The Small Things....

Mother Teresa once said....
"Be faithful in small things, 
because it is in them that your strength lies"

The small things for me are the 
moments captured thru photography.
Trying to make it my own and make it personal.

Small things on my recent trip to India...
and the images below... observing men, brothers, 
fathers and sons in the heat of the day...
followed by a little boy who made me smile.

Each photo happened quickly and without hesitation...
I just hoped for the best. :)

When and how do you connect with that special moment?

Lastly....this young boy came up to me on my last night in Jaipur. 
He was positively beaming as he asked if he could take my photo.
It still makes me smile to think that he wanted a picture of me. I said yes, 
but only if I could take a picture of him as well. We had a deal. 

Here he stands, with his little camera bag strapped to his waist, 
 his little striped shirt neatly tucked in as he gave me his full attention 
with his beautiful brown eyes.

Mother Teresa was's the small things. :)

Jeanne@ Collage of Life


  1. And your photographs are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your view of India. Beautiful!

  2. Hello Jeanne

    I love your deal with the beautiful young boy. Look at his beautiful eyes.
    How fitting that you echo the words of Mother Teresa who lived in Calcutta and left such a legacy.
    Thank you for showing us your India.


  3. The colours of India.
    You have captured them so beautifully.

  4. The colours of India.
    You have captured them so beautifully.

  5. Jeanne, this is a beautiful post and I love to come along on this trip with you...for that is how I feel....that little chap is just adorable....xv

  6. Jeanne, you have such a gift, my friend. A precious one. Thanks for sharing it with us so generously. And I love the new header! J x

  7. Dear Jeanne - what a wonderful post and fabulous photos - hope you are having a great week. Have so enjoyed sharing your trip to India! xx

  8. I'm so grateful that you share your view of the world with us. Lovely photos jeanne!

  9. What is significant carryovers from your travels and beautiful.

  10. You have really captured the essence of life in India, the colours are amazing. What a wonderful experience.

  11. You changed your header! I love it! These photographs are lovely, my favorite is the one of the little boy with his arm around his dad. I feel as if I am on your journey with you, the photos convey so much emotion, hard work, happiness and life.

    I hope you are having a wonderful week! Are you in the Decor8 blog school? I am learning so much I cannot believe it!

    xo Elizabeth

  12. It must have been a wonderful trip. Beautiful images.

    Like the new header. Things sure are changing around here:-)

  13. Wonderful pictures, Jeanne...the last one really made me smile!


  14. What fantastic shots!! You certainly captured the essence of India. It may have been a small thing, but I bet you made a little boy feel very big in that moment!!

  15. Such beautiful shots Jeanne, I adore the second to last, the colours and the little boy's arm on his father's shoulder.

  16. I don't think I can enhance any of the comments already made. The photos are beautiful!

  17. Friends are leaving for India next week, and they have loved getting a preview through your posts. No one does it better!


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