A Passage to India

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We are off tomorrow for a week travelling thru India
en route to a business meeting at the end of the trip. 
This all coincides with our 25th wedding anniversary. 
Oh, Happy Days! 

On my packing list...

Camera equipment...check
Summer linens....check
Favourite hat...check
Stomach remedies....check
Travel journal...check
Reading Materials....check
Mr. H.....check

As always,
I will be keeping an eye out for unusual postcards.

If you would like to join my postcard mailing list,
write to me at jeannecollageoflife@gmail.com
If you are already on my list and would like
 another postcard, please leave a comment. 
I am happy to send one along. :)

I hope to check in along my travels with
a few photos. 

Wish me luck!!

Jeanne xx


  1. I had to tell you, I was googling something at work today (work related) and your blog came up on the front page of google in the hits! Now, I'm sure you want to know what I googled.... so as soon as I remember I'll come back and tell you!! (sorry!)

  2. Very interesting Lisa...I'm intrigued.... :)

  3. Bon Voyage! Be safe and have a wonderful and romantic adventure!

    I cannot wait to see your photos and to hear all about India. I have that on my list as a place I would love to visit.

    Will you see the Taj Mahal?

    Sounds like you have all of the essentials packed. Enjoy!

    xo Elizabeth

    I would love a post card!

  4. Bon voyage Jeanne, you know we lived in India for a couple of years before the children were born, I'd go back like a shot!
    have a wonderful time

  5. Have you been there yet? Get ready!

  6. Oh Jeanne,
    You and Mr H have a wonderful adventure and a beautifully romantic wedding anniversary. I hope that you will be under the stars at the Taj Mahal on that day !!
    ....and, if you have time, please send me a postcard. I'm already on your list.
    Happy travels. XXXX

  7. I'm glad you remembered to check off Mr. H on the list. It would be so sad to celebrate the anniversary under Indian skies alone:-D

    Have a wonderful journey - take vare of yourself.

    I'll always love a postcard from you:-)

  8. Jeanne and Mr H...happiest of anniversaries and safest of travels. I'll look forward to seeing all the wonderfully stimulating Indian sights...especially the Taj...ah, love :)

  9. Have a wonderful trip and a very happy anniversary Jeanne....xv

  10. This trip sounds perfect for a anniversary, Jeanne!I guess it sharpens the senses for colours, foreign smells, culture, flora and fauna and a lot of new impressions.
    Wonderful, Jeanne!:)

    I wish you happy times there with Mr. H. and I`m sure you`ll come back with a suitcase full of photos!

    If you like, please send me a postcard...the world is welcome in my home! :))

    Beate sitting in cloudy & rainy germany. XXX

  11. Bon voyage, indeed! Have a glorious time, Jeanne. J x

  12. Have a wonderful time Jeanne & a very very happy anniversary - looking forward to hearing all about it! xx

  13. Hello Jeanne,
    Don't forget a good book. Can I suggest this for your travels. Sarah McDonald's Holy Cow. Laugh out aloud stuff. Perfect for your journey. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary. Travel safely.
    Anita xx

  14. Deaar Jeanne, wishing a very happy 25th Wedding Anniversary and hoping that you have a wonderful trip to India! Looking forward to seeing the photos and hearing of all your advertures! Bon Voyage!

  15. ...25 years... happy anniversary for you both!
    Have a wonderful time in India Jeanne and take all the pictures you can for us to see!!

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