About that writing challenge…. #17

Fresh snow…Tahilla Farm

Ahem..yes, about that 28 Day Writing Challenge, I haven't given up! But..I am behind by two posts and will have to add a wee extension.


Travelling the miles to Tahilla...

Some have wondered what set me off on this crazy idea, especially considering that I am travelling 10,000 miles in the middle of the challenge. To be honest, over breakfast, the morning of February 1st, it felt like a now or never proposition. I was either going to get back into blogging or I wasn't. 

I can tell you, after 16 posts, it is a sure way to get your creative brain back in gear. Whatever your creative interests…commit yourself to it daily for a period of time and you will move yourself out of neutral. 

The creative brain at work...

It's a process. 
For me, it's about the photographs and writing…as a form of travel journal.  Some posts are more about the photographs and others are more about the writing. I like to keep it fresh and personal. Which makes a writing challenge all the more challenging. 

Keeping life (and blog) in perspective...

A word about my blog and readers. 
I have kept is simple all these years (five). My blog design/page has remained the same partly because the Blogger site will not let me access it (long and frustrating story) and partly because I am lazy. I am not trying to increase traffic, I do not earn an income off my blog, I do not advertise or have sponsors because it would all get too complicated and that is not what I want from blogging. 

This is my space, where I come to relax and enjoy the likes of readers like yourself. Comment or not comment, write to me privately or  to stay on the sidelines anonymously. Your choice is a blessing to me. I just think it is great that you are along for the journey, however frequent or infrequent, I am deeply grateful.

A winter journey…Tahilla Farm

As for the writing challenge, travelling half way around the world and jumping into a construction project…well, it may not have been one of my better moves but I am here…hearthside with Mr. H, in snowy New England, typing away with #17.

Tahilla…on the move

Speaking of Mr. H…we have been making creative decisions together this week. Cabinetry, plumbing, tiles, landscaping, sound systems and the like. I made most of the decisions last summer but wanted to bring him into the loop so there would be no surprises when the house was completed. 

A few surprises were in store for me this trip. Eagle eye Mr. H could not help spotting the tiles below..and of course he loved them. If you have followed the story of Henrietta Hippo, you will appreciate why. Mrs. H has the challenge of working them into the scheme of things. A far greater challenge than the writing challenge! 

About that writing challenge…it has reminded me that each day is an opportunity for a new story, a new idea, a new way to look at life, even if it involves hippos, rhinoceros, elephants and palm trees. It' a journey..and often, a wild one.

Until post #18…be well, be safe and thank you for reading along!

Jeanne :)

Looking at life...

February 19, 2015
28 Day Writing Challenge, #17
From the hearth side
New England time

28 Day Writing Challenge
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#17 About that writing challenge… #17


  1. Jeanne, I so admire what you have done with this writing challenge. When you started it, I wanted to join in and try to do a daily writing assignment, but it just never happened. Life got in the way. But I still may try to do this as I know it would be so good for my writing. I am so impressed with the discipline that this must have taken. You have done a superb job on each post and I am very inspired. It makes me realize that if we loosen up, free our minds and put pen to paper, there is always something to say. Thanks for sharing your view of the world with all of us. I always learn something new from your blog! xxoo

  2. Hello Jeanne! You're doing an amazing job with the writing challenge. I did something similar during the month of October and believe me, it's no small feat blogging daily. But I agree. There's something exhilarating about jumping into a time commitment like that. It actually sharpens our writing skills that's for sure. I'm SO enjoying your series!

  3. Your view is just spectacular! It will be all worth it when you are in your house next fall looking at the splendor of color splayed across that big window. We are looking for more design showrooms in the area. Do you have any to recommend? We are going to one tomorrow (can't remember name...Belleterra??) but we're trying to figure out if there are any gems we shouldn't miss.

  4. Good for you! It's usually true that when we make a commitment related to productivity, the obstacles pile on. Writing is cathartic for me, and my blogging parameters are very close to yours. I am most healthy, most centered when I'm writing. Blogging enables me to interpret my world and forms a diary of sorts that records personal and family moments. It all began in early 2008 when my flight from Vienna to London was cancelled and I had an unexpected (but carefully negotiated with the errant airlines) 3 days alone in London. Internet access was spotty, but my husband and kids were interested in all the details I could email.
    Please continue blogging. All your adventures serve to give me a peek into a world I would not know without your photos and narration. Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for this. And it does feel strange to see that we are 'enjoying' the same weather. I'm not sure what I am doing with my blog right now, but this post reminds me that it is whatever I want it to be -- or not to be. Stay warm!

  6. Reading your 28 Days has been rewarding like sharing an adventure with a blog friend. Thank you
    All you photos are beautiful. The tiles are charming. They are just the right kind of design that makes a guest or any bath a delight.
    Clicking to here there is no post. I have to click on the printable version to read the text.

  7. Hi Jeanne,

    I'm with Mr. H and love those tiles. Fortunately you are very good at incorporating both of your taste. Where did you find those? Thanks for writing. My sister resides in New Hampshire and you give me a better pictoral of the winter they are facing. I would stick close to that hearth and just enjoy the view.


  8. good for you + #17 & still going strong! + yeah! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  9. From the day I found your blog I have enjoyed it because it feels like visiting with a friend. Your reasons for blogging are much the same as mine and that's why I keep doing it. Keep writing, Jeanne, and know I'm having coffee with you each time.

  10. I don't feel it to be a failure, if a day or two is missed, or delayed. The pleasure in hearing from you more often is enough. And when I joined in, I did so with movement. I've been sick the last couple of days, so movement was not advised, but overall the challenge was beneficial. I guess I have a low bar with things like challenges, whatever you get out of them is better than nothing! Anyway, it's really fun to be reading you with this abundance.

  11. I agree completely about the value of doing something on some sort of self-determined schedule as a tool for creative growth. Not that I am necessarily good at doing that, but it's always worth a a try and sometimes it's fantastically helpful.
    Love the tiles :) and it's fun to look at someone else's construction projects for a change...especially yours at Tahilla, since your landscape is as familiar to me as my own. Actually, it's the same landscape.

  12. It is clear to me that Henrietta must have her own hippo themed annexe. It's not too late to pop one on is it?

  13. Great #17 and you are doing admirably considering the travel and all of the decision making you are doing at the same time. You get an A+! You have great discipline and creativity. We are fortunate to have you in your blogging role. Yes, the tiles are charming......I can't remember if Henrietta is making the trip to New England......the climate might not be to her liking! Carry on and the very best of wishes.
    Farm Gal in VA (where it is snowy and VERY cold)

  14. Your writing challenge is an inspiration though I don’t write long essays. I just write a few lines or put one new photo or copy a quotation every day.

    Are they working even during the winter snow?

    “each day is an opportunity for a new story, a new idea, a new way to look at life…” Yes. Thank you Jeanne.

  15. " ...you will appreciate why. Mrs. H has the challenge of working them into the scheme of things."
    By golly, I've got it! Dog bathing area! No? Okay, laundry wash basin? Hippos like water, after all! :)
    Good luck, Jeanne!

  16. Jeanne, I have enjoyed reading each of your post during your writing challenge. You inspired me to begin my own challenge, though not on my blog. I've taken on writing each day during Lent....40 days of putting pen to paper, if only a sentence or so in my journal. Perhaps some will become posts; mostly I am just wanting to ignite the discipline I once had. Thanks for sharing. Bonnie

  17. Jeanne, you really are amazing and the photos are just fabulous and make me want to come back to NH!
    The workers at Tahilla are quite something too - just like the guys I see working in Ontario on another blogger friend's current home building - these wimps down south would never build in such cold conditions, ha ha!

    Thanks for continuing to amaze me!
    Hugs - Mary (yet to thaw out in North Carolina!).

  18. I AM with YOU on the blogging thing!Too many people with their sales pitches..........I have NO NEED for that or MORE TRAFFIC.....................
    AS for THAT MISTER H..................HE is a RIOT!
    Ps. You never did answer my email!!!!!!!!XOXOXO

  19. Our family was lucky enough to spend a month in New Hampshire near North Conway. Your daily blog is like having a cup of tea with a lovely friend and enjoying your wonderful adventures. You can be assured it brightens many a day especially on the very cold snowy Ontario morning.

  20. Jeanne, your writing challenge has been a great joy as well as an inspiration for many. I like Bonnie have been challenging myself to not only write daily, but to write letters this month!

    I LOVE the tiles Mr. H picked out, where will we see them?

    Have a wonderful time with your writing challenge as well as the farm. Stay warm

  21. Jeanne - I am loving the writing challenge and the increase in frequency of posts. I especially love the updates on the New Hampshire house. Your optimism and sense of adventure come through loud and clear with every post.


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