A Winter Landscape…New England #14

Snow falling on Tahilla Farm.

It is wonderful to be back in New England...

We reached the snowy depths of Tahilla Farm just before a snow storm hit the region. I could not think of a better welcome…and I say that quietly as I know that many New Englanders feel otherwise. My family is counting 80" of snow and above in the Boston area. I shudder to think.

It is a marked contrast to our world in Vietnam…from visions of mangoes to the starkness of a winter landscape. Both equally beautiful...

When we arrived, finding Tahilla was the challenge of the day. We faced mountains of snow at every turn.

I marvel at what the construction crew has been able to accomplish
these past months. The recent conditions have been bleak and
just when we think they are going to have to call it quits until the weather
takes a turn for the better, they surprise us.

It was wonderful to turn the corner today
and see the framing of the master wing underway. 

This is the first time we have been able to visit Tahilla in winter.
Up to now, our visions for the future have been  coloured in green 
for  our only reference has been a summer landscape.

I had forgotten how beautiful a winter landscape can be.
This will be an eventual window view from the annex
leading to the mater bedroom.

From Tahilla Farm to the neighbouring town 
of Hancock, New Hampshire. 
Beautiful snow and homes abound.

 This morning I sat by the window after breakfast 
and contemplated the weather..
it was a "do we or don't we" go outside 
and play kind of day.

we didn't come all this way to sit inside…
so off we went into the snowy abyss.

A winter landscape in New England…

As we drove down the road into the hurling winds
a snow cloud passed before us. Within the blink of
an eye it was gone again.

Mrs. H said "Ah, the beauty of winter in New Hampshire"
Mr. H said  "Pass the mangoes"

February 15, 2015
28 Day Writing Challenge, #14
From a quintessential village in Hancock, New Hampshire
New England time


  1. I am glad you are enjoying your winter landscape. Me I have had quite enough and long for the beauty of spring. Much love and many blessings


    1. I can fully appreciate that sentiment Jeanne! Our consolation is that we are back to Vietnam next week to return again in June. I like the sounds of that at the moment. Sending you warm wishes from a country inn…in a snowy New Hampshire wonderland. ;)

  2. As a New Englander myself, your photos make me happy and the reason why I love it here so much. Gorgeous pictures Jeanne.

    1. Thank you Diane…it is truly beautiful. Nothing like fresh snow to both calm and awaken the spirit. Many thanks and warm wishes… :)

  3. Beautiful New England photos
    I think once a landscape covered in snow fills the heart, it becomes part of the rhythm of our lives.
    Have fun making a snow people!

  4. It's just so gorgeous. I love living in California, but, those photos of snow and winter are really, really beautiful.

  5. you are doing it #14 + right on girl. + can't wait for #15 + great photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. The best part is that it is always changing. We learn from one season to the next what to get ready for, what to do and what to put away. And the cycle repeats but is never quite the same.

  7. A contrast to Saigon indeed, and if you are like me a few days of winter, no matter how beautiful, goes a long way. The idea of having to shovel my way through all that snow is more than I can handle! I know it must be very exciting to see the progress at Tahilla. Here's hoping the weather doesn't slow progress too much. Enjoy your time there.

  8. Tahilla in the winter is breathtaking, but I would probably opt for Chateau Mango right now. I am SO over winter!

  9. Jeanne, it looks like you are in a winter wonderland! How beautiful and I am sure exciting to be at your beautiful farm! I hope that the farm is coming along as you had hoped. And of course that you get to see many friends and family while there.

    Looking forward to more of your adventures.

  10. Where would we be without the contrasts in life? I live in Florida, so seasonal contrasts are harder to see here - you have to look really closely! My visits to colder climes has been such a blessing to me over the years. Thanks for the beautiful photos and what I can experience of winter through your blog.

  11. I'm with Mr H - enough with the snow already! But your photographs are lovely, even though I have not ventured out with camera in hand much at all.

  12. When I see snow like that it's time to hunker down with a good book, soft blanket and warm tea. It's been 14 marvellous years of mild Vancouver Island winters after 17 years of cold, snowy Okanagan grey/snow. Nice to visit but nasty to live in. Beautiful photos though. xo Carole

  13. We have a friend who lives in Nashua,NH and sent us photos of snow mountain in her backyard like yours.

    When we lived in Michigan I love to wear heavy sweaters and long mufflers.

    Winter is a beauty and a beast.

    Keep warm Jeanne.


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