interminable conversation ... Really nothing had changed.
      Happy back to Vietnam.

  6. Don't know the size of your graduation class, but if you are in the neighborhood and there is the possibility of seeing a few people who were somewhat close friends that you haven't seen in many years, I think you should go to your class reunion. My 35th reunion was much more fun than the 20th. By then, the women weren't so much checking each other out (looks-wise), the men were more handsome than at 18, most had grandchildren, were beginning to travel, and all seemed to be really glad to see each other. Fun also to perhaps see some of your teachers if they have been invited. By the time my 55th reunion rolled around, their scheduling was not good and I was unable to attend because, late bloomer that I am, I was floating around Paris and enjoying the world. Now you have a close approximation of my age, but I can tell you, I don't feel (or most people say look) my age. :-)

    1. "Floating around Paris and enjoying the world"...I have your postcard sitting by my computer to remind me of that trip..I just love that you went "solo" to Paris Judy. As for age, it is all a matter of how you feel. I am sure you look and project your enthusiasm for life...leaving that little subject of age a wonderful mystery. :)

  7. No, never went to the equivalent of the high school reunion in England as they don't usually have anything such as that, and I attended an all-girls school. However, did go to a neighborhood (my childhood village after WWII) reunion at our still there old local pub, about 20 years ago. I won the prize for the person who came the longest distance (from North Carolina). I was actually already visiting home when notified so was just a mile away from the pub. When I walked in and saw about 15 age fifty plus adults whom I'd not seen since we were children, it was such a shock! Interesting evening but once was enough I must say!

    Bob goes to all his high reunions in NH but admits the last one (55th) was somewhat sad as the numbers dwindled for one reason or another! I would suggest you try to make your 50th, which will be fun, and you will have wonderful travel stories to share, then pass on any after that!

    Glad you're back safely Jeanne - hope the dress shopping/sewing goes well.

    Hugs - Mary

  8. Reunions are interesting. Have hardly ever missed a college reunion, and never one of the five-year "big" ones, but have never been back to high school at all. My 50th is this year and i am not the least bit interested. Perhaps it's because i really left my home town when I went to college and most of my friends are from college and later. Somehow I just don't feel any connection to that place, that time, or those folks.

    With your time spent around the world and with friends on many continents, you seem like a person who is always moving forward. Perhaps that explains your lack of excitement about returning to high school. Thoughtful post.

  9. i went to my High School reunion + do go if you get the chance + friends, old & new are the best.

  10. You seem to enjoy reconnecting with friends.....picking up where you left I think you would enjoy your 40th class reunion. I have attended high school class reunions every five years for many years....this year will be the 55th (if we get it organized!) and every one of them has been a delight. It is always special to see one another and reconnect and to memorialize those who are no longer with us. I suggest that you go!
    On the other hand I have never attended my university class reunions...........toooooo large and I never experienced many close connections there. That is what I get for attending a LARGE university!
    Farm Gal in VA

  11. Jeanne, wherever you speak about friends I am reminded of myself. I moved every two years as a child. I have 0 friends from my childhood or high school. My limited but oh so wonderful friends are from graduate school and my adult life.

    I think it is wonderful that you had the opportunity to see all of your friends, both old and new!

    Take care of your jet lag and welcome home!

  12. Never been to ONE either!NO NEED..........leave the people and the memories BE!

  13. I grew up in a small town in the midwest where everyone knew everyone. I have made most of my reunions and have always enjoyed them. I left there right after college but have never forgotten the beauty of growing up there and the kind people that still live there. GO!! You will enjoy! They probably all read your blog and feel like they know everything about you anyway!!


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