My Private Shangri-La #12

Ever feel the desire to steal away to a library with a good book? If the answer is yes, join the club, or rather, join me in a retreat to a library of lofty and spacious proportions.

Some of you may have gathered that I have been writing from Hong Kong these past few days. When Mr. H and I travel to Hong Kong, we stay at the Island Shangri-La..for lots of reasons but mostly because we enjoy it.

The Shangri-La hotel was inspired by the legendary land featured in James Hilton's 1933 novel, Lost Horizon

If you have stayed in one of the many Shangri-La hotels around the world you will know that they strive to embody the earthly paradise featured in Hilton's novel.

This trip, I was thrilled to find the book on my bedside table. It is small enough that I can take it with me wherever I go.

 I read it 
during my morning coffee...

and I read it 
during afternoon tea,


I read it 
in the hotel library..

where I also spent time writing 

While I was there, 
I took a few photos and set them to words.

Because some things, 
are worth remembering in a special way.

Whilst shopping at Pacific Place

Speaking of heaven (above), I mentioned in a previous post, spotting a beautiful Red-veined Abutilon, nearly in full bloom, at the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens earlier in the week. 

A wonderful reader and poet, Edgar from @simpleimages2, just forwarded the images below to me. He spotted the same Abutilon in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada last summer, in full bloom. Absolute Abutilon Delight! Thank you Edgar! 

Photo by Edgar Calvelo

Photo by Edgar Calvelo

With the exception of Edgars beautiful Abutilon photos above,
all other photos taken by me with words
from Lost Horizon by James Hilton.

Signing off…with post #12
of the 28 Day Writing Challenge
From Shangri-La
Hong Kong time

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