About that writing challenge…. #17

Fresh snow…Tahilla Farm

Ahem..yes, about that 28 Day Writing Challenge, I haven't given up! But..I am behind by two posts and will have to add a wee extension.


Travelling the miles to Tahilla...

Some have wondered what set me off on this crazy idea, especially considering that I am travelling 10,000 miles in the middle of the challenge. To be honest, over breakfast, the morning of February 1st, it felt like a now or never proposition. I was either going to get back into blogging or I wasn't. 

I can tell you, after 16 posts, it is a sure way to get your creative brain back in gear. Whatever your creative interests…commit yourself to it daily for a period of time and you will move yourself out of neutral. 

The creative brain at work...

It's a process. 
For me, it's about the photographs and writing…as a form of travel journal.  Some posts are more about the photographs and others are more about the writing. I like to keep it fresh and personal. Which makes a writing challenge all the more challenging. 

Keeping life (and blog) in perspective...

A word about my blog and readers. 
I have kept is simple all these years (five). My blog design/page has remained the same partly because the Blogger site will not let me access it (long and frustrating story) and partly because I am lazy. I am not trying to increase traffic, I do not earn an income off my blog, I do not advertise or have sponsors because it would all get too complicated and that is not what I want from blogging. 

This is my space, where I come to relax and enjoy the likes of readers like yourself. Comment or not comment, write to me privately or  to stay on the sidelines anonymously. Your choice is a blessing to me. I just think it is great that you are along for the journey, however frequent or infrequent, I am deeply grateful.

A winter journey…Tahilla Farm

As for the writing challenge, travelling half way around the world and jumping into a construction project…well, it may not have been one of my better moves but I am here…hearthside with Mr. H, in snowy New England, typing away with #17.

Tahilla…on the move

Speaking of Mr. H…we have been making creative decisions together this week. Cabinetry, plumbing, tiles, landscaping, sound systems and the like. I made most of the decisions last summer but wanted to bring him into the loop so there would be no surprises when the house was completed. 

A few surprises were in store for me this trip. Eagle eye Mr. H could not help spotting the tiles below..and of course he loved them. If you have followed the story of Henrietta Hippo, you will appreciate why. Mrs. H has the challenge of working them into the scheme of things. A far greater challenge than the writing challenge! 

About that writing challenge…it has reminded me that each day is an opportunity for a new story, a new idea, a new way to look at life, even if it involves hippos, rhinoceros, elephants and palm trees. It' a journey..and often, a wild one.

Until post #18…be well, be safe and thank you for reading along!

Jeanne :)

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February 19, 2015
28 Day Writing Challenge, #17
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#17 About that writing challenge… #17

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